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Review for Tong Heng Confectionery


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05 May 2011 • 99 Reviews • 118 Followers

Diamond Egg Tarts: A Foodie Girl's Best Friend

Happiness is having someone pick you up after a long day in a car filled with the wonderful aromas of freshly baked egg tarts. Ohhhh yeah.

I had one of these babies warm and was amazed at how smooth the filing was. And the pastry shell - so thin yet still rich and held its shape well. The best egg tart I've had in Singapore, no doubt.

I was also advised to keep my coconut egg tart in the fridge for consumption the next morning, and did just that. And wow, that was pretty awesome! The overnight refrigeration intensified the flavor of the tart such that the egg-custard-y goodness was thoroughly infused in the buttery crust. And the addition of coconut strands made the tarts much much more substantial that the usual "I taste it but I don't feel it in my stomach" plain egg tarts, giving you a waaaayyy larger sense of satisfaction.

Good tarts. And I can't wait to lay my hands on more.. (:
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Egg tarts, Coconut Tarts
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Supper, Take Away
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