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The Song of India is located just a stone's throw from Orchard Road, in a classic black and white heritage bungalow forms the setting of grand opulence and sophistication with its stylish interiors and lush green surroundings for a gastronomical journey through India with its award winning cuisine.

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Delectable desserts to end your meal!
Delectable desserts to end your meal!
Appetisers to whet your appetite!
Appetisers to whet your appetite!
The Executive Set Lunch - The best dishes on a plate!
The Executive Set Lunch - The best dishes on a plate!
Freshly made Nan!
Freshly made Nan!
All the sauces/dal that go with your nan.
All the sauces/dal that go with your nan.

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Indian Delights

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2143

The Song of India provides a variety of Indian food that strives to cover as much of India as possible. In fact, they are currently running a buffet branch in which the theme changes on a regular basis to cover the different parts of India. However, instead of making multiple trips, one can cover India with their Journey Of India set ($95), which is something I would recommend.

A fine dining setting on Scotts Road, The Song of India has constantly been rated as a top fine dining Indian restaurant in Singapore, and it was with this in mind that I decided to pick the place for a special birthday celebration.

The Journey of India set starts with a chicken soup, the dish is of North Indian influence in which it is slightly creamy and not spicy. One thing that can look a little misleading is the temperature. On my first sip, I scalded my tongue as it did not look hot at all.

Moving on, the starter were well marinated pieces of tandoori chicken and salmon. Rich and tasty.

I also added a starter of Tandoori Khumb ($23), which consisted of juicy mushrooms baked in cheese.

After a very citrus palette cleanser, the main course was a set of tasting portions consisting of mutton, daal, prawn, palek paneer and curry chicken. I found the mutton a little tough but the prawn was really fresh and succulent. I also enjoyed the palek panner as it had a nice subtle herb after taste to it. The chicken would go well with someone looking for something more hearty.I also liked the saffron rice, which is executed well so that it does not have a strong oily finish. The best part is, I was informed that I could have unlimited portions of any of the dishes. Now that is a good deal so one would never have to leave hungry.

Desserts was an assortment of Indian sweets and a vanilla ice cream with spices. The restaurant was kind enough to provide a complementary chocolate cake to celebrate the birthday. All in all, dinner was a well executed, heavy food in a fine dining environment.

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Best Indian food so far

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Review: 1

Having many choices in Singapore, having been to India as well, we found that this was the best indian food we have eaten so far. We also enjoyed the presentation, the extremely good service and the knowledge of the waiter. The ambience is wonderful and we are looking forward to go again. We were omnivores, vegetarian and vegan and we all were pleased beyond expectation . The amuse geule was a wonderful start into a journey through the varieties of Indian delights. Even so we were not able to eat a dessert, we got two "platest of samples" which delighted our foreign guests. I highly recommend this place for every occasion...just go and enjoy 

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Very expensive flies

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 39

If I wanted to be surrounded by flies at dinner, I'd eat at my local hawker centre.  I certainly wouldn't expect to pay $$$$ for the "privilege".  The decor and the building are absolutely gorgeous, although there are steps everywhere, making this beautiful restored black-and-white very inaccessible for people with disabilities.

The staff were professional but incredibly glum.  Not a smile among the three people we interacted with.  I thought they knew what they were doing for a "fine dining" establishment, but NO!  The place was mostly empty but a family with a small noisy child arrived and were placed in the table immediately next to us.  That was extremely rude and annoying, and set the scene for most of our meal.

Really good, extensive wine list.  Well done to the sommelier!

Salmon kebab (i.e. tikka) was wonderful.  Beautifully presented with amazing flavours and three different condiments and sauces.  Excellent dish, highly recommended.  Unfortunately, it's all downhill from here.

Lamb shank was chewy and did not fall off the bone.  Worse, it was served almost cold... just luke warm. How hard is it to ensure the food is hot when delivered to the table?  The gravy was very dull, no curry or even Indian spicy flavour to it, just pan drippings, flour and cream.  Not great, and way overpriced.  Bread (onion and coriander kulcha) was tough and tasteless.

Dessert of "chilli" ice cream was nice, but there was no chilli in sight.  Don't be fooled!  It was a couple of scoops of nice vanilla ice cream with some (old, not fresh) black pepper sprinkled on top.  It was served with some beautiful pieces of fresh fruit and delicious Indian sweets.  Not bad but not chilli.

Summary:  don't bother.  The food at many places along Race Course Road is much better and you get avoid the price tag!

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Pretty average food in a nice decor

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Review: 1

We love eating Indian food and were looking for a more up-scale experience.
 When entering the restaurant, you're definitely not disappointed: this is a very nice décor for an Indian restaurant. Set in a beautiful black and white house in a fantastic location on Scotts Road, just off Orchard Road.
 The place feels like a fine dining experience with nice ambiance and plenty of staff to serve you.
 Unfortunately, the food is pretty average and well over-priced. Looking at the menu, the dishes sound mouth-watering and there's a lot of variety but once it appears on the table, you may be at just any average Indian restaurant. The lamb korma and chicken masala were swimming in a thick sauce and there was absolutely no effort in terms of food presentation. The tasting platters were quite ok but we suspect the prawns gave 2 of us got severe stomach ache the next day. The food didn't look very fresh overall which was quite surprising given it was the evening before Diwali.
 We also ordered cocktails to start with (The Song of India's Spice Route) and that was probably the most disappointing cocktail I have ever been served. Looked more like a glass of tea filled with ice cubes and it didn't taste nice at all.
 It's also not cheap and given the location/ambiance that's acceptable. However the quality of the food needs to be up to standard as well. By the way, charging $11 / $23 for a (small) portion of plain white/ saffron rice is a bit exaggerated.
 Wine list was ok and what you'd expect at a fine Indian restaurant.
 Service was ok, no comments.

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