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#01-03, Central Mall, 7 Magazine Road, 059572
European, French, Western
+65 64381823

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:00

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$66 based on 47 submissions
Quiet (22 votes), Dinner (21 votes), Lunch (21 votes) ...

The cuisine of the French Kitchen is designed to be classically French but served in the comfort of a modern environment.Its menu offers traditionally wholesome fare that transports guests to the aura of typical French dining.

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  • Lobster Bisque 7 votes
  • Duck Confit 6 votes
  • Bisque de Homard 2 votes
  • Chocolate creme brulee 2 votes
  • $ 36++ set lunch 1 vote
  • Everything 1 vote
  • Oeuf et Champignon 1 vote
  • Tomme de Savoie 1 vote
  • kurobuta pork cheek & duck liver terrine 1 vote
  • pan-seared scallops 1 vote
  • quail 1 vote
  • traditional degustation menu 1 vote

Latest Review for The French Kitchen

Overall RatingBased on 38 reviews
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A must try!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 30

Thanks to that lovely person who introduced me here. I've been here many times eversince. The seats are not many, so it's best to make reservations.

Best to visit them during lunch time, it's most affordable @ just $36++ for a 3-course meal(I mean, that for a yummilicious french food?!?! it's a steal!). Do not expect many dishes in the menu coz there're always about 2-3 items for u to choose for your starters, mains & desserts.

For the food, pls pls, if u want to look like an expert & impress ur gf/bf/wife/husband/friends/clients, intro them the lobster bisque. It's the best lobster bisque ever! I wanted to slurp up the entire bowl! As for mains, I've tried their duck confit & mash cod fish. They are both divine! To end the course, nothing but their creme brulee. It just ends the meal really well. Don't try to act smart & order the other dessert, coz u'll end up wanting to eat ur fren's, which they'll never ever share with u, trust me!

Bon apeptit, people!

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Best Lobster Bisque I had!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 176

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we had dinner at The French Kitchen for dinner.

The restaurant does not serve ala carte menu, but only has 3 set dinner menus for you to choose from. We ordered the Traditional Dubois ($78++/pax) and TFK Degustation ($88++).

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Our appetizer is a very unique dish. In the small cup, there was Poached Egg in Cauliflower Emulsion, together with parmesan cheese chips and capsicum bruschetta. I thought it was rather unique to have an egg in the cauliflower emulsion, but I guess adding some truffle powder would enhance the flavour more.

Traditional Lobster Bisque with Tiger Prawn Beignet and Leek Custard was good. I was still worried that my tempura tiger prawns would be too drenched but it came with two dry prawns in the plate and a pot of lobster bisque by the side, so you can add as and when you like it.

I enjoyed my Wagyu Beef Cheek with Asparagus and Eggplant Caviar. The beef cheek is slowly braised for 48hours, it melts perfectly in the mouth.

Champagne Sabayon with Pear Marmalade and Strawberry was well executed. The pale golden dessert had a burst of flavours in the mouth.

The waitress in the restaurant was very jovial and friendly. However, as we were seated at a narrow passageway, we have seen the manager dropped utensils and bowls so many times that night, so much so that we were afraid that they would drop something on us too. They have to be more careful when handling the utensils.

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Love at first sight

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 167

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Many have proclaimed that The French Kitchen serves one of the best or probably the best Lobster Bisque locally as I finally had the chance to sample it for myself on a lazy Monday a week back. The French Kitchen serves classical French fare with a modern twist with the realism of head chef Jean Charles-Dubois who was formerly the Chef De Cuisine of Raffles Grill, while receiving exuberant praise and ecstatic reviews among food connoisseurs since it opened its doors at central mall three years ago.

The tables were placed rather close to each other, which were too cramp for my liking at times. But other than that, the modern and minimalistic decor made the ambiance full of splendor like how any french fine dining restaurants would be. Two varieties of homemade bread was served along with thyme butter and salmon rilettes as soon as our orders were taken. The Raisin bread was on the sweet side, as I preferred the sour dough which was crisp, yet fluffy and moist on the inside. The Salmon Rilettes complemented the complimentary bread excellently as a spread packed with flavors.

L Amuse Bouche

With compliments from the Chef, the Amuse Bouche was served which consisted of a Cappuccino of Mushroom Veloute, that had intense rich flavors of porcini’s, portobellos and other mushrooms but was extremely enjoyable. While the toasted brioche with sauteed red bell pepper was decent.

Lobster Bisque, Tiger Prawn Beignet, Leek Custard

What i particularly love about fine dining is that the Chef wants diners to be able to see what they are eating, thus the Lobster Bisque was served from a colander table-side piping hot! Filled with a distinct and intense crustacean flavor, along with an extremely smooth consistency that is pleasing on the palate, the Lobster Bisque was definitely divine!

Even when a single portion of it could make two servings when poured into the cavity of my plate I simply couldn’t get enough of it. The Tiger Prawn Beignet which reminded me and is similar to Prawn Tempura was surprisingly crispy still after being soaked in the bisque for a substantial period of time. The light battered beignet was fried to a perfect golden brown, which resulted in crisp perfection on the outside, while the fresh crystal bay prawns used were tender and succulent. The leek custard served alongside was rather unique with a myriad blend of flavors added some much needed greens .

Steamed Chilean Sea-bass w Fennel Salad, Potato Chips & Cepes Consomme

I tend to avoid Cod/Chilean Sea-bass due to its oily texture which I particularly dislike! Nonetheless my dining partner who is a seafood person opted for it. The Sea-Bass was surprisingly flaky and tender, while the oiliness in texture was minimal, probably due to steaming the piece of fish. The fennel salad was refreshing and sprightly with a nice crunch, while the Mushroom Consomme was flavorful and rounded of this clean tasting and very healthy dish on a whole, haha.

Duck Confit, Black Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Duck Jus

I opted for one of Chef Jean Charles-Dubois signatures which was his Duck Confit with Truffle Mash! The Duck Leg was pan seared perfectly, with a golden crisp skin while the meat on the inside was fall of the bone tender and flavorful as a result of being cured for a sufficient period of time. The Black Truffle Mashed Potatoes were a real treat as evident shavings of Black Truffles really elevated the taste and flavor of the mashed potatoes to a whole new level with a smoky robust flavor complementing mashed potatoes with an extremely nice consistency and texture. I have to admit that the Truffle Mash served at the French Kitchen would probably cut it out as one of the best Mash i have had.

While the entrees and mains were nothing short of spectacular, the desserts served at theFrench Kitchen are probably their weakest link as they were great but not spectacular.

Chocolate Creme Brulee, Vanilla Ice Cream

Lusciously rich Valrhona chocolate custard with homemade Vanilla Cream Cream, a french classic which certainly can’t go wrong.!

 Warm Apple Crumble, Salted Caramel Ice Cream

I opted for the apple crumble, while the slices of caramelized apples and brittles of crumble were decent, the Burnt Caramel Flavor of the Ice Cream was pleasing, but not as good as the one I had @ Salted Caram

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