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Timbre @ The Arts House

Timbre @ The Arts House offers a good range of drinks as well as live acoustic music. The bar has a peaceful ambiance which allows one to relax away from the busy city. On the menu are pizzas, pastas and tapas.

Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 01:00

Fri - Sat: 18:00 - 02:00

Closed: Sun

+65 63363386
$37 based on 37 submissions
Live Band (23 votes), Chillout (17 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (14 votes)
Adelene Hon

Service is not very good but food and ambience makes up for it!

Went there on a Saturday night, the crowd was full for the outdoor seats. More food reviews with picture on my blog!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Buffalo Wings5 votes
  • Garlic Shrimp2 votes
  • Buffalo1 vote
  • Classic Iitian pizza1 vote
  • Cosmo1 vote
  • Indigo1 vote
  • Lamb & Mushroom Kebab1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 37 votes
01 Oct 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Service is not very good but food and ambience makes up for it!

Went there on a Saturday night, the crowd was full for the outdoor seats. More food reviews with picture on my blog!
25 Feb 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Boisterous Revelry - Great for a Night Out!

I've been to Timbre@The Arts House twice and enjoyed myself immensely on both occasions. The two groups (53A and The Goodfellas) whose performances I was there for really livened up the atmosphere and I really appreciate the concept of Timbre being a seedbed for budding musicians as well as Timbre's role in bringing these local musicians into the foreground. 

On both occasions, I had the duck pizza and the buffalo wings. The duck pizza with hoisin sauce, though flavourful at first, tends to be more on the salty side and can get a bit filling after a while (especially after it has turned cold). The buffalo wings, while crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, tend to be a little dry. Perhaps, due to my personal preference, I'd like it better if more sauce were drizzled onto it. Nevertheless, the pizza, buffalo wings and other items make for a reasonable meal. Coupled with the lively tunes, a night at Timbre makes it a great destination for dinner with friends or loved ones. 
17 Nov 2011 • 58 reviews • 28 followers

Chill out

Timbre is really a nice place, and the music there was good too! It was really relaxing & chase away our monday blues!

More pictures at my blog .

24 Oct 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Service totally unbelivable

Before i go on to the details of the service, I will start on their food which maybe the only good thing in the house.

The pizzas are generally yummy. We had roasted duck pizza, smoked salmon pizza, Cajun chicken pizza and buffalo wings. I ordered a lychee martini the first round but i find their sweeter than others. My boyfriend had Long Island Tea and he said that there was too much ice in his drink. I guess we were at the Happy Hour so there was a -$3 for each of the drinks we ordered.

This is a Saturday night and we wanted to catch Real Steel at 9.25pm at Vivo, so we decided to have a dinner/drink early. The group was to meet at 6.30pm but my boyfriend and I arrived early, slightly before 6pm. The opening hour supposed to start at 6pm.. The funny thing is that, the manager was still talking to the staffs at 6.15pm.. There was a large group (around 20 pax) waiting in front of us, but the group and us was not served to sit down. I thought it was really weird to let a large group of people to be waiting outside of your restaurant. Most of the pubs and restaurant along boat quay was already serving customers for quite some time. The weirder thing is that, there was already two tables occupied with two different group of customers. (maybe they are special guests)..


The restaurant refused to let us take a 6-person table since only me and my boyfriend arrived (that is understandable), but the two-person-seat that they direct us to was totally hot and stuffy! I was so irritated with the stuffiness that I requested to change seat when I placed my order. Then the manager told me that they didn't open the air-vent machine (or something like air-cooler) in my area, and then she told me that she can switch it on. I was starting to get pissed off by this point; I thought it was totally logical that when you have a customer in the area you should at least switch on a fan or something? Also, it was totally hard to catch any waitress attendance as they were all busy eating! Another weird thing, the staffs started eating after the customers are seated? The manager did not give them time to eat before that?


So when the group finally arrived, and switch to a table most outside Timbre, i got another hell of service. It could form a list,

1) Waitress passes the menu to us by poking my friend's arm.

2) I was pulling a pizza from the pan halfway, when a waitress crossed over my arms to collect the empty glass in front of me.

3) I asked for a set of utensils TWICE for the last friend that arrived but it never came. The only time the waiter/waitress would come to our table was to take away our menu so as to pass to the nearby table.

4) There was a Caucasian alone by a table in front of us and waited 30 min after he asked for his bill. Before the bill finally arrived after he asked again. I took that as a warning sign. But i didn't know we could be worst. We spent 15min to try to catch a waiter/waitress's attention to get a bill. We asked the bill from 3 different waiter/waitress after seeing no one seems to be bringing the bill. We waited 20min and the bill is still not here! I got to say 'Wow'. And we had a movie to catch! So I went straight to the cashier there to ask for my bill. The waitress there, then print out the receipt for me to check. Then, they got to go into the building to get my credit card which they were holding onto. With another 2 friends that walk to me to help me check the bill, the 3 of us was standing for almost 10min before my credit card came. Maybe we are seated too far away such that no one bothers us, but hey, it's still part of your restaurant and customers right? Maybe the waiter/waitress should be better trained.

The experience I had totally put me off. I guess I am not visiting Timbre any time soon. The pizza maybe the only reason for me to visit again.

04 Sep 2011 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Bad service ..

Went on a friday evening without reservations for a table of 5, didn't had to wait too long to get ushered to the tall tables at the super outer region of timbre. Service initially was alright but disaster came when we asked for ice water.

The ice water took half an hour, but didn't came. My friend called the server 3 times and she just keep nodding her head, and to my disgust, she actually rolled her eyes and gave a black face while walking away from our table. Thanks!

The ice water came like probably after an hour.

Subsequently as it gets later in the night, our drinks we ordered, came slower and slower. 1st round of drink took 15mins, 2nd round of drinks took 30mins..3rd round of drink when 2 other friends arrived..

Well..Didn't get their drinks served at all. Despite our attempts to remind the servers 3 times where our drinks were, none of them delivered any drinks to us, until we had to cancelled it in the end.. They didn't even seem apologetic..and happily throw the bill at us.

Pathetic service.

Their only saving grace is their great ambience and food, but seriously, do something about your server's attitude towards your customers. No matter how unwilling, they shouldn't be showing black face straight in the customer's face. Till now i still rmb the server's name and her black face. gosh.