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Review for Tong Heng Confectionery


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Address: 285 South Bridge Road, 058833
04 Jun 2011 • 408 Reviews • 13 Followers

Traditional oriental pastries with a history

This confectionery has been around for over 80 years, albeit at different locations and currently has two outlets, one at South Bridge Road while the other is just a take-away counter at the basement of Jurong Point. The former provides seating, hence it's my preferred choice as I can savour the pastries on the spot. Of late, we've been coming here quite often for some snacks before heading to dinner nearby.

So far, we've tried 11 kinds of pastries and only a couple didn't quite agree with me.

豆蓉酥饼 salty green bean crisp $1.30

It's inevitable to compare this pastry to salty tau sar piah but somehow, it's totally different as the filling wasn't very crumbly but the saltiness gave my tastebuds a jolt. Probably too big a jolt for me to appreciate it.

大福饼 plain shortcake $1.30

It's vegetarian and primarily saltish. The soft and fluffy texture was nice but tasted a tad boring which could improve with a cuppa. It's also a bit dry after a few bites without a drink.

豆沙芝麻酥 sesame shortcake with red bean paste $1.30

Encrusted with sesame seeds, the pastry was crispy and the red bean paste wasn't too sweet.

鸡蛋挞 egg tart $1.40

Fresh and still warm from the oven, it's flaky crust was delightful while the egg custard was smooth and wobbly with just a hint of sweetness. Though I prefer Portuguese style egg tarts, this Chinese version was good enough to win me over.

椰丝鸡蛋挞 coconut egg tart $1.50

Similar to the original egg tart except for the shredded coconut that was added to the egg custard. Pretty interesting texture considering the fragrant shreds were crunchy in contrast to the tender and smooth custard.

叉烧酥 bbq pork crisp $1.30

This pastry featured a flaky crust instead of the buttery and crumbly type while the filling was ample, moist and well flavored.

瓜茸老婆饼 candied melon crisp (wife cookie) $1.30

My favorite wife cookie comes from Hong Kong but this was the best-tasting one I'd encountered so far locally. The melon filling was firm and of the right chewiness while the crust was crumbly and fragrant too.

五香皮蛋酥 salty five spice century egg crisp $1.30

When I first bit into this pastry, I was shocked to find a totally different taste than the one I'm familiar with. This rendition was exactly the same as gai zai beng (鸡仔饼) from Malaysia. It's enjoyable nonetheless, especially after subsequent bites when my expectation adjusted to appreciate the spices more.

豆沙鸡蛋糕 chinese cake with red bean paste $1.40

This was another pastry that might fare better with a drink since the cake was kinda dry and the amount of filling was minuscule.

咖喱鸡肉酥 curry chicken crisp $1.30

Not the typical curry puff but the ample filling was infused with spices and tasted predominantly of curry powder. Chicken and a small piece of hard-boiled egg were encased in a wonderfully crumbly pastry shell.

猪肉烧包 pork crisp $1.30

The pork filling was well flavored and moist with a crumbly crust, all the makings of a good savory snack for any time of the day.

All pastries cost $1.30~$1.50 and the staff were polite and efficient. Even though it's very much an eat-and-go affair not lasting more than 20 minutes each time, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Note: Cash payment only.

Recommended for
Take Away, After Work, Quiet, High Tea
  • 咖喱鸡肉酥 (curry chicken crisp) + 猪肉烧包 (pork crisp)
  • 豆沙鸡蛋糕 (chinese cake with red bean paste)
  • 五香皮蛋酥 (salty five spice century egg crisp)
  • 瓜茸老婆饼 (candied melon crisp - wife cookie)
  • 鸡蛋挞 (egg tart) + 椰丝鸡蛋挞 (coconut egg tart) + 叉烧酥 (bbq pork crisp)
  • 大福饼 (plain shortcake) + 豆沙芝麻酥 (sesame shortcake with red bean paste)
  • 豆蓉酥饼 (salty green bean crisp)
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