11 Mosque Street, 059491
Asian, Korean
+65 62210830

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

$22 based on 83 submissions
Dinner (31 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (26 votes), Lunch (23 votes) ...

Togi Korean Restaurant is located at Mosque Street and serves Korean food.

What others are eating here

Pork Ribs Stew
Pork Ribs Stew
Spicy Pig Trotters
Spicy Pig Trotters
Beef Gravy Soup
Beef Gravy Soup
The unlimited side dishes
The unlimited side dishes
Mul Naeng Myen (Cold Noodle with beef)
Mul Naeng Myen (Cold Noodle with beef)
  • BBQ pork/beef 5 votes
  • kimchi pancake 4 votes
  • Spicy rice cakes 3 votes
  • ginseng chicken soup 3 votes
  • kimchi 3 votes
  • Bim Bap 2 votes
  • fried kimchi rice cakes 2 votes
  • kimchi pork belly 2 votes
  • BBQ chicken 1 vote
  • Dukbaegi Bulgogi (Beef Stew with mushroom and glass noodle) 1 vote
  • Fried rice cake 1 vote
  • Ginseng Chicken 1 vote
  • Mul Naeng Myen (Cold Noodle with beef) 1 vote
  • Nan Ji Bok Um (Spicy Stir Fried Octopus) 1 vote
  • Pork Ribs Stew 1 vote
  • Potato Pancake 1 vote
  • Seafood Steamboat 1 vote
  • Seafood pancake 1 vote
  • Spicy Fried Rice Cake 1 vote
  • Spicy Pig Trotters 1 vote
  • Spicy tofu soup 1 vote
  • Steamboat with Kimchi 1 vote
  • Stir Fried Glass Noodles 1 vote
  • beef bulgogi 1 vote
  • bi-bim-bab 1 vote
  • chicken soup 1 vote
  • duk-buk-gi 1 vote
  • kimchi soup 1 vote
  • pancake 1 vote
  • seafood soup 1 vote
  • stir fried chicken bulogi 1 vote

Latest Review for Togi Korean Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 56 reviews
Most helpful review:

Togi: my personal favourite

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 211

Togi is one of the few restaurants that I go back to religiously every month. Yes, I kid you not. I head down to Chinatown just for Togi at least once every month. I've tried practically everything there is to try on the menu and while I love almost all of them, the following two are my personal favourites.

The first e is the Spicy Silken Tofu Seafood Soup. I absolutely love to order this with a bowl of rice and simply scoop the soup into my rice. The second is the Barbecued Pork Belly. Even though there are obvious lumps of fat, it never taste too oily and when you wrap it within the lettuce, the pork simply melts in your mouth!

I've also tried their Seafood Steamboat which is pretty good if you have a group of friends to share with. Their Ginseng Chicken Soup is also fantastic and if you love the soup, remember, you can always ask them for a refill. Their ramen and bibimbap is tasty but not absolutely terrific. So stick with the few recommendations above!

Parking in that area is a nightmare and it is mostly parallel parking lots so if you aren't exactly an expert in parallel parking, park either opposite at People's Park or further down nearer to the Chinatown Market and walk over. If you are coming via public transport, you can take the Northeast Line to Chinatown and exit from Exit A. Walk out, after Bee Cheng Hiang and a string of Chinese restaurants with aggressive touting, you will reach a zebra crossing and turn right here. Walk down and you will see Togi on your right.

Furthermore, the crowd can get quite huge around dinner time especially over the weekend and as far as I know, they don't take reservations so be prepared to wait. But oh well, good food is worth waiting for!

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Average but pricer

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 12

Average food. Cost more than other Korean restaurants. Rice and water don't come free.

Nosiy restaurant though quite comfortable. 

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Koreans eat there

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 443

Wanted to eat something Korean and after reading the good reviews here, I decided to check this out with my family in tow. We had: Pork Ribs Stew - it's a big pot of steaming stew that has vegetables and mushrooms in them. The waitress who served it would even proceed to remove the meat from the long rib bones for us. So every scope is just with really tender and flavourful pork meat and yummy soup. Excellent with some rice. Spicy Pig Trotters - it's a huge plate of pig trotters that's cut into chunks. I eat only the meaty bits and if you eat it with the lettuce leaves and garlic slices, it's wow wow wow! Not too spicy but has enough kick! Nice!! Bimbimbab - I've heard many people loving this rice combi so I ordered one with spicy pork to try. I'm won't order it again but I can see the draw of this dish. I guess it's not for me. Beef Gravy Soup - this has Korean vermicelli in it. Theirs is thicker than regular Chinese ones. The soup base is actually quite sweet and it really quite a nice dish. My girl loves it! Potato Pancake - this side dish is no side show! It's crispy and really tasty! My other girl loves it so much that she declared that when we return again, she is having 3, all by herself! I support her! Heh They served us 6 side dishes and they are: Kimchi - I don't like kimchi so no comments Potato Salad - theirs has raisins in them so it's kinda sweet. Theirs also has bits of nut and the overall taste is just great! Garlic Vege - it's simple fare of sauté green vege with garlic but it's so good! Spicy Ikan Bilis - it's sticky and a bit spicy and crunchy with white sesame seeds, how to go wrong? Peanuts - theirs is coated with this sticky black sauce that makes the taste interesting. Nice. Preserved Cucumber - it's refreshingly cold and crunchy too. Reminded me of our local acah. We couldn't finish all our food and the lady boss was happy to pack it for us. Many reviews complained of poor service but while service was not top notch, it's really quite ok. They gave us a 20% voucher for returning customers and we will be definitely be back to use it!

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