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Buffet (68 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (42 votes), Dinner (39 votes) ...

Modern surroundings designed by Adam Tihany and stylish bites from our enthusiastic chefs make this all-day dining restaurant the place to be. International cuisine is featured over 16 culinary stations, while the bar offers a large selection of premium wines, juices and smoothies.

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Salty cod fish and chicken
Salty cod fish and chicken
High sodium contain food makes me ill
High sodium contain food makes me ill
Never eat such salty buffet before. Stingy serveouts
Never eat such salty buffet before. Stingy serveouts
Super salty cod fish spoilt my appetite. Feel ill with salt after eating them. Salty chicken on top.
Super salty cod fish spoilt my appetite. Feel ill with salt after eating them. Salty chicken on top.
Super salty tondori and fish. No wonder no one re took.
Super salty tondori and fish. No wonder no one re took.
  • oysters 31 votes
  • desserts 29 votes
  • Sashimi 21 votes
  • seafood 20 votes
  • satays 11 votes
  • indian food 8 votes
  • laksa 7 votes
  • salmon sashimi 6 votes
  • drunken prawns 5 votes
  • tandoori chicken 4 votes
  • Choc Fondue 3 votes
  • Tiramisu 3 votes
  • alaskan king crab legs 3 votes
  • cheese platter 3 votes
  • grilled meat 3 votes
  • salad spread 3 votes
  • Chill Crabs 2 votes
  • Crepes 2 votes
  • Depends on you. 2 votes
  • Murtabak 2 votes
  • Pineapple Custard Tart 2 votes
  • Prata 2 votes
  • Roasted Meat 2 votes
  • Sashimi and fresh oysters. 2 votes
  • Shahimi 2 votes
  • Tapas corner 2 votes
  • and crepes. 2 votes
  • beef sirloin 2 votes
  • chiled seafood platter snow crab 2 votes
  • everything 2 votes
  • forget it.... 2 votes
  • fresh cappucino coffe 2 votes
  • grilled lobster when available 2 votes
  • jap 2 votes
  • lobster 2 votes
  • meats 2 votes
  • mussels 2 votes
  • naan 2 votes
  • pizza 2 votes
  • roast prime ribs 2 votes
  • scallops sashimi 2 votes
  • sharks fin soup 2 votes
  • swordfish sashimi 2 votes
  • Antipasti 1 vote
  • Boston crabs 1 vote
  • Salads 1 vote
  • coffee pork rib 1 vote
  • free flow Champagne 1 vote
  • kebab 1 vote
  • smoked meats 1 vote
  • soy chicken 1 vote

Latest Review for The Line

Overall RatingBased on 146 reviews
Most helpful review:

Nice foods but not impressive

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 22

Too many different food style in Shangri-La Hotel. It is nice except those is local food we able found everywhere in Singapore. Like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Indian prata, Dim sum, pizza and etc. 

Their seafood & sashimi choices is minimum. It is easy found better choice with this prices in Singapore.

Please visit my food blog
SGMY Foods

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the best place for buffet

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 6

I've been to many hotels for buffet, and shangri la has always been my favourite.

I love rock oysters - no buffet is complete without it. They have the red vinegar sauce which I like very much - apparently it's their special recipe. Thereafter, it's the desserts. They have a wide array of cakes which I like. Just that this season's cakes appear to be a bit more boring. Ice cream changes from time to time, but I love the salted caramel ice cream.

The other food are generally good. Special mentions to the satay, liu sha bao, nian yong bao.

The chef also offers "special" services if you ask - all your food fantasies can come true. I love oyster omelette, but those at the hawkers are so oily. I feel like I'm eating egg and drinking oil. The chef Edmund offered to cook my dream oyster omelette for me - olive oil rock oyster omelette. Not oily. Large oysters. What more can an oyster omelette fan ask for?

They used to have mee siam which I love (1 year ago?) and liquored cherries (a few years back). I love liquor black forest cake. However, these are no longer available. I wish they will bring it back.

The service is also unparallel. The managers recognise me, which gives me a homely feeling everytime I go there. They greet me and have a short chat with me each time I go. Special mentions to Grace and Belinda who have served me a number of times.

Last year's Halloween dinner event was also very memorable for me. I loved the dress up parade, and the entire Halloween food theme. Very creative. Very Western style, which I like.

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All salty food stingy restaurant

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

We went togther with our company together. The cod fish were very salty. At the indian cuisines, the tandoori and fish were equally salty.    The satays they only gave out 5 to 6 sticks in once only. The chef would wait for the customer to go away after taking three or more sticks before handling out some more if there are.    The chef actually took out the 5 sticks on the bbq after the one in front of me left and these fives sticks were overcooked. I declined to take these five sticks and the chef waived at me to take and i told him "burnt". After which he reluctantly took out the last 5 from the bbq stove and these were cooked with soot.  (other buffet the chef just made and leave it for customers to help themselves to the food and prepared at intervals.)    At the western cuisines, the thin crust cheese pizza  i took a bite and throw it away. Compared to pizze hut and canadian i would rate it 3/10.    My colleague said the oysters were fresh? (I dont eat raw food) but it came out quite slow.  It was lunch and hence no alaska crabs.  The cold crab looks miserable so i did not eat any seafood.    At the Japanese sushi, i was surprise to find no unagi at all As most of the buffet i ate most had generous amount of bbq unagi for eating. The laksa i did not try it looks more like curry to me.    I could not find any fresh vegetable at the salad stall. The orange pumpkin soup was also sour and salty. I like pumpkin soup however and the second pot was sweet and sour.    The best was only the durian coconut cake and the raspberry cheese cake which i ate two each.   The ice cream was hand made. I tried the hazenut and it tasted cheap not rich ice cream not at all comparable to hagen dazs or even magnum.    The strawberry ice cream was like sherbet and i throw both scopes away. Overall my comment is this restaurant is not a generous at all.    No value for money at all.  The auntie kept topping water and at one instant topped up my cup with hot water instead of warm water. Good grief i was careful with the water.    Gotta Beware for little kids. one more thing i dont like her to touch and shift my cup when i am eating.  Problem is both the plates collectors and water are served by the same group of people. Should have ask waitress to serve eater instead.    My colleagues who ate there many times said the standard dropped a lot, Today. 25th April, Monday 2016. A bad experience. Shall never ever recommend.

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