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Marmalade Pantry in the City


Marmalade Pantry is conveniently nestled at the very heart of Orchard Road. This 100 seater modernist larder will continue to deliver the best of all its favourites alongside a brilliant new menu and an ever-growing list of addictive desserts.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 67342700
$31 based on 119 submissions
Lunch (45 votes), People Watching (44 votes), Brunch (38 votes)
Hubert Cheo


I love the cheese cake here, its so amazingly delicious!

First discovered this gem of a cafe when i was walking though ion, and everyone knows ion rght?

So i sat down and had a meal, it was nubbad, however the cheesecake which followed was the bomb!

Mamalade, keep making those delicious cakes!

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  • Sticky Date Pudding10 votes
  • cupcakes4 votes
  • Steak Sandwich3 votes
  • carrot cake3 votes
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09 Dec 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower


I love the cheese cake here, its so amazingly delicious!

First discovered this gem of a cafe when i was walking though ion, and everyone knows ion rght?

So i sat down and had a meal, it was nubbad, however the cheesecake which followed was the bomb!

Mamalade, keep making those delicious cakes!
04 Oct 2014 • 18 reviews • 1 follower

Lousy food and wayyyy overpriced.

Just came home from dinner at this place. I ordered a pasta thats supposed to come with lobster bisque sauce, scallops and prawns. It came lukewarm, 1/4 of the pasta is undercooked. What an insult to call the sauce "lobster bisque". It was a grayish-brown translucent watery light broth that was cooked with dried miniature (fermented?) shirmps. It smells foul and lacks depth. It is simply a bad dish. I asked for pamesean cheese to make the dish bearable. It came in thin slices...? Well, by then I couldn't care less and dumped all the cheese in. The portion is pathetically small - while I left the place hungry, thank God I didn't have to sit through another minute of the torture.

My husband had the Basque chicken. The meat was stale; kinda reminds us of KFC and their rotten rancid chicken (only difference was that it cost about 5 times as much). The marinate tasted like heated Doritos salsa sauce from FairPrice - we had to use liberal amounts of tomato sauce to make the dish edible. Tomato sauce. Its a bloody insult to the chef to have to use tomato sauce but he/she deserves it. Oh and the potatoes that came with the dish were cold. It was a wretched dish that I wouldn't serve to my worst enemies.

All in all this has been a horrifying experience to have paid 70 bucks for. Kudos to Marmalade's marketing team - they have made mediocre food look good enough on the menu to trick people to come in. Bravo *slow clap*

We wouldn't mind paying double (triple and quadruple even) the amount for a good meal and honestly wouldn't have eaten this slop even if it was offered to us for free. Shame on you, Marmalade Pantry. Shame on you.

Pork Lagsana ($24) 
with fresh ricotta
26 Sep 2014 • 29 reviews • 0 follower

If you've no other options...

For more reviews and photos, click here:

This is another affordable place for meals in Orchard, well, if you're looking at places like Saveur, and thinks that Alfresco Gutso downstairs is too expensive. For more affordable eats, you can check out Ion's basement.   They do have many kinds of flour-based mains like pasta with all sorts of interesting sauces, meats, sandwiches, and the likes. Also well-known are their pastries, which are in full glory on the counters, totally making those hungry people queuing up even hungrier, like me.   Here's what we had for dinner...     Pork Lagsana ($24)  with fresh ricotta   The Maramalade Mac and Cheese ($24) on a skillet with mozzarella, parmesan, emmental and gruyere   Sea-salt Caramel Cheesecake ($8)      The cakes comes in slices and wholes, which can be a good idea for birthday cakes, if you do not mind the $60+ price tag.   Nothing fantastic, just very normal. It's usually crowded during dinner time and totally not worth the queue-up...
24 Aug 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Lousy service, hairy cupcakes

Visited this place to get some cupcakes to go. 

1. My wife and I were waiting right at the entrance where one of the service staff (guy in specs) started arranging a stack of menus. I can't fathom how the stack of menus is more important than customers obviously waiting to be served. And what's more,  after arranging the menus for like 2 minutes, he hurried off without paying any attention to us. We had to get attention of another staff. 

2. All right,  so maybe we are getting takeaway, so no service charge that's why we can't expect service. Right? Wrong. We were charged service charge for takeaway. First time I encountered this. What kind of service are we getting actually? I found out when I go home.

3. So we finally got our cupcakes and got home. When we opened up the deceivingly pretty little box, what greeted us was a strand of hair on one of the cupcake. Oh.. so the service charge is for a hairy cupcake. Now I got it. 

So you can guess when we will be heading back to Marmalade Pantry again - As long as I can take to forget about hairy cupcakes. 
Lemon Meringue Sponge Cake
14 Aug 2014 • 324 reviews • 54 followers

Not As Good As I'd Hoped

Full The Marmalade Pantry review here:

The Marmalade Pantry first opened its city outlet in 2009, enticing diners with its 'modernist larder' concept, which promises fresh, healthy and tasty food that is prepared quickly. Drawing rave reviews, especially for their creative and pretty cupcakes, pastries and cakes, I was left feeling confused when I experienced poor food and poor service at The Marmalade Pantry during a recent visit... perhaps it was a bad day for them.

Ambience at The Marmalade Pantry has an elegant colonial charm, with fine tableware and colours of black and white offset by gold and wood trimmings. Love the open concept of the city outlet, perfect for people watching and relaxing. But the cramped floorspace means less privacy, and you can easily listen in on the next table's conversations.

During my visit, I received below average service at the The Marmalade Pantry. First, it was difficult to attract staff's attention, even though the restaurant wasn't packed. Second, they forget to serve my dessert after I asked for it, and I had to remind them again. On the plus side, staff did offer greetings when I stepped into The Marmalade Pantry, and food was served quickly.

I'm rather ambivalent about the food at The Marmalade Pantry. While I commend the use of fresh ingredients, and the beautiful plating of dishes, the actual execution of the dishes fell flat. For a upper-range cafe with higher than average prices, I expect better quality and skill than what I got, as such, I feel that The Marmalade Pantry is not value for money.

Portions sizes are decent enough for one person. I think the desserts at The Marmalade Pantry stood out for me as well, very pretty presentations, with good taste, though some are overly sweet. Overall, I would probably only recommend The Marmalade Pantry for desserts, not for main courses.

The aggressive looking Lemon Meringue Sponge Cake (SGD $8) has a sweet, airy, and light meringue that shatters easily, revealing the soft cake within. The cake is somewhat dry, but stands out for its zesty lemon cream that is a burst of flavour in the mouth.

I loved the Peony Jade White Tea (SGD $7), with its light body, delicate floral aroma, and sweet fruity taste of lychee and passionfruit, with a slight bitter finish. Excellent choice for an afternoon high tea session!

The Bananas And Berries Hotcakes (SGD $16) is served with a medly of berries (blueberries, strawberries) and honeycomb infused butter. The problem was the poorly cooked pancakes, which were limp, dry, and slightly tough in texture. Not satisfiying or tasty at all, in fact, The Marmalade Pantry received several complains about the poor quality of this dish from diners that day. Avoid!