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Back to TFS Bistrot544 Serangoon Road
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Top Must Try Dishes
Duck leg confit4 votes
Escargot4 votes
Foie Gras4 votes
Giant profiteroles3 votes
chicken liver pate3 votes
chocolate souffle3 votes
creme caramel3 votes
giant profiterole3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner33 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining25 votes
Wine Lists14 votes
After Work13 votes
Chillout11 votes
Hidden Find11 votes
Romance/First Dates10 votes
Vibrant/Noisy10 votes
Large Groups/Gathering9 votes
Children/Family7 votes
People Watching7 votes
Quiet6 votes
Lunch5 votes
Private Dining5 votes
Cheap Eat/Budget4 votes
Girls Night Out4 votes
Supper4 votes
Boys Night Out3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 28 Mar 2014 1 review 0 follower
Read from website reviews that people no need to spend a bomb to eat French food, but I find that the food is not as fantastic and price is not that cheap compared to other French restaurants I have been to.
The place is not air-conditioned and it is located right to a Main road.  You can imagine the heat, the noise and not forgetting, the exhaust from vehicles. Definitely not a good ambience to enjoy French food.
It is not near to train station, no decent parking lots available.
I would rather go back to Le Bistro Du Vin at Zion Road or Bistro Du Vin at Shaw Centre than coming here again.

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I spent $60 per person.

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Winston Lim
 • 26 Mar 2014 1 review 0 follower
I first try this restaurant years back when I was still a student and they are just a stall inside the foodcourt beside allson hotel. Its good that business grew and they have a nice shop of their own. But it has now become a restaurant that I will not visit. Not for the lack of good food but for the simple lack of decent service. This round we visited at 7.30pm with a restaurant half full. 4 of us was sitted down without a reservation(yes we r groupon users). Shortly after we are told the restaurant is fully booked and we have to leave. The reason being they only accept a few groupon customers a day and for groupon users their r fully booked till 9.30 pm Sunday night. After which the groupon is expired( they closed for renovations till 18 march n we r unable to come till last nite). was told we r free to stay n dine if we dun use groupon. Would you stay and eat? I won't and probably never agai
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 • 26 Jan 2014 13 reviews 0 follower
Located just minutes away from Farrer Park MRT, this small little shop at the corner is the place to go to if you are craving French food.

Service staff were pretty friendly and accommodating, but the place is a little cramped and tables were pretty small.

Now, for the food.

Being a family dinner, we ordered quite a number of items.

- Foie Gras
Excellent texture, the liver was fat enough, and gives you the melt-in-your-mouth sensation
- Escargot
The escargot was nice and tender, however, I felt they could have done better with the herb sauce
- Dried Sausage platter
Basically its salami, but much tougher and a little too salty to my liking. Wouldn't reccommend it.

- Cheese Fondue (served with bread)
Cheese was basically mozzarella cheese. Very thick, creamy and tasty.
- Sea bass
Fish was fresh and tender, with just the right amount of herbs
- Duck leg confit
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Melt-in-the-mouth sensation can be experienced from this dish
- BBQ ribs
BBQ sauce was good, but the ribs somewhat tasted a little like fish. Not reccommended.
- Oxtail stew
Oxtail was very tender and soft. The meat can easily be removed from the bone. The stew itself is also very tasty.
- Steaks
Pretty juicy and tender. However, do request for 1 level up of done-ness when ordering (Eg, ask for medium if you like your steaks medium rare)

- Baked Alaska
This is indeed a masterpiece. Presentation is excellent, tasted excellent, with the meringue melting instantly when you eat it.
- Dark chocolate cake
A little too powdery to my liking. Not recommended.
- Souffle
Souffle is soft and nice with the right blend of chocolate. Very satisfying.
- Profiterole
Pastry was a bit too hard. Otherwise, it tasted good.

This place overall is a pretty good place to satisfy any french food cravings. Some drawbacks would be: a little too noisy because it is open air and right next to the busy road. Parking is a hassle because the lots are limited. The only place to park at is Petain Rd, which is only a 1 minute walk away.

Price, well, it isn't what I would call cheap. However, the set menu does seem like good value, going for about slightly above $30, and if you wish to have better dishes, just top up between $4 to $10 depending on the type of dish (Stated on the menu)

Good for a visit once in a long long while.
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I spent $48 per person.

Must tries: Foie Gras, Duck leg confit, Baked Alaska, Soufle, Oxtail Stew, Cheese fondue

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Birthdays, Chillout, Dinner, Hidden Find

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