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Review for Tong Heng Confectionery


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Address: 285 South Bridge Road, 058833
26 Jun 2012 • 2 Reviews • 9 Followers

Tong Heng vs Liang Chen Mei Dian's Wife's Biscuits

My husband LOVES wife's biscuits, and one time we bought and tried wife's biscuits from many different bakeries (I didn't know about Tong Heng then) but we found that Liang Chen Mei Dian's wife biscuits was the best.

Recently when I called, LCMD said they stopped making wife's biscuits, and so I googled "best wife's biscuits in Singapore" and Tong Heng came up.

So I went to buy.

My review:

Skin: I was disappointed with Tong Heng's when I took my first bite and most of it was flour/ skin. The flour/skin was powdery and didn't have much flavour. The filling was just a bit, not much. If they want to cut on the filling and put so much flour/skin in their biscuit, then they should make the flour/skin more flavourful or not so powdery right? I felt like I was eating talcum powder.

In contrast, LCMD's have a lot of filling so even the first bite you will already have gotten to the filling.

Yes, both LCMD and TH's skins are flaky, but due to TH's being so powdery, you don't really enjoy the skin being flaky. LCMD's skin is soooo much stronger and I would eat every crumb of it.

Filling: I was pleasantly surprised when I got to Tong Heng's filling (FINALLY, cos had to get past a couple of bites of powdery skin/flour first). It was smooth, not too sweet, and very nice. Tong Heng's winter melon filling was in fact smoother than LCMD's and had a nice fragrant after-taste to it. But filling too little.

LCMD's filling is a bit sweeter but also not too sweet (up to your own preference, but I prefer LCMD's sweeter filling). Due to LCMD having more filling, you can feel the nice texture of the filling as you are eating it (a bit like eating those soft gummies or mochi, a bit springy but soft.) If you put it in the fridge/freezer so can keep for longer time, then when you want to eat, you microwave it, LCMD's wife biscuits comes out perfect every time like they just got out of the oven..yums. TH's after microwaving is still nice, but unfortunately the powdery skin just become more powdery.

Price: TH's retail for $1.30 or 1.60 EACH if I remember correctly. Compared to Liang Chen Mei Dian's which sold for $0.80 each.

Summary: My husband is a wife's biscuit crazy fan, but he is not crazy about Tong Heng's due to the huge percentage of powdery skin over filling. He wasn't too pleased to know that LCMD doesn't make the awesome biscuits anymore.

Get TH's wife's biscuits if you're the kind who likes a bit of mildly sweet aftertaste (you don't enjoy that much while you're eating it though), the nice aftertaste hits you about 2 seconds after you swallow the last bit of the biscuit down. ;p

So now, I am going to go see if I can find LCMD's shop in Hungrygowhere and ask them to continue making their wife's biscuits!

And if LCMD doesn't do that, let me know if Tong Heng increases their filling-skin ratio. Or if they improve on their talcum-powdery skin.

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