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26 Feb 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Never going back

My husband decided to treat me for my birthday and since I specifically requested for fresh oysters and buffet, he decided to take me to the line because of the rave reviews it got. In anticipation of yummy fresh oysters and other incredible delights, we paid 30 bucks cabfare to travel to the most ulu hotel in orchard. Guess what. No fresh oysters! They covered oysters with oil and baked them, leaving them in the open in all their cold unsavory glory. Ok, so no fresh oysters. It would have been alright if the rest of the food was gd. It was extremely disappointing.  Unappeitizing sashimi, 20 different types of curries which looked and tasted the same, pasta cooked with canned mushroom soup (seriously?? This is shang for gawdssake), bland and thin clam chowder. I could go on and on. Ok so laksa was nice, but I might as well go to a hawker centre.  Anyway, have no idea why its so crowded when the food was uninspiring and insipid. Lousy! 
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$200 for 2 pax
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