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Evans and Raevian
 • 08 Jun 2014 11 reviews 0 follower
Sometimes, it is about the fancy food and classy ambience!

Ambience and Service
With its marble columns, wood furnishings, leather armchairs, marble tiles, and modern cosmopolitan design, Town Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel exudes a stately charm and sophisticated elegance. The buffet offers an alluring spread of Fresh Seafood, Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, Local Cuisine, a rich variety of delicious Desserts, and many other varieties of food.

Service was impeccable. The restaurant staffs were extremely attentive to our needs and they constantly helped to clear our plates and refill our beverages (tea, coffee or water).

Seafood aficionados will be pleased to know there is a delectable selection of fresh and succulent prawns, oysters, mussels, scallops and smoked salmons for the Town Restaurant lunch buffet. All the seafood tasted fresh and delicious, the luscious oysters tasted perfect with a dash of tabasco and lemon juice and the scallops were large and tender.

Local Cuisine
There was a variety of local food available, such as the popular Chicken Rice, Roasted and BBQ Pork, Duck Rice, and Laksa (spicy noodle soup).Town Restaurant has an interesting “laksa-bar” concept where you get to “create your own laksa”. Basically, you get to choose your noodles and toppings. The gravy tasted smooth and savoury, and the succulent prawns provided a delicate undertone to the overall flavour.

Japanese Food
Town Restaurant offers the usual spread of Japanese sushi and sashimi (salmon, tuna, snapper, etc).

Town Restaurant serves wonderfully delicious desserts. First, there was the decadent warm Milk Chocolate Fondue Fountain, with small marshmallow pieces, honeydew, strawberry, peaches and grapes displayed neatly on the side. There’s nothing quite so deliciously looking and provocative as a fountain overflowing with copious amounts of melted chocolate. The warm-chocolate-and-fruit combination simply tasted wonderful. Some of my other favourites included the Chocolate Mousse in Shooter Glass, Chocolate Pudding, Blueberry Crumble, Crème Brulee, and Tiramisu. For me, the desserts were the highlight of the Town Restaurant lunch buffet.

Conclusion: Great International Buffet with Classy Ambience, Impeccable Service, and Delicious Desserts!It is rare to find a buffet where almost all the food tastes fresh and wonderful. The restaurant also provides impeccable service and a classy ambience where you can dine in style comfortably.

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I spent $65 per person.

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