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Ellie Soh
 • 29 Jan 2012 4 reviews 20 followers
My mum visited the Tong Heng shop at Chinatown this afternoon and she was disappointed with the service. We have stopped patronising the shop for two years due to a previous bad experience with the service and today proved disappointing as well.

My mum wanted to look for nian gao but there was none and when the counter staff asked her what she wanted, she decided to buy two charsiew puffs. The counter lady's face turned black immediately, even though she was serving a tourist who was buying a cake cheerfully just moments before. My mum added two egg tarts to her order and the counter lady actually said, "Are you done? Can you place your orders at one go?"

She told my mum the puffs and tarts cost $5.40 and returned my mum $4.40 change (my mum paid $10). When my mum queried her about it, she was very rude and shouted that she had said it was $5.60. I am not sure how much the items really cost but even if it was a mistake on my mum's part, she could have nicely explained to my mum.

Tong Heng is an established brand and it's a pity such bad service exists in the shops. As for the pastries, the egg tarts are good - crispy, flaky pastry and soft, sweet egg custard. The charsiew puff pales in comparison given the filling tasted burnt.

If I have a craving for the egg tarts, I would probably opt for takeaway at another outlet! Given an average cost of $1.40, I think you can also get better value elsewhere.

Must tries: Egg tarts

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