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Review for The Magic Of Chongqing Hot Pot


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01 Apr 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Nice taste

Although the spread of food is not a lot compare to those at bugis, the soup taste and ambience add a point to this restaurant. It is not too spicy or salty. The chilli mix was great and the waitress demonstrate to us how to make a good one.
Must Tries
Chicken soup base, Meatballs, dessert (mini-bun), Luncheon Meat, Eight-Treasure tea (hot/cold), Sliced Beef and Fish Glue, prawns and fu zhou fish balls and dessert (tiny fried buns dipped in condensed milk)
Recommended for
After Work, Birthdays
Average Spend
$37 for 1 pax
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