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Marmalade Pantry in the City


Marmalade Pantry is conveniently nestled at the very heart of Orchard Road. This 100 seater modernist larder will continue to deliver the best of all its favourites alongside a brilliant new menu and an ever-growing list of addictive desserts.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

$31 based on 118 submissions
Lunch (45 votes), People Watching (44 votes), Brunch (38 votes)

Carrot cake to die for

Open dining concept. Has the pork belly and salmon salad. The main dishes weren't as good as I expected but oh boy the desserts were fantastic! Carrot cake had the right amount of cream cheese frosting. Its hard to find the right amount of sweetness for this cake and marmalade pantry nailed it! The pecan pie was not bad - crunchy with a hint of cinnamon but the highlight was the ice cream and caramelised banana that was served on the side with the pie - absolutely delicious! 

My only  After calling my bill, it took about 10 - 15 mins for it to come. This is something they could improve on. Overall, I would definitely come back for the desserts.

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  • Sticky Date Pudding10 votes
  • cupcakes4 votes
  • Steak Sandwich3 votes
  • carrot cake3 votes
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04 Oct 2014 • 18 reviews • 1 follower

Lousy food and wayyyy overpriced.

Just came home from dinner at this place. I ordered a pasta thats supposed to come with lobster bisque sauce, scallops and prawns. It came lukewarm, 1/4 of the pasta is undercooked. What an insult to call the sauce "lobster bisque". It was a grayish-brown translucent watery light broth that wa
Pork Lagsana ($24) 
with fresh ricotta
26 Sep 2014 • 29 reviews • 0 follower

If you've no other options...

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This is another affordable place for meals in Orchard, well, if you're looking at places like Saveur, and thinks that Alfresco Gutso downstairs is too expensive. For more
24 Aug 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Lousy service, hairy cupcakes

Visited this place to get some cupcakes to go. 

1. My wife and I were waiting right at the entrance where one of the service staff (guy in specs) started arranging a stack of menus. I can't fathom how the stack of menus is more important than customers obviously waiting to be served. And what'
Lemon Meringue Sponge Cake
14 Aug 2014 • 319 reviews • 54 followers

Not As Good As I'd Hoped

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The Marmalade Pantry first opened its city outlet in 2009, enticing diners with its 'modernist larder' concept, which promises fresh, healthy and tasty food that is prepared quickly.
21 Jun 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

disappointing breakfast n coffee

Was with my wife for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast at their bukit timah branch. ordered their hotcakes and poached eggs sausage.  Flat white coffee was served well stirred ( no foam). Hotcakes hard and stale, poached eggs n sausage,  well, its just that. No dressing, just 2 eggs, 2 dried u