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The Corner Place Korean BBQ


Welcome to The Corner Place Korean BBQ We love all the differences that make our world the exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan place that it is. It’s the people, the food and the times that we enjoy together that make it so special. The Corner Place Korean BBQ recently become popular Korean buffet restaurant in Sinapore, Many repeating customers enjoy a delicious range of dishes inspired by the best food from Traditional to modern Korean Delight. Come celebrate with us Birthday, team meeting, group gathering and many other special occasions! Feel free to contact us on facebook or over the phone. Thank you for your great support. Regards, The Corner Place Korean BBQ Management

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 22:00

Sat - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00

+65 63330997
$24 based on 53 submissions
Buffet (20 votes), Dinner (18 votes), Lunch (15 votes)

sizzling meats

This place is at Level 4 of Marina Square. Currently priced at $22+ per pax for buffet.

The meat include beef galbi, bulgogi, pork collar, pork belly, marinated chicken, marinated pork and unmarinated thin beef slices. There are squid and sausages as well but no prawns on that day.

The free drinks dispenser are behind the live cooking station. The bottled or canned drinks in the fridge are charged separately. The cooking station was doing jeon (two flavours: original and kimchi) and kimchi fried rice. Wasn't sure if the chef will cook everything and then place it on buffet table or one need to request from the chef directly. So I did the latter and got the food piping hot. Hehe.

For bbq, I liked the pork belly. Nothing beats the sizzling of fats from pork belly, and the charred smoky flavour afterwards. Galbi was pretty chewy, or maybe we didn't cook it right? Another must try is the japchae. The noodles had a good bounce in their texture and fried with wok flavour. Quite salty but very tasty.

Good to see lots of lettuce and watermelon slices available. At times, there are even orange slices. Fruits and vegetables for balance? Checked.

Not alot of variety, but probably adequate if one focus on favourite meat and vege. Service was friendly.

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The HGW community like this place for...

  • pork belly11 votes
  • Marinated beef9 votes
  • Beef slices and short ribs8 votes
  • Korean pizza & kimchi soup6 votes
  • Bibimbap Lunch Buffet4 votes
  • beef eye round4 votes
  • Chilled Dessert Drink1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 53 votes
13 Jan 2015 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Good Korean Buffet

I have always been looking out for buffet places to eat, as this will fill my stomach. This place serves a variety of of meat and vegetables that are excellent for BBQ-ing. Their food is of good quality and price is still ok.
07 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Old Cookery Need Improvement

I was there for a lunch buffet, the price per person was S$18.99++, additional S$3.99++ for free flow of drinks. Around S$24+ per person. As there had been a lot of hidden charges added up, like the wet tissue w/c they enforce you to pay even w/o using as it is none refundable. I tried to eat the available ready cooked buffet menu. The choices were really limited compared to other Korean BBQ restaurant. They have 2 types of ready cooked meat (fried pork & sweet sesame pork), simple soup, kimchi & white rice, 2 types of noodles & vegetables. Additional was the mini salad bar where mostly lettuce. The cookware was really old compared to the new one at Nexx mall which use electric together got vacuum to suck up the smoke. To my surprise this was located at Marina Square, they had been doing improvement on the mall these type of restaurant should also do improvements. Not using old type burner where after sometime need to call staff to change the gas. Lastly... You become smelly like BBQ after eating. Advice not to bring children along as it wasn't safe they might get burned as the cookery is exposed at the limited table. Don't drink Lemonade & Ice Tea because it taste like water. I won't recommend this restaurant as there are other better compare to this with same value of your money.
25 Jul 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Nice food at good price

Authentic Korian food at reasonbale price. We ordered Korean Bibima and it was good. THe kichi servred was excellent.A place that I would recommend for a casual outing, big or small group looking for a hearty meal. We would be happy to return here if we are looking for Korean BBQ (and when health allows feasting on barbecue pork belly).
27 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Enjoyable dinner experience

Nice place, good food, staff are all very friendly and they are attentive, they will change the aluminium foil now and then, this is where we like it. Also the price is reasonable. Keep it up!
28 May 2014 • 127 reviews • 5 followers

Korean buffet in Marina Square!

For more details, please visit The Corner Place Korean BBQ is not really located at the most corner, but I don't really think anyone will care right?   Decided to try their buffet which is only available for dinner during the weekdays, and whole day for weekends. Of course, ala carte menu is available too throughout the week.   Most of the raw food (meat) looks appetizing to taken for bbq-ing, and the ready-cooked dishes doesn't seems bad either.   There is this huge plate of ready-cooked glass noodle, similar to the Chinese version of rice vermicelli. Wasn't really expecting any good taste out of it, thus it took me by surprise when after I tasted.   Ssamjang is a winning sauce in their restaurant, ideally for meat lovers! Indeed, the sweet taste of the sauce does enhance the flavors of the meat.   Kimchi Fried Rice, one of their other ready-cooked food, is kept in the rice cooker. Wouldn't mind scooping another bowl for it!   Another ready cooked food you should not miss is the fried chicken wing. I actually expected it to be dry and soggy type, but it went the exact opposite of my thoughts. Yummy!   I set my expectation pretty low, and I got surprised by the quality of the food and service provided. For the price of $31.98 (lunch), else $37.98 (dinner), I think it is still quite reasonable.   I believe most places might not even care, but The Corner Plae Korean BBQ's crew took the initiative to change the aluminium foil every now and then, when 70-80% of the foil is charred.   For more details, please visit