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The Garden Slug's relaxed casual atmosphere and friendly, attentive service, makes it the perfect place to share a family-style meal, meet for happy hour with friends, host a private event, or sit in a quiet corner with a good book. Whether you're craving a hearty meal or a healthy snack, our menu features gourmet burgers, rustic pastas, gigantic sharing platters and fit-food options. Down-to-earth food with a twist, made from scratch daily in our kitchen. Come as you are and feel at home right away.

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Delicious 3 little pig
Delicious 3 little pig
Gumbo! On a cold night or a night when you have a cold...
Gumbo! On a cold night or a night when you have a cold...
This was perfect!
This was perfect!
The Smokehouse Ribeye Steak
The Smokehouse Ribeye Steak

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Overall RatingBased on 97 reviews
Most helpful review:

3 little pig very good. But the tiramisu and coffee average. Coffee too light. Tiramisu too sweet.

Total Review: 1

Go for the 3 little pig. Must try. For people who not worry about calories.

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Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

Our dinner was a disaster. We ordered cocktails which arrived at the time of desert... and was really bad, could not even drink it. Food arrived at different timings for each of us. Food was not great at all. water was never refilled. Service is really bad and slow.

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My home restaurant in Singapore, food avant garde at friendly diner

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Review: 1

I'm a frequent traveller and I tend to find a few places that feel like coming home. The Garden Slug is my Singapore home restaurant. 

I have been to enough fancy places in remarkable settings and never quite had a food experience like this any place else. It knocks your socks off from your mundane existence and into some other place. Not everything on the menu will do that but some of the items do pull the rug from under you, land you on your bottom wondering "what just hit me"? "Delicious" doesn't do it, this stuff doesn't make you "feel good", forget all that. This is Food Science Fiction, served by understated, composed yet excruciatingly talented young people.

 While the food is all that, the setting is an ordinary but cosy, cute place where you can eat and talk and relax, no blaring music or noisy sports commentators. It's an unassuming little place in residential Siglap. That too throws you off - you're experiencing Food Nirvana and all around you, everything just looks normal. Couples on a date, families celebrating some birthday, college kids working on a project.

I first had the Spicy Sausage Gumbo in 2008 and was disappointed to return years later to learn that it was no longer on the menu. I'd never forgotten it. This time around, I was flying in from -6 degrees in poorly-insulated China and dammit I wanted that gumbo. I'd written in and asked Aaron, one of the two owners if they would make me the gumbo so they knew I was coming. I'd sat down about 10 minutes looking through the menu before it arrived. Now, I'm no big fan of tomato-based food but this one had such a natural-tasting tomato base, balanced across fiery, earthy and a tiny bit tangy. It was healthy, a just-right portion for my diet, had the Bratwurst sausages for protein, a mix of veggies, plenty of garlic for the immunity, little grains of rice worked in for minimal carbs and Caribbean spice (so good I'd snuck out my little notebook and tried to steal the recipe). After the initial kick had worn off, I was warm, hearing "cheek-cheekaboom cheek cheekaboom" playing in my head.

Now this gumbo came accompanied by another startling piece of work. I'd been battling between wanting something with lemongrass and their homemade ginger beer while wanting a shot of something. Aaron came back with a cocktail made by Wan Yi that smelled simply fresh with the basil leaf and lemongrass stalks and the slightest hint of alcohol to get me going. I'd been chatting when I'd reached out and taken a generous sip, that stopped me in my tracks. My mind took a giant step onto some high ledge and was admiring the view in some parallel universe. Ensuing sips were balanced, flavourful, not too sweet, just elegant...

Dessert was flaxseed pancakes with cinnamon, strawberries, maple caramel, walnuts and a shot of Cointreau with toffee sauce on the side. Beautiful texture that felt healthy and wholesome. 

Thumbs up, Slug. You guys are terrific at "underpromise and over-deliver". I will be back.

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One of the best hidden cafes in Singapore. Ridiculous playlist!!!

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 8

i used to prefer efficient, silent service, the kind where they're not too talky.... but now i really appreciate it when the crew make an effort to be polite, friendly, checking on our table, asking if our food is alright.. little things like that can make me into a regular. the garden slug is definitely one of those rare places that have succeeded.
 the food, the service, the ambience, harks back to my years spent in melbourne. staff here are warm, genuine, they don't just give you those 'protocol service smile'.
 my absolute favourite is the duck breast pasta. it has turned into a ridiculous craving of late. i'm also sooooo, so happy they do delivery now. cravings curbed in just a few clicks.
 i also highly recommend the bork bork chicken burger (make sure you're very hungry, in preparation), cowboy burger, portobello salad, thai ice tea latte, marmite pasta (ask to add veggies), creamy salmon pasta, ribeye beef noodle soup, meatball melt, and all of the breakfast dishes because i love eggs. especially the three little pigs.
 the food is well thought-out, great balance of flavours and textures. presentation is not overly fussy, rustic yet presentable. i love how much attention is paid even to the small things like the sides.. proper grilled vegetables and sauteed mushrooms instead of just lazy coleslaw. really good salads and hand-churned mashed potatoes. portions are american/ australian sized portions, so if you're a small eater, bring someone along to help you out!!
 one thing i've been dying to say, garden slug... you have a SUBLIME MUSIC PLAYLIST!!! i know i'm weird ha ha ha. one long lunch, i was surprised and delighted to hear the weepies, fur patrol, joni mitchell, soundtracks from my fav tv shows... srsly omg these are things i never really hear anywhere else! the bestie and i were there 3 hours one time, and did not hear a single song repeating (haha yes i notice these things..) WHO PUT TOGETHER THIS MIND-BLOWING PLAYLIST WILL YOU PLS MARRY ME!!! xoxo
 my biggest regret is not discovering the garden slug sooner. i am constantly torn between wanting to selfishly keep this discovery to myself, and telling the whole world about it. guess which side won, yoda.

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