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Review for The Icing Room (313@Somerset)


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08 Mar 2012 • 1982 Reviews • 260 Followers

Dessert Showcase

The Icing Room, a dessert concept by Breadtalk made its name famous with its own DIY cakes. Recently, they launch several new items and I trotted down to try some of them.

From the Dessert Shooters, go for the Lychee Jelly if you like something sweet. For something heavier, go for the Macaron Ispahan, in which strawberry jelly is topped with a macaron.

Speaking of macarons, The Icing Room serves a large variety of flavours, and when compared with the traditional French macaron, the version served here is not as sweet.

If sweetness is your thing and you need something stronger, go for the Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.80). Something like a chocolate fondant of sorts, it oozes out thick chocolate with from within. The chocolate is really thick and rich.

With desserts, one should have some tea to wash it down; and the Icing Room offers a large variety such as the English Breakfast, Chamomile and Darjeeling. So there you have it, lots of sweets and tea - ideal for the young tai tais in the making.

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