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Triple Three


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Named after the address of the hotel – 333 Orchard Road – Triple Three boasts an extensive Japanese-inspired international buffet featuring the freshest sashimi and sushi, seafood on ice, a premium roast section and mouth-watering desserts.

Daily: 06:30 - 10:00

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

Sunday Brunch: 12.00pm to 2.30pm

+65 68316288
$63 based on 104 submissions
Buffet (24 votes), Dinner (21 votes), Lunch (20 votes)
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One of the Best Buffet in town!

Celebrated my Mum's birthday at Triple Three last night. The food was so good, and everyone loves it!

Last night as it was a Monday, it was the Crab Night, so Crabs were the highlight of the night! 

A seafood lover like me rushed to the seafood corner, they had quite a few different types of crabs like Flower crabs, Alaskan Snow crab, Steamed King crab etc... The crabs are real delicious, i personally think that they are really very fresh. Not only crabs, there were also Mussels, Snow clams and Prawns. I can only remember myself going back repeatedly to this station last night.

The second station which i love most was the Teppanyaki station, the chef will be there cooking the beef, prawns & bean sprouts right in front of you. My favourite was the beef cubes, it's cooked to perfection whereby it just melts in my mouth! My mum loves it too!
Speaking of beef, i did try the roast beef and mash potato at the other corner too. The roast beef and potato with the truffle sauce go so well together. 

Just next to the Teppanyaki station lies the fried food, i remember trying the fried Osyter and some Crab meat nuggets, the chef top it up with some sauce, and it goes really well. 

Next was the pasta, my mum and sis loves pasta and upon knowing that the chef prepares the pasta on the spot, they knew they had to try it. I gave it a miss because i was too full from all the seafood and meat, but can see they enjoyed the pasta.

While walking around try to disgest, i saw that there's a section with local food like Mee Goreng, fish/ chicken & indian food like Naan. 

Lastly, its the desserts corner which cannot be missed! i had a lemon tart and brownie. The brownie was good, not too sweet, just the way i like it. & the chocolate fondue, i can't remember how many sticks of marshmallows, strawberries and honeydew i had with it.

Overall, i find this buffet value for money, the food is good, fresh and of good quality.

Service was great too, where the staffs were very attentive, they are always ready to clear your plates and to top up your drinks. & as it was my Mum's birthday, they even surprised my mum with a cake and all the staffs were singing Birthday song for her, bet it was a memorable birthday for her. 

Needless to say, the ambience was good too, it's rather relaxing to sit by the window(we had the window seats) and enjoy the streets of Orchard road too. 
it's really worth it & i would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to go for a good buffet. 

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  • Roast Wagyu Beef3 votes
  • beef carving3 votes
  • everything3 votes
  • Dessert2 votes
  • Lobster bisque2 votes
  • Oxtail2 votes
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19 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Snobbish Cashier

Saw a 1-for-1 promotion at $59.90, so I decided to make a reservation for New Year's Eve. Nobody answered the restaurant's number. Found another number on the internet, it turned out to be that of Mandarin Hotel. The reception managed to patch me through after two attempts and I got my reservation.
 Received a call to make full payment to complete the reservation a few days later. I decided to go over to make the payment since it is near my office. When I arrived, was surprised to find that there is additional $20 surcharge for New Year's Eve. This point was not published anywhere in the marketing material. Neither was it disclosed when I made the phone reservation. Unpleasantly surprised, I wanted to call and discuss with my girlfriend whether we still want to eat there and was given a snobbish "get out of here if you can't afford it" look by the cashier. This turned me off completely and I decided to cancel the reservation.
 Terrible attitude. Totally unexpected of a restaurant in a brand-name hotel.
02 Dec 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Dinner Buffet

Had dinner there just today. Shall share my experience on the pros and cons via point form :

Pros :
1. There was freeflow of Kirin Beer today.
2. The cooked food were fresh especially the Teppanyaki.
3.Dessert section, Fruit section and Bread section were good.

Cons :
1. Very few smiling staff especially the chefs. Some of the chefs face look frustrated.
2. The place is abit squeezy. I can hear very clearly the conversation of the diners to my left & right.
3. The carpet seriously need cleaning. It looks dirty.

Overall, the cost doesn't really justify the experience there. Only go there if there is some sort of promotion with the price ranging around $65 to $70 for each pax. That should be a suitable price for Triple Three buffet. 

On a positive note, the cafe called "Coffee & Crust" just beside "Triple Three" gives 50% off for some of their cakes and pastries after 6pm. Quite a good deal and the cakes are delicious too. 

Cheerios ~
28 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Bad service bad service

Called to enquire about the buffet prices, but the staff answered the phone with such a rash tone and she even hang up my call. The card promotion is indeed attractive, and because of this utterly bad experience through the phone, I've decided not to make reservation with them.