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Back to Tong Heng Confectionery285 South Bridge Road
Wei2 Kok
 • 21 Jul 2010 12 reviews 0 follower
My sister bought 5 egg tarts for us and told us that is super nice when is pipping hot.

From the box, i guess must be from a old old traditional shop. When the egg tarts reached us was already hrs later and it still smells good. But it was too late so we put it in the fridge. I had one for my breakfast, but i ended up eating all the 5. It taste equally good after the next day. My parents were upset lor cos i didnt leave any for them. hahahahhaahaaa

i beg my my sis to buy for us again lor cos is near her working place

Must try, must eat, and must buy

I spent $10 per person.

Must tries: Egg tarts

I also recommend this place for:

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