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Tuas Village Eating Hse

Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
+65 68621631

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09 Apr 2009 • 30 reviews • 0 follower


This hawker centre offers a good collection of local delights. The prices are very delightful. You an have fish, chicken or meat. The drink stall is well-stocked with the latest drinks. The place is crowded during lunch time. Come. Come now.
09 Aug 2008 • 721 reviews • 85 followers

Great "Epok Epok" Malay curry puff

Was visiting a client round the corner and dropped by to have a drink. Saw the stall selling Malay curry puff on the extreme left and tried two - sardine and potato - both were great stuff.

Food: Was tea time so they only served malay curry puff or "epok epok". The sardine version was packed with sardine and onion, good balance of both as I do not like too much onion. Potato was good too and not too spicy - Try one during coffee break time.

Ambience: Dirty and poorly kept

Value: 60cts a pop - cannot go wrong. The tea is good too.

Service: Non-existent - queue up lah !!