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6 Jiak Chuan Lane, 089262

Tue - Sat: 17:00 - 00:00

Closed: Sun

This cocktail bar at Jiak Chuan Lane is helmed by former mixologist of The TIppling Club, Joel Fraser. One of Fraser's creations is the Walking Dead, concotted from 13 types of rum, fruits and garnished with a bubble gum eye ball.

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Off the Cuff Cocktails!

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I’d like to start this article off with ‘loosen your tie, get your cufflinks off on a Friday evening and wind down at The Cufflink Club’, but that would be cheesy and misleading. This isn’t your usual Friday haunt which is left barren in the week. I found this new bar on a Wednesday night, just days after opening, and it was buzzing! Located at Jiak Chuan road in the heart of the up and coming, lies the Cufflink club with its consistently delicious cocktails. However if cocktails aren’t your thing, don’t panic because this bar has something for everyone.

We sampled a few of the finest from the menu and our mouths haven’t forgotten. The cocktails are garnished with everything from dehydrated fruit (lemons, limes and pineapples) to paper planes. The bar is truly Brit-inspired, inclusive of imported Zombie Eyeball Gob-stoppers, English invented cocktail names and even Alan Partridge talking to you whilst you’re having a tinkle.

The laborious processes and long hours ploughed into preparation extract the best from - otherwise standard ingredients - and are what makes this bar taste-bud worthy. The Cufflink Club won’t leave you waiting too long for your tipple of choice, these cocktails were made quicker than most. So expect a mouth full of ‘mmm’ and expect it snappy.

The bevvy’s are well thought out, but the classical no frills approach to the bar make The Cufflink Club a place welcoming to not only you and I, but even our mum’s or colleagues.

First and favourite comes For Whom the Bell Tolls ($19) a take on the Hemmingway Daiquiri using Banks, white, Rum. Garnished with a page from Hemmingway, you can read a passage whilst sipping on some inspiration. Tangy, sharp, citrusy refreshing and almost sherbert-like in taste – as bar owner Joel best puts it ‘a thinking man’s drink’.

f you like ‘pool- side’ cocktails, and by this I mean something refreshing and sweet you would normally glug in the sun, then Walking Dead ($25) and Forest Fruits Gump ($22) are great picks for you.

The former is comprised of 13 different types of rum. Although its fruity taste complete with fruit pulp masks the alcohol, a few of these will leave you wobbly. Garnished with a zombie eyeball, dehydrated pineapple and pineapple leaves, it looks just as delish as it tastes.

The Forest Fruits Gump is berry flavoured and garnished this time with marshmallows, fresh raspberries and a lolly stick. The berry flavour is achieved not only using fresh fruits, but also jam for that syrupy sweet finish.

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