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The Prime Society

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The Prime Society offers a blend of elegance to a dash of tongue-in-cheek fun. The menu and ambience are modern, complemented by a design of contemporary chic. The overall ambience is relaxed and casual, while serving dishes of refinement that have just a tad of that upper class finish.

Mon - Tue: 18:00 - 22:30

Wed - Fri: 12:00 - 22:30

Sat & Sun: 10:30 - 22:30

Prime Bar stays open till late
+65 64747427
$87 based on 88 submissions
Dinner (32 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (17 votes), Quiet (16 votes)
Vanessa Tan

You can steak a claim here

I read about The Prime Society in the Business Times on 23 July 2007, and decided to check it out with my family. Just how would it compare with Lawry's, Morton's, Just Steak etc?

Firstly, Prime Society has a 'hip factor' because it's in Tanglin Village, one of the most happening places in town at the moment. There's ample seating space outside if you just want drinks.

A very cheerful lady took my phone reservation earlier on. I'd give bonus points just because she knew how to pronounce and spell my name properly, which has been a rare experience for me in Singapore! Definitely no Lians or Bengs in here.

The restaurant is clean and classy without being too showy, even with a few chandeliers. They took pains to spruce up the place all the way up to the ceiling, with lots of aeration and spotlights, and rustic-looking brick walls on the inside.

We brought our own wine. The corkage charge was $28 and the staff took great pains to remind us (at the entrance and again at the table) about it. However, that was all the attention we got for a while. The wine sat on our table for a long time despite us telling a male waiter that we wanted it prepared. Finally a more savvy-looking female waitress showed up and got things going. I have to agree with the Business Times article that the service is choppy. Hopefully they will work out these kinks in time.

The menu stated that it was a temporary one. The management is currently working on a full-sized menu. In fact the temporary menu has only limited cuts of steak - Fillet Mignon, marbled Ribeye and Sirloin. There is also fish, pasta, ribs, sandwiches, salads and side dishes.

 We had mushroom soup, which was the soup of the day. It was not bad at all. It is not the white, starchy stuff you get at cheaper restaurants. This soup was pureed into a fine brown texture. The first smell that hit me though was something more exquisite. Truffle oil! It was drizzled onto the soup. There was also melted cheese in the middle. It was one of the more pungent variety. Some kind of sprout was also sprinkled on top of the soup. Overall, the soup was quite unusual because of the strong personalities of its added ingredients, and we wiped our bowls clean.

For the main course, my mum and sister ordered a 160g Fillet Mignon each but the kitchen accidentally served my mum a larger cut, which costs $6 more. A waiter told us this after we had all started eating, then added that they would absorb the cost. That was nice of them.

My dad had the marbled Ribeye and it was apparently so soft that you didn't even need a knife to cut it! I am so going to try that next time.

Wanting to try something different, I ordered the Australian Sirloin but it was average. On the outside, it was full-flavoured but not spectacular. It claimed to have crackling fat but while the fat was somewhat tasty, it was definitely not crispy or crunchy.

The steaks came with many types of sauces and side dishes. We each had a side of grilled vegetables (aubergine, zucchini, carrots) which were heavenly, and fries which were crispy and seasoned with pepper. We didn't even need ketchup. We chose to have red wine sauce, avocado cheese sauce, pepper sauce and Bearnaise sauce to go with our steaks. We finished every bit of steak on our plates.

We also ordered a mixed salad which was larger than I expected for a side dish. The green olives were huge - like the size of a big toe! The semi-grilled baby tomatoes were succulent.

Some of you may appreciate the wry sense of humour, from the signboard that says this place is only for the Upper Cut, to the paper placemats that give serious-looking labels to cross-sections of fish, pork, and even artichokes. But when you read them carefully, you will notice puns, innuendo and digs at certain celebrities like Paris Hilton. It is just as well that you do, to distract you from the waiting time in between.

The cutlery is also served in a most unusual manner, in envelopes addressed to each patron. The envelopes are sealed, meaning you have to tear them, which makes me wonder what their stationery costs are like. But they're quirky and have differentiated themselves from other steakhouses. Welcome this new kid on the block.

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25 Dec 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Roast Beef Needs Improvement

Went for the christmas set and we were impressed by the starters

However, the main courses comprising Mustard Rubbed Roast Beef, Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Roast Chicken with Coleslaw and Italian Style Roast Porchetta disappointed

As an establishment that prides itself on serving the "very best breeds of Australian beef", we felt let down by the standards of the roast beef served tonight

The lamb shoulder was good but the roast porchetta was at best mediocre, could have been better done. The crackling on the roast pork could have been crispy

Ambience and service were good, no qualms about these

22 Nov 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

A steak restaurant that cant cook a steak

We ordered 2 x rib eye steaks @ $70 each Cooked medium. One was delivered as medium, the other well done. It took 20 mins for the medium cooked steak to appear again.. Potato puree was cold. Chef would not swap the Foi Gras that came with the steak for a side until we said we would go elsewhere! $350.00 bill for 2 x entrees 2 x mains and a side with corkage. Plenty of Other better restaurants in Dempsey at half this price!
01 Aug 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Badly done baby back ribs

Decided to try their baby back ribs. The serve is actually for 2. Verdict: - Over cooked - Burnt on the sides - Meat is tough - Meat sticks to the bone - Meat is dry and definitely not juicy - Marination is too sweet and strong Forget about the baby back ribs.
Mix of steaks
27 Oct 2013 • 71 reviews • 7 followers

Chef Dallas Cuddy revamps The Prime Society

Although The Prime Society has been around Dempsey for years, standards might have dropped a little the past couple years. Corners were cut, service was unattentive.

However, new Head Chef Dallas Cuddy promises to bring change to this Australian Streak restaurant, making ingredients from scratch with a fine-dining touch. He even grows his own herbs, WUT?!

The Prime Society serves one of Singapore's best Australian beef cuts, with quality steaks from Mayura Station, Rangers Valley and Cape grim- the best you can get from all over Australia. 

Although some of the breeds are good, don't bother with the inferior cuts like tri-tip or petite tender, instead go for the time tested flavourful cuts like Sirloin or Ribeye.

Check out the full review and photos at:
26 Jun 2013 • 22 reviews • 0 follower

“Things are done right”

“Things are done right”   The Prime Society is housed in a disused army barracks in the Dempsey area.  Its interior design effortlessly combines the colonial heritage of its building with the contemporary chic of exposed brick walls and chandeliers.     This grill and steakhouse offers Australian grass-fed, grain-fed beef as well Australian and Japanese Wagyu as well as a variety of starter dishes.   The atmosphere here is casual – starters are listed under “To Share”; diners are encouraged to share these tapas-style dishes and discover what they enjoy most.  Similarly, steaks are accompanied by a smorgasbord of condiments and sauces and diners are encouraged to try and discuss among themselves which they prefer.     TRUFFLE CHICKEN LIVER PARFAIT ‘CIGAR’   Served in a cigar box, I think this is meant to be humourous.  This is not usually my kind of humour.  The liver parfait is rich, very rich.  I highly recommend you get wine to go with this.  The 2010 Tamar Ridge Devils Corner is an excellent choice to go with this.   SALMON CEVICHE , WHIPPED ROE AND ANCHOVY PASTRY   The salmon is perfectly balanced with the fruit juices.  The whipped roe is very light.  Exciting!  This is cuisine as it is meant to be. Get this!!!!  The 2011 Prager Hinter der Burg Federspiel Gruner Veltliner is an excellent, excellent choice to go with this.  I really enjoyed its acidity, its brightness.

For full review and all photos, please visit