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The Sandwich Shop (Hitachi Tower)

The Sandwich Shop serves fresh, perfect and healthy sandwiches for every individual to love.

Mon - Fri: 07:00 - 18:00

Closed: Sat, Sun &

+65 65365141
$7 based on 6 submissions
Lunch (4 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (3 votes)

wild berry smoothie

while it's quite pricy at 6 bucks, it's the best smoothie I'd had in a long time. good on a hot day.

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28 Jul 2012 • 19 reviews • 2 followers

wild berry smoothie

while it's quite pricy at 6 bucks, it's the best smoothie I'd had in a long time. good on a hot day.
Presentation was sparse but food was reasonably tasty
13 Jan 2011 • 14 reviews • 26 followers

Healthful-tasting offerings

In the past when my workplace was nearby, I used to patronize the Robinsons Centre branch. A few days back I had the chance to drop by the area and sample its sandwiches once again.

Queue was predictably long but had no trouble finding a seat (turnover was high) and the queue moved fast too. Service was average, no fuss.

I had the Chicken Avocado sandwich. At SGD7.30 it's quite pricey for chicken bits and avocado between 2 slices of bread, but the taste of the sandwich was fantastic. It was well-toasted (my first time having it toasted as previously I took the sandwiches away in its prepacked un-toasted form), so if possible, opt to have your sandwich toasted.

My husband had the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap (SGD6.90 thereabouts). We both concurred that it didn't taste as good as the sandwich. It was also not as filling as the sandwich.

11 Jan 2010 • 408 reviews • 0 follower

It's the sandwich shop

The Sandwich Shop is situated at the second storey of Hitachi Tower and right beside the escalator. The shop is a hit with the office crowd because of its reasonably price and nutritional selection of food. Do not be misled by the shop's name as you will also be able to find a wide variety of wraps, salads and soups besides their signature sandwiches. I had the Crayfish Sandwich which consists of nicely toasted bread with generous amount of crunchy vegetables and of course, succulent and flavourful crayfish meat. The staffs are well-trained and greeted me while I was making my purchase. They were also efficient in preparing the orders. If you are health-conscious, The Sandwich Shop is a good place to have your lunch. However, it may be better for you to do takeaway as the tables are often crowded during the lunch hours. As such, you may have to spend a little time queueing up before you will be served. But do be patient and you will be rewarded with the scrumptious food.
09 Jul 2009 • 681 reviews • 92 followers


I search for ''sandwiches in singapore'' using google search, ''The sandwich shop'' appeared to be the top. Hence i decided to give it a try as i've been craving for sandwiches lately.

It was packed during lunch hr(12.30pm) and there are hardly any seats available and ppl are grabbing sandwiches and salads, preparing to q-up and pay. There are so many choices and it was a diffcult choice for me to choose what to have. Even though it was very crowded and busy, a staff still offer to help me in deciding what to order. I have the 1/2 size Crayfish Sandwich - $3.90.

I opt to have wholemeal bbread instead of the sundried tomato bread. The crayfish fillings were generous and they added mint and basil leaves in it, giving an exotic and refreshing taste. Even though it wasnt that filling, i have a salad frm another sandwich bar and my lunch is settled!
19 Nov 2007 • 49 reviews • 4 followers

Nice wraps, salads and soups, but ordinary sandwiches

It's kinda ironic they call themselves the Sandwich shop, but the wraps, salads and soups turn out better than the sandwiches!

First up - the sandwiches. I find the bread a little too dry, and maybe it's be, but the generous fillings keep falling off! It's a messy sight everytime I eat a sandwich, so usually I'll give it a pass.

I like the wraps. Previously, they used to have a honey chicken wrap, but it seems to have been either phased out, or it's been sold out before I reach there.

The soups are usually very good, lotsa ingredients and nice taste.

The salads are great. The lettuce is crisp and crunchy (i know it sounds silly cos lettuce is just lettuce but trust me, some sandwich shops have the driest lettuce or veg around). I usually go for the chicken caesar or the chicken tikka. I prefer the latter, the chicken tikka slices are quite nice, and I love the pasta.

Not many seats around, good to takeaway.

Not cheap, but courteous staff and quite good service.