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Back to Tong Heng Confectionery285 South Bridge Road
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 • 06 Jul 2008 139 reviews 18 followers
Woah!!! No reviews??? I can't believe that there's NO review for this traditional chinese confectionary place which has been around for ???? i dunno??? older than me??? Are HGW reviewers so "banana" that they only eat western pastries and cakes??? Anyway! I'm Number 1 YEAH!!!! hahaha...

Right! getting back to the review. This is my favorite egg tart place as the tart is sweet, SMOOTH, SOFT and CUSTARD like, the pastry is between a flaky pastry and biscuit texture. I really Love it!! I the price of the egg tart is about S$1.20 while the coconut egg tart is about S$1.40. If u are the flaky pastry person this is not for u.

They got all sorts of traditional cakes and pastries, some are coconut egg tarts, old wife's biscuit, egg cake, and many others (check out the box, it's like a menu). My 2 favorites are egg tart and egg cake.

Check out the yummy photos, but pardon the way it looks as the box was squished in my back pack as i cycle.

Take the chance to visit club street as its behind the shop. Lots of classy eateries thats way beyong my budget but I still love to cycle through the area. It nostalgic for me as my grandpa used to stay here, and i remember how it used to be, eg. the wine shop used to be a funeral doll shop and how I was almost knock down by a motorbike while running across the road...well i have always been lucky (Thank God). So eat Tong Heng to be Heng Heng (Lucky). Hahahahahaha...

Everybody Heng arh!!!!
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Must tries: egg tart

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