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Tims Restaurant & Cafe

Tims Restaurant & Cafe is located on Lorong 4 Toa Payoh and specialises in Western cuisine.
11.30am - 10.30pm, Mon - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
+65 62505246
$17 based on 80 submissions
Dinner (39 votes), Lunch (32 votes), Children/Family (27 votes)
Ah Wee

Gooooooooood !

My first time visiting this restaurant. From quality to service , my overall dining experience was wonderful. Price wise was very reasonable. I definitely will patronize here again.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • steaks17 votes
  • lamb shank10 votes
  • Momo7 votes
  • mussels5 votes
  • oyster5 votes
  • calamari4 votes
  • chicken cutlet4 votes
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Based on 80 votes
05 Jul 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Gooooooooood !

My first time visiting this restaurant. From quality to service , my overall dining experience was wonderful. Price wise was very reasonable. I definitely will patronize here again.
03 Jul 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Unforgettable dining experience

Wonderful dining experience at Tim's restaurant today! Have been here once before with my friends but recently returned with my family and we had a superb dining experience. 

The menu had good variety and the dishes that we ordered were delicious. The steak that we ordered was cooked to perfection at medium well, together with the momo that is simply an amazing dish. While the cheese scallop was a little filling and rich, it was still good. The only wasted part was that the Portuguese egg tart ordered was so-so but that's okay considering its their main dishes that are the main attraction. 

Definitely a must try with 5-star dishes at value prices!
16 May 2014 • 291 reviews • 11 followers

Delicious and value for money!

Full review and photos:

Tims Restaurant & Cafe a Nepalese restaurant serves Nepalese and Western cuisine. The restaurant reminds me of Jack's Place. But unlike Jack's Place, Tims Restaurant & Cafe is located under a HDB block and is a non air-conditioned restaurant. The restaurant is located 10 minutes walk away from Braddell MRT staiton. 
The prices on its Daily Set Lunch Menu and Ala Carte Menu are all nett prices, which means there are no additional charges such as service charge and GST as these has already been factored in.    The three of us ordered Chicken MoMo $8.50, Spaghetti Bolognaise Set $10 and Fish & Chips Set$11 (Daily Set Lunch), and Authentic Nepali Roast Chicken $11. The Set Lunch consisted of Soup of the Day, Main Course set, Dessert and Tea/Coffee.

The Chicken MoMo $8.50 was essentially Nepalese style meat dumplings with coriander, ginger, garlic. It is served together with home made "Nepalese Achar". It was similar to our Chinese cuisine Xiao Long Bao. The difference is that the skin is thicker and there are no broth in the dumplings. The Chicken MoMo was unique. Although I felt that the skin was too thick, the meat fillings inside was wonderfully executed. Dipping the Chicken MoMo into the achar (made of tomatoes, herbs and spices) made it just so addictive!  
The Soup of the Day was Minestrone Soup. The soup was served with slices of Garlic Bread. Their Garlic Bread fared better than Jack's Place as the garlic spread was thicker. 

The Minestrone Soup was filled with lots of ingredients at the bottom of the bowl. Look at the amount of carrots, celery and strands of spaghetti. Unlike other Minestrone soup, this had a unique herbal spice flavour.

The Spaghetti Bolognaise Set $10 which my friend ordered. I did not try this. It was quite a big serving. 
The Fish & Chips Set $11 may not be the best, but it was decently executed! The plus point would be that it was not oily. In addition, they portion was pretty generous considering the price. 

I ordered the Authentic Nepali Roast Chicken $11 which consisted of roasted chicken with rice, achar and vegetables. 

I was very impressed with this dish. It was easily the best dish! The chicken was marinated and roasted to perfection. The chicken was meaty and so tender and succulent! 

We ended off the meal with a cup of tea (from the set meal) and this cake.   Overall, I was very impressed with Tims Restaurant & Cafe! I am not an expect on whether the food here was authentic or not. But taste wise, I just love it. Price wise, it's so value for money considering the quality and amount of food. I will be back for more! 
Full review and photos:
24 Nov 2013 • 4 reviews • 8 followers


Amazing service and food! Nepal cuisine, really must try! Decent price too! Worth the money, or and their top up promos are great as well
04 Nov 2013 • 22 reviews • 0 follower

A Gem in the HDB heartland of Toa Payoh

Head to or Tims Restaurant and Cafe, located in the HDB heartland of Toa Payoh, serves Nepalese cuisine at wallet friendly prices. We ordered a few dishes to share and were impressed! If you think that this dish is named Momo ($3.80 for 5) beacuse it sounds cute, no you are wrong. Well, that was what I thought initially! When we asked for recommendations, the service staff told us to give these Nepalese dumplings a try. They kinda resemble Chinese xiao long bao right? I had the Braised Lamb Shank ($16.50) which was very flavorful and fall off the bone tender.