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Located in Maxwell Food Centre on Maxwell Road, Tian Tian specializes in Hainanese white chicken rice.

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Rather satisfying meal at Tian Tian Chicken Rice
Rather satisfying meal at Tian Tian Chicken Rice
My almost-an-hour queue paid off!
My almost-an-hour queue paid off!

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same heritage

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being a hainanese myself, i am greatly drawn to this hainanese style chicken rice. i remember my grandma used to roll up her rice into balls before giving it to us. that was the first time i was drawn to hainanese style rice. hainanese chicken are white chicken and its always very tender. the skin is soft and not oily. it will slide down ur throat and leave you asking for more. i do not usually eat it with chilli as i love the natural original taste.

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best chicken rice

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
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Have never been a fan of chicken rice besides the roasted chicken. Cause there are times when i ate and i saw blood on the chicken, that made me sick. But my friend assured me that Tian Tian is different. So i decided to give it a try, and it s true. And the chicken is so smooth, so delicious. I am now already a fan of Tian Tian.

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First Be Treated Like a Fly

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I ate at Tian Tian many moons ago, and the food then was pretty good.
 I tried it again a few days ago, and the food gave me many moans.


Moan #1: Hawker assistant serving you the food at the stall (note: it’s all self-service) treats you like a fly. After giving me the food, he waved me away with a rude outward sweeping gesture normally reserved for persistent flies hovering around your food. He did this for other customers too. This wasn’t the Kallang Wave; it was the Tian Tian Wave.


Moan #2: Chicken meat is not terribly delicious. The serving size of the meat was generous, but the meat itself was neither soft nor tasty. Don’t get me wrong: the meat was not inedible; the taste was just best described as indifferent. I expected more from the famous Tian Tian.


Moan #3: Chicken is drenched in oily gravy. I don’t know why they poured so much of this depressing brown gravy onto the chicken. The gravy was largely composed of oil, and made the chicken taste worse. I half-suspected it was to disguise the taste of the not-tasty chicken meat and increase its pliancy. They poured so much of it onto the chicken, making me think that not only was there a current boom in shale oil, but there was also a boom in whatever oil it was that Tian Tian was using in this drab gravy..


OVERALL, the food at Tian Tian was edible but not the stuff of greatness. In light of the three points above, I would give the stall a miss, in perhaps the same way that flies would avoid a waving hand… 



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Very tasty, generous with the chicken, and funny uncles and aunties

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 3| Service 5
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Tian Tian’s chicken is smooth and the skin is silky, and unlike other hainanese chicken rice sellers, Tian Tian does a slightly thicker sauce instead of the usual light soy-sauce seasoning. We opted for extra chicken at just $1 more, and it was TOTALLY worth it! They didn't just give 2-3 bite-sized pieces more like at some other stalls, they really loaded up. The chilli was really spicy though, and I have tasted better and more flavourful ones elsewhere.

Check out my food blog where I talk about Tian Tian in more detail as well as let you know which are some of the other best chicken rice places here in Singapore. If you're visiting Singapore, you can't miss out on it! My friend was glad he didn't!

I didn't encounter the poor service as mentioned by some other reviewers - the uncles and aunties were full of smiles, and jokingly informed my visiting friend that HE should be the man ("don't let the lady do it!") and carry the tray of food! Lol.

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