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Review for The Icing Room (313@Somerset)


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Address: #B2-52, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, 233895
08 Mar 2012

Dessert Showcase

The Icing Room, a dessert concept by Breadtalk made its name famous with its own DIY cakes. Recently, they launch several new items and I trotted down to try some of them.

From the Dessert Shooters, go for the Lychee Jelly if you like something sweet. For something heavier, go for the Macaron Ispahan, in which strawberry jelly is topped with a macaron.

Speaking of macarons, The Icing Room serves a large variety of flavours, and when compared with the traditional French macaron, the version served here is not as sweet.

If sweetness is your thing and you need something stronger, go for the Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.80). Something like a chocolate fondant of sorts, it oozes out thick chocolate with from within. The chocolate is really thick and rich.

With desserts, one should have some tea to wash it down; and the Icing Room offers a large variety such as the English Breakfast, Chamomile and Darjeeling. So there you have it, lots of sweets and tea - ideal for the young tai tais in the making.

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Tea-time at The Icing Room

Read our full review with pictures! -

Strolling around a shopping mall with your friends and craving for some cheap sweets apart from the usual bubble tea and KFC’s egg tarts? Opened up by the Breadtalk group, The Icing Room has all the classic dessert favourites found in a restaurant at very affordable prices and in full portions, not to mention the 20% student discount (hurrah).


Macaroons - $1.50 each

Alas, what would classic tea time be without an array of multi-coloured macaroons. Although a little on the sweet side, the macaroons at the Icing Room would definitely hit the spot if you’re craving a quick sweet bite.


From the left, Blueberry Panna Cotta, Mango Panna Cotta, Macaron Ispahon, Lychee Jelly, and Strawberry Kirch Jelly. $3.50 each, $8.80 for three

With a whole range of Dessert Shooters for you to pick from, the petite shooters will attract the ladies’ attention for sure. My personal favourite was the one in the centre, the Macaron Ispahon, which had a great contrast in texture, from the crunch of the macaroon to the middle layer of cream, and finally the layer of jelly at the bottom.

The two on the right would be for those fans of the classic jelly, which had the flavours of strawberry and lychee infused into it, whilst the two on the left would be for those who are a fan of the more English-y Panna Cotta. There’s bound to be a Dessert Shooter that will be to your liking.


Mango and Blueberry Panna Cotta.

We like the left.

Crème Brûlée with berries - $4.80

A simplistic classic dessert, I’m always a fan of the good ol’ Crème Brûlée. The Icing Room brings you a very generous portion at a reasonable price, that would do great to satisfy your Crème Brûlée cravings if you get any. Smooth creamy vanilla custard with a crunchy layer of caramelized sugar on top, and scattered with berries. I’d like mine just a little more brûlée-d, but that’s just me being picky.


Lemon Cream Crumble - $3.50

Something that really caught my eye, the Lemon Cream Crumble was something I looked forward to taste. A zesty lemon cream coated the chunky crumble at the base of the cup, which really appealed to me more than the fine crumble that I was used to seeing in most desserts. The chunky crumble ensures that it could still be smothered in the lemon cream without getting soggy, and the scoop of vanilla ice cream just pulls the whole dessert together. Great price once again!


Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream - $6.80

Essentially a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, this cake is definitely big enough to be shared amongst two people, which would equate it to about $3.40 per person, making it oh-so-affordable like the other desserts! This would do well to satisfy those weird chocolate cravings in the middle of the day, as our cake oozed out warm chocolate, and didn’t disappoint us with a dry core.


Look at the chocolate flowing out.

If you have any sugar urges-...


1 Jurong West Central 2

Jurong Point – #B1-05

313 Somerset – #B2-52 313

Tel: +65 6884 8189

Compass Point – #B1-13

Tampines 1 Shopping Mall – #B1-K1B

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Price Range: $1.50 to $10 to satisfy any sugar cravings!


Pest problem

Sadly my first trip to Icing Room (313@Somerset) was wasted as I was shocked to find 6 young cockroaches crawling all over the corner we're sitting at which is right beside the 'kitchen'. The fact that the cockroaches are young shows that their breeding... Not to mention we had to repeat 'cockroach' many times in different languages only to get an eye-roll first in response. I can't find their email anywhere but I really hope that they will solve this problem

[Trip was on Saturday 16th October 2010]

I would like to go there to try customizing my own cake successfully!

DIY cake, fun but queue mgmt, bad.

Went there on a sat, 8 May a day before Mother's Day to do a DIY cake.

There's 3 different sizes available and for the 6' there's a pink dome shape available.

I took the 4' cake. Had fun decorating with 5 given colour icings and a packet of icing flower. The also clean the plaform and gave as everything in a clean tray so we can decorate at ease. They also provided stools for kids who cannot reach.

Unfortunately, their queue management is really bad. Too many ppl crowding at the counter, and the counter staff is supposingly taking down names for those who wants to diy the cakes. But, either they lack of crews, if not the staff did not have the initiative to ask those who had written their names to move one side and ask those queuing to write down their names. Only when someone tried to cut infront of me and wanted to write her name, I was very unhappy and told the person who cut my queue and the staff that we (including those queuing behind me) that we are also waiting.

And when they call out for the next person on the list, they called via numbers instead of name. We wasn't even sure of the numbers.

But after finishing the cake decoration, they were quite alright.


Overall, the cake decorating is nice, the cake itself wasnt as bad as I expected to be just a sponge cake, but the need to do something on queue management. Especially during peak periods.


not for the lazy bum

i bought there desserts and my girl like it. i've seen so many teens decorate the cake, it seems fun but not for a lazy bum like me. i'm not interested yet. next time i'll bring my sis along. the price is reasonable and depend if you want to add more decorations on your cake. it is a perfect and also romantic idea if a guy willing to do this for their love ones. i like that idea. creative!