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The Manhattan Fish Market (Junction 8)

Tuck into succulent and fresh seafood served in a pan inspired by the finest seafood restaurants found along Fulton Street in Manhattan. Try its specialty flaming seafood platter and watch as the prawns are being blow torched right before it's served to your table.

Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 63524034
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Yummy Garlic Rice

I wasn't in the mood for fish today, so when my fren suggested eating at Manhattan Fish Market, I wasn't that excited about it. Moreover, having had 3 lousy meals at Fish & Co. in my entire life, I had long concluded that such restaurants with a fishy name probably serve equally bad food.

But... I actually loved the grilled seafood platter with garlic fried rice and chips that I ordered.

The prawn was fresh and came off its shell easily. This part was impt because I was carrying a baby with one hand and needed the convenience of eating with the other only. The squids were well-grilled and tasty. The fish was a little too big, would have preferred more seafood cos dory makes me a little nauseous. But, the yummy garlic rice more than made up for it.

Hubby and I love garlic rice and he, like myself, probably hasn't tried out Manhattan Fish Market yet. I am quite happy with it so I'll probably bring him there!

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22 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worse Service Ever

First time trying Manhattan Fish Market with my family. There is 13 of us, we were there around 5.45pm on a sunday to beat the crowd. We waited quite long for our orders. Even the ice water was served only when we asked for the 3rd time. At that point of time the restaurant was not full... I can only see the waiters standing around chit chatting. I ask for side plates, they only gave us on my second request. In total we order 11 main course, serving only half of the orders. This lady Mya Mya came to tell us that all orders are served. We are shocked as half of us still waiting for our main course. How to accept this kind of service? 
12 Aug 2012 • 3 reviews • 3 followers

Food was Ok

Food was average. Rather disappointing as the PS branch seems to have better food, and definitely has better ambience.


Received a 1-for-1 discount and some coupons here. Might go back if I am around the area.

11 Feb 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

unplesant experience

Have been a repeat customer, and I think I might stop going there for good.

T trip earlier this evening was the worst that I have ever encountered.

After ordering our food, we had to remind the waiter to give us the ice water that we asked for.

25 minutes passed, the manager (Desmond?) or someone noted that our food was not served and we asked on the status. 2 waiters came by (inclusive of the waiter who took our order) and updated that there was some system glitch and our orders could not be processed.

I didn't find the explanation acceptable as other customers had no issue of the food being served to them. My wife and me left after hearing we had to wait another 25 minutes for our orders (fish and chips and that fried mushroom entree dish). All this while, the waiter was walking past our table (we are not seated in those isolated hard to find corners either) and no one enquired with us if our order was amiss, etc,

Good luck to the management if they allow such sub standard service to continue. I am not asking for excellent immaculate service as this is not some fine dining restaurant. But if the basic service expectations are not even met, the management should really think long and hard if they really want to be a key player in the F&B industry.

30 Aug 2011 • 90 reviews • 6 followers

One-for-one fish and chips

Visit my blog at for pictures and more reviews!

Manhattan Fish Market is currently holding a one-for-one promotion  for their dory & chips with cheese fries between 12nn and 6pm, ending on 1st September. The Manhattan Fish & Chips with cheese sauce is a new addition to the menu, and costs $3++ more from their regular fish & chips ($10.90++).

That equates to $3++ difference for a meagre portion of cheese sauce. You probably wouldn't want to order cheese fries with your dory & chips at Manhattan Fish Market when this one-for-one promotion is over.

Dory tends to be quite tasteless on its own, and this was the case here. It's nothing that ketchup or tartar sauce can't fix though. While the fried dory was moist, the batter lost its crunch rather quickly, and the under-salted fries lacked crisp. While I wouldn't mind giving the chain's Flaming Platters a shot, I'll rather head to Fish & Co. for a convenient fish & chips fix.

Something else to note: do not visit MHM's Junction 8 outlet with a large group if you object to sitting outside the restaurant- there were apparently insufficient seats inside the restaurant to seat seven people at 5.30pm on a public holiday.

18 Jun 2011 • 26 reviews • 0 follower

Just So-So

This was for my first time eating at The Manhattan Fish Market and I would probably dine there for my last time because they gave me some vouchers for some DBS promotion.

Both partner and I ordered the catch of the day though we ordered a different fish.

The soup served was Seafood Chowder but tasted more like minestrone soup, strong in tomato taste and a bit of seafood here and there.

Ordered Crispy Whitebait as appetizer but while indulging halfway found a stand of hair in it! Yikes, I immediately called the waiter but he offered just an soft apology, took the dish away and gave us a new one. I had expected him to say something like, "I'm sorry, let us get that changed for you" but it didn't happened. But this dish is good and would definitely order it again.

The fish was overcooked and the so-called garlic rice had no garlic taste. Disappointing for a garlic rice lover like me!

There were also flies flying around our table, pretty disturbing for a restaurant. I would better off spend my money some random western grill at the coffee shop.

Earlier today I mentioned to my partner while shopping at Plaza Singapura that we should eat at Manhattan Fish Market since I have some vouchers. His immediate response was "No!"