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Reviews for Marmalade Pantry in the City


Carrot cake to die for

Open dining concept. Has the pork belly and salmon salad. The main dishes weren't as good as I expected but oh boy the desserts were fantastic! Carrot cake had the right amount of cream cheese frosting. Its hard to find the right amount of sweetness for this cake and marmalade pantry nailed it! The pecan pie was not bad - crunchy with a hint of cinnamon but the highlight was the ice cream and caramelised banana that was served on the side with the pie - absolutely delicious! 

My only  After calling my bill, it took about 10 - 15 mins for it to come. This is something they could improve on. Overall, I would definitely come back for the desserts.
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04 Oct 2014 • 18 reviews • 1 follower

Lousy food and wayyyy overpriced.

Just came home from dinner at this place. I ordered a pasta thats supposed to come with lobster bisque sauce, scallops and prawns. It came lukewarm, 1/4 of the pasta is undercooked. What an insult to call the sauce "lobster bisque". It was a grayish-brown translucent watery light broth that was cooked with dried miniature (fermented?) shirmps. It smells foul and lacks depth. It is simply a bad dish. I asked for pamesean cheese to make the dish bearable. It came in thin slices...? Well, by then I couldn't care less and dumped all the cheese in. The portion is pathetically small - while I left
Pork Lagsana ($24) 
with fresh ricotta
26 Sep 2014 • 29 reviews • 0 follower

If you've no other options...

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This is another affordable place for meals in Orchard, well, if you're looking at places like Saveur, and thinks that Alfresco Gutso downstairs is too expensive. For more affordable eats, you can check out Ion's basement.   They do have many kinds of flour-based mains like pasta with all sorts of interesting sauces, meats, sandwiches, and the likes. Also well-known are their pastries, which are in full glory on the counters, totally making those hungry people queuing
24 Aug 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Lousy service, hairy cupcakes

Visited this place to get some cupcakes to go. 

1. My wife and I were waiting right at the entrance where one of the service staff (guy in specs) started arranging a stack of menus. I can't fathom how the stack of menus is more important than customers obviously waiting to be served. And what's more,  after arranging the menus for like 2 minutes, he hurried off without paying any attention to us. We had to get attention of another staff. 

2. All right,  so maybe we are getting takeaway, so no service charge that's why we can't expect service. Right? Wrong. We were charged service charge for