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$171 based on 39 submissions
Dinner (13 votes), Romance/First Dates (9 votes), After Work (8 votes) ...

Tippling Club is a restaurant that explores a brave concept to pursue a higher form of food and drink matching and certainly a more fun approach to traditional haute cuisine and drink service.

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Charcoal food for $$$$
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Latest Review for Tippling Club

Overall RatingBased on 28 reviews
Most helpful review:

Wonderful dining experience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 190

Their food menu (pages 1, 2, 3) was straight forward with only 2 sets. Classic menu at $170 and gourmand menu at $270. And for both sets, one could opt for wine pairing at $275 and $430 respectively. I was keen to try their $270 menu (with no alcohol) while my friend was “Anything goes for me.”

Since it was not in our original plan to dine at Tippling Club, I enquired with the waiting staff if it was possible for us to order different menus. I felt guilty that my friend had to splurge with me lah. However, the staff was adamant that all parties at the same table have to order the same menu. On seeing an empty table beside ours, my friend jokingly asked if he could then sit at the empty table beside me so that we were sitting at separate tables (for us to order different menus). Make sense too, right? Haha.

In the end, my friend was left with no choice but to order the more expensive set menu. And with that, we started our $270 gourmand-menu dinner with:-

1) Snacks – What we didn’t expect was for a simple word ‘snack’ to comprise of many small bites. We kick-started dinner with coriander tempura paired with tom yum. It was impressive that the tom yum, although served in the form of foam, contained the slight tangy-ness and spiciness of tom yum. And that was followed suit with sandwich of chorizo, tomato sauce and olive caviar, and sushi roll where we got to ‘play with our food’ by squeezing the sauce with a bulb syringe. We were also told to use the bulb syringe as a toothpick to ‘pick’ our sushi roll up. Other snacks included smoked charred bell pepper, sakura prawn cracker and puff styrofoam with truffle oil. And for palette cleanser, we were served ‘lava lamp’ made with basil and tomato water. For this, the staff poured the liquid into the cup before us which allowed us to witness the caviar floating up. Just like a lava lamp! And despite being served many deep fried items, it’s amazing we didn’t have that sick feeling in the stomach that comes with eating too many fried items. In fact, the fried items were light, crispy and good. Yum!

Due to the (silly) 3000 characters limit, continue to read my review on other dishes here:PART2

Tippling Cub certainly deserved its spot on Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016. Food was impressive. Every dish was also served by someone from the kitchen who would introduce the dishes. And if I did not recognise wrongly, chef-owner Ryan Clift came out to personally introduce one of the dishes too.

However, Tippling Cub being a fine dining restaurant, would hold the dishes when someone leaves the table. And sadly, my friend had to excuse himself from the table at least 3 times. So our dinner was often put to long pauses. What was supposed to be an estimated 1.5 hour dinner became a 2.5 hours dinner because service also became significantly slower after 9.45pm.

PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog

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Very bad food: main ingredient tasteless, pompous presentation, aggressive service

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Presentation is highly elaborate/complicated with loads of different ingredients.
Each dish is garnished with some tasteless dark green sauce as a signature (no idea of what it is made of) or some secrete concoction based with vinegar.
All in all, you are unable to taste the ingredient of the dish.
The service is very aggressive and rude. The chef or the staff explains the ingredients of the dish in a speed impossible to understand.

 For the first time in my life I was impatiently waiting for the menu to finish so I can leave to find some peace for and my stomach and my mind as the aggressivity in the restaurant is omnipresent.
 The cod fish was rotten (got sick for hours after we left with a bad fish taste in the throat).

 From the Gourmand menu, I only remember the foie gras dish and the babaganoush that were decent.
 This is a disgrace to set this restaurant in the top 50 of the best (probably one of the worst I have been).

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Modern gastronomy

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 73

No.36 of 2015 Asia's Best 50, dropped from its previous position of No.23 in 2014, yet the food was playful and delicious, with great presentation. The ambiance is relax and hommie. Sure i will be back.

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