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The Icing Room (Jurong Point)

The Icing Room offers a delectable range of luscious cakes that combine the art of exquisite taste and pastry handy-craft. They also allow customers to design their cakes on the spot with icing and other edible decorations.

Daily: 10:00 - 20:30

+65 68624464
$4 based on 7 submissions
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cookie puffs
25 Dec 2011 • 408 reviews • 13 followers

Absolute waste of effort, money and calories!

As far as I can recall, The Icing Room has been around ever since the extension was ready. I’ve never needed to decorate my own cake but as I was craving for desserts I decided to give the stall a try.

I was about to give up my halfhearted attempt at buying some macarons and puffs due to the frustration of getting attention from the staff, when at the last minute my wave was noticed.

The effort wasn’t well worth at all, considering the quality of the confectionery.

The assorted macarons (six flavors for $10) were lacking in both texture and taste. The shells were crispy which crumbled only upon biting, but the fillings were limp and flavors (cassis, choc raspberry, strawberry, passionfruit, green tea and hazelnut) were lacklustre.

I was hoping the puffs would fare better but they only aggravated the disappointment.

The custard cookie puffs (two for $2.50) were totally tasteless while the chocolate cookie puffs (two for $2.50) were bland too. The choux pastry was studded with crumbles which added crispness but I hardly bought the puffs for the shells. I expected the fillings to taste the way they should as well.

I still have two puffs in the fridge, and I’m not looking forward to devouring them. For $15, I could’ve bought two delicious creamy cheesecakes from Coffee Bean and yet have some change to pocket.

23 Jan 2011 • 239 reviews • 0 follower

DIY cakes!

You might not be a superb baker. But you still can let out your creativity over here and decorate a unique cake to celebrate the the special occasions with your significant ones.
20 Jul 2009 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Think Twice

Located at the new extension at Jurong Point, i was attracted by the "pink and white" furnish of the shop and also frequent crowds of customers designing their mini cakes. Indeed it draws crowd due to the rather creative idea of "diy" cakes, but other to that, nothing actually attracts me.

Thier display only consists of a few pieces of cakes, and looked rather "un-fresh" to me. Perhaps their muffins are fresher (as i saw them baking every now and then)... To me, this cake shop doesn't attract me.... (how sad)

Anyway, went by yesterday and something caught me eye... They were selling cream puffs?!?! There were around 3 full plates of Custard cream puffs and 2 plates of chocolate cream puffs. They are sold at $1.50 each and $2 for 2. I decided to get one, since i'm craving for some cream puffs at that time.

It's texture and choux is different from other cream puffs that i've tried (durian cream puffs, custard cream puffs etc etc). Its rather hard and it doesn't really have a taste that other puffs have. The cream was also quite a disappointment to me. I think it should be "butter cream puff" instead of "custard cream puff". Every mouthful was like eating mouthful of butter cream. Lightly Salted butter cream to be exact. I'm sorry but i still prefer my cream puffs to be filled with sweet smelling cream.

Btw, speaking of service, i think that despite them being over-staffed (there are more than 6 staffs in the small shop), no one attended to me and my friend. I was sms-ing while waiting for them and this glum looking lady came "stomping" to me " Hey, no photo-taking". I was momentarily shocked and found it ridiculous too. I turned my phone and showed her, she didn't even apologised and continued showing me "black face" and attitude. Oh my, i find that they should really upgrade their services since they brand themselves as "a new addition to the reputable BreadTalk family" (quoted from their website).

Conclusion: I'll rather spend more and travel downtown to get Beard papa's cream puff or some durian puffs.. But its definitely better than Prima Deli's version in my opinion. However, its a good place to get some "diy" cakes as presents for your loved ones... (if u like the idea)
18 Jun 2009 • 681 reviews • 92 followers

Breadtalk chain

This is another chain of breadtalk. It is known as '' mian bao xi yu'' when translated in chinese. I have written a review under breadtalk but since there's an establishment listed under icing rm, i shall write my review here.

Tucked away in a fashionable corner at the new extension of Jurong Point, The Icing Room offers a delectable range of luscious cakes that combine the art of exquisite taste and pastry handy-craft. The Icing Room distinguishes itself by offering a first-ever "Design-It-Yourself" cake-decorative personalization services.Make any occasion a memorable one by giving your loved ones a special treat which can be personally hand-craft at The Icing Room.

The Cakes are a disappointment! I have tried the tea dance & the summer berries chocolate. I felt that their cakes have no substance as it was jelly-like n mild. The mousse who somehow taste weird to me. Their cakes r only presentable but not '' edible''. It may seem a little exaggerating but this is only my personal opinion.

They have macaroons too. Too bad, they were given low ratings... omg!
17 Jun 2009 • 69 reviews • 14 followers

Not so Nice...

I can't remember the name of the 2 that my friends and I had shared but all I know is they're not so great to eat.

Pretty sour, to what it's taste like jelly-like cream or was it a very think gelatine on it's outside.

Good to look at, but not good to eat...

Will try the others in the future, but definitely not this 2...