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The Ramen Store


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Address: 6 Short Street
In addition to the ramen served with a meat broth that's boiled with meat bones for over 30 hours, The Ramen Store's exenstive menu also offers a range of Japanese kushiyaki, sushi, sashimi and yaki soba.

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 04:00

Sat: 12:00 - 04:00

PH: 12:00 - 01:00

+65 67349294
$17 based on 15 submissions
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Carlson Carl

Hidden germ...

Discovered the restaurant just recently. Was impressed by the food, not so much by the setting. But what is more important? A wide variety of dishes. Everything is prepared to order, things are nicely arrangend, everything tasty. The staff is fast and provides decent service, but not overwhelmingly friendly. I can easily cope with that because prices are very reasonable. I'll be back that's for sure.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • River Shrimp1 vote
  • chawanmushi1 vote
  • seeweed salad1 vote
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28 Feb 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Ramen not recommended

I've been here several times, but today's visit totally turned me off.

We ordered a bowl of ramen, salmon sashimi, grilled set and cola wings. When the ramen arrived at the table, we could immediately smell a sour smell. Thinking that it could be our imagination, I took a sip and confirmed that the taste was off.

We informed the server who said it was "impossible" for the ramen to be bad, but brought it to check. The manager returned with the bowl, telling us that it is not sour, but is just the smell of one of the ingredients. He then placed the bowl on the table, and left without offering to replace the item.

We made a serious attempt to give the ramen a chance, but when I tasted the pork I knew that it had gone bad. Without taking so much as two mouthfuls, we asked them to clear the dish. We've had the ramen several times before and know that that was definitely not the taste.

The service was also terrible too. We had to ask repeatedly for something before it was done.

The rest of the food was decent though. It's interesting to note that most diners didn't order ramen even though the place is called The Ranen Stall. Go figure.

We definitely won't be back again.
04 Dec 2011 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

Ramen at the Ramen Stall

Discovered the restaurant via hungrygowhere. We had ramen (of course!), sashimi don and vanilla with black sesame ice cream. The ramen was good, but the soup was not thick enough. The salmon was very fresh, and would have ordered more sushi and sashimi if we were still hungry. They serve kushiyaki as well.

Visit my blog for more reviews and photos:

23 Sep 2011 • 1965 reviews • 260 followers

value lunch sets

I chanced upon this place upon a recommendation by a colleague.

A simple set-up, the place plays a mix of disco Japanese pop and slow Chinese music (what a variance).

I settled on a lunch set which involved a ramen ,a side dish and a soft drink. For my side dish, I had the chawanmushi which I must say was really good. The egg was silky smooth with a relatively firm bite.

Unfortunately, I did not like the ramen as much. The chicken based stock lacked kick and the noodles were too springy. That being said, one cannot complain given the price point.

A unique selling point of this place is that it opens till 5am, which means that you can still get a nice bowl of soup after a night out.

As for service, it is what one would expect from a fast food joint - quick, efficient and no frills.