47/49 Armenian Street, 179937
Asian, Nonya, Nonya / Peranakan, Peranakan
+65 64400449

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 21:30

$48 based on 57 submissions
Dinner (22 votes), Quiet (17 votes), Lunch (14 votes) ...

True Blue Cuisine is located at Armenian Street and specialises in Peranakan cuisine.

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durian pengat, they serve the smallest servings I've seen in any restaurant.
durian pengat, they serve the smallest servings I've seen in any restaurant.
True Blue is a True Blue Ripoff!
True Blue is a True Blue Ripoff!
True Blue didn't honour this offer! (taken from AMEX website)
True Blue didn't honour this offer! (taken from AMEX website)
tapestry on chair
tapestry on chair
  • Ayam Buah Keluak 8 votes
  • Ngoh Hiang 5 votes
  • bananan flower salad 4 votes
  • chap chye 4 votes
  • Itek Sio 2 votes
  • $1 tap water 1 vote
  • $2 sambal 1 vote
  • $3 for 6 love letters 1 vote
  • Curry fish head 1 vote
  • Onde Onde with no Gula Melaka 1 vote
  • Sala 1 vote
  • onde onde 1 vote
  • onde-onde with durian 1 vote
  • pulut hitam 1 vote
  • red date tea 1 vote
  • udang goreng assam 1 vote

Latest Review for True Blue Cuisine

Overall RatingBased on 56 reviews
Most helpful review:

Best Peranakan experience in Singapore!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 20

Almost any dish here is a treat, though some of the food can be quite spicy for the untrained palate.

Just for starters , the banana flower and pomelo salads are just yummy! Not to mention the very more-ish krupuk udangs which disappear in a trice!
Followed by fresh, juicy, udang goreng and chunky,  cooked-just-right rendang. 

Service was both prompt and friendly, with the staff taking pains to explain some of the ingredients and sauces

Ambience of course is also great right from the very eye-catching entrance to the Peranakan collectibles on display

Parking can be a challenge, though, as the adjacent public car park is usually full :(

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Great service and ambience, really awful food. Stay away.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

This place has a great ambience, lovely ethnic interiors.
 When it came to food, however, we have an entirely different story to tell.
 We ordered the Ayam Buah Keluak (chicken with black nuts, at 24 sgd), which was decent, though not the best. The Beef Rendang was chewy, with a terrible red gravy (and having eaten rendang at restaurants and friends' places for more than a decade, we know what we're talking about). For a dish that cost 18 dollars we expected a better serving than 3 small pieces-- it wasn't enough for two people.
 This seemed to be the norm: tiny, over priced portions. They charge 4 sgd for 4 prawn crackers, and the Pomelo kerabu (salad) seemed barely enough to serve two adults, also priced at 18 sgd. The taste didn't merit the price either-- pomelo, lime, and peanuts.
 The vegetable curry, at 25 sgd, more expensive than the chicken, tasted like an abomination. 3 pieces of okra floating in a spicy soup with liberal amounts of chopped green chilly, 3 pieces of tomato (3 seems to be their magic number) and a few slices of onion. An absolute scandal.
 With their minuscule serving sizes combined with the awful cooking, the bill seemed like an insult-- for three people, with only longan tea as a drink, we paid 130 sgd: the bill came in a fancy red envelope!!
 The saving grace was the lady taking care of our table, Mariah. Elegant in her traditional kebaya, she described to us the recipe for the chicken, and really took time to make us feel welcome: chatting, smiling and refilling our tea cups. As we told her, she was the only aspect of the restaurant we really loved.
 This place is attached to the Perankan museum, and probably is trying to cater to tourists who don't know much about the fantastic flavours and subtle nuances of Pernakan cuisine.
 We felt ripped off by this restaurant and would never recommend this place, not wanting others to experience the same lousy, overpriced fare we did. We wish the management would serve food commensurate with their prices, because right now, they're far from it.

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Overpriced, overcooked

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

I was really looking forward to trying True Blue based on friends recommendations and upon entry, the place had a chance. Whilst service was attentive and ready to suggest items, the food fell extremely short. Everything was overcooked and drowned in some kind of sauce killing the flavor of the actual food itself. The Chicken and Black Nut was the saving grace (chicken overcooked) but that was laid on a bed of a scoop of rice at 3 SGD. The Tamarind shrimp was ok and was saved only by the flavor. The Banana flowers and the Sweet potato leaves were so drowned in sauce that the food was left wanting. For 3 people, 4 dishes and one juice each, we paid 147 SGD which is astouding. Next time, I'm sticking to good ole chili crab which will cost me less and taste much better - very disappointing. 

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