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The Corner Place Korean BBQ

Asian, Korean


46 votes

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Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 22:00

Sat - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00

$24 based on 34 reviews
To make a free reservation,
call our hotline on 6884 6884(for all other enquires, call the restaurant direct on 63330997)
PURPLE • 07 Sep 2012219 reviews 10 followers

This place is at Level 4 of Marina Square. Currently priced at $22+ per pax for buffet.

The meat include beef galbi, bulgogi, pork collar, pork ...

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jeon and kimchi fried rice
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The Corner Place Korean BBQ

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Buffet19 votes
  • Dinner18 votes
  • Children/Family14 votes
  • Lunch14 votes
  • After Work10 votes
  • Large Groups/Gathering10 votes
  • Boys Night Out8 votes
  • Vibrant/Noisy8 votes
  • Girls Night Out5 votes
  • Quiet5 votes
  • BBQ4 votes
  • Hidden Find4 votes


  • pork belly11 votes
  • Beef slices and short ribs8 votes
  • Marinated beef8 votes
  • Korean pizza & kimchi soup4 votes
  • beef eye round4 votes


  • Sloping GrillSloping Grill
  • jeon and kimchi fried ricejeon and kimchi fried rice
  • Meat 2Meat 2
  • Meat 1Meat 1
  • Kim ChiKim Chi
  • SaladsSalads
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What others are saying...

Princess J • 14 Mar 2014335 reviews 12 followers

To be fare, this buffet place is not your atas hotel buffet spread and they also don't charge you at those hotel prices. So it's fair to expect ...

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Sloping Grill
Nickie Z • 07 Dec 20131 reviews 0 followers

Recently we been dinning few Korean BBQ Restaurant for our end of year meeting. There are good and ok places, but I found The corner place in the ...

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Mappy20 • 08 Nov 20134 reviews 0 followers

Quality of food used to be so much better. Mutton had a stink to it and I spat it out. Prawns were tasteless after cooking. Dessert used to be ...

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