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Prime Bar stays open till late

$86 based on 71 reviews
The Prime Society offers a blend of elegance to a dash of tongue-in-cheek fun. The menu and ambience are modern, complemented by a design of contemporary chic. The overall ambience is relaxed and casual, while serving dishes of refinement that have just a tad of that upper class finish. See what foodies like this place for
Vanessa Tan • 24 Jul 20072 reviews 0 followers

I read about The Prime Society in the Business Times on 23 July 2007, and decided to check it out with my family. Just how would it compare with ...

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The HGW community like this place for...

  • Dinner32 votes
  • Large Groups/Gathering17 votes
  • Quiet16 votes
  • After Work15 votes
  • Alfresco/Outdoor Dining13 votes
  • Business Dining12 votes
  • Romance/First Dates12 votes
  • Chillout11 votes
  • Lunch10 votes
  • Girls Night Out9 votes
  • Wine Lists9 votes
  • Fine Dining8 votes
  • Vibrant/Noisy8 votes
  • People Watching7 votes
  • View/Scenery6 votes
  • Boys Night Out5 votes
  • Brunch4 votes
  • Private Dining4 votes
  • Corporate Events3 votes
  • Live Band3 votes
  • Supper3 votes


  • Filet Mignon4 votes
  • Fillet Mignon3 votes
  • Mix of steaksMix of steaks
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What others are saying...

Seth Lui • 27 Oct 201370 reviews 2 followers

Although The Prime Society has been around Dempsey for years, standards might have dropped a little the past couple years. Corners were cut, ...

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Mix of steaks
The TRH website • 26 Jun 201322 reviews 0 followers

“Things are done right”
The Prime Society is housed in a disused army barracks in the Dempsey area.  Its interior design effortlessly ...

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Poached Mag • 26 Apr 201334 reviews 0 followers

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With a name like The Prime Society, it is ...

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