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Back to Tung Lok Signatures#02-88, Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
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Crispy Mini Roast Pork4 votes
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Dinner12 votes
Lunch9 votes
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Children/Family6 votes
View/Scenery6 votes
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What others are saying...

picky gourmet
 • 06 Dec 2007 167 reviews 31 followers
Tung Lok needs no introduction to local restaurant goers being a long established player in our crowded Chinese cuisine arena. This one at Central is more upscale and trend towards a more modern chinese fusion style where dishes commonly serve by "per person" portions much like Taste Paradise and Imperial Treasures Great World. Decor is modern chinese as mentioned and you get a clarke quay view so not too bad for any chinese restaurant.

Service is solid with plates being changed and food being portioned at our table for our convenience. They top up soup bowls and tea cups promptly and clear dishes as they empty. Can't complain about anything there.

This visit we had:

1) Steamed Soon Hock $35

2)Deep Fried Vegetarian Goose $5

3) Broccoli with crab meat and fish maw $22

4)Double boiled sea treasures soup $28

5) Stewed Ee-fu noodles $16

6) Mango Pomelo and Mango pudding for desserts $5 each

Fish is fresh and soy steamed, typically cantonese style. My partner likes this dish for its freshness but I say for $35 and it not being a whole fish this better be fresh!

Vegetarian goose is a good starter as always - it is tofu skin with some vegetable stuffing deep fried. At least I have a soft spot for this so as long as it is not terrible I am more than happy to gobble this up.

Broccoli is not very tasty - guess season is not good for greens now or it may just be china broccoli instead of australia ones. The crab meat gravy not too bad (alot of MSG though) but broccoli a tad to crunchy for me liking. Just a little more cooked will be nice.

Soup is tasty but also leaves a dry throat after consumption so needed alot of tea to go along after. For $28 a small pot that serves 2, i don't particularly think it is great value should try something else next time.

Noodles bit salty for this cantonese palate so....if u like light food...stay away. Again very thirsty after eating this so again msg/salt a generous participant here.

Desserts are alright - pomelo a little bitter so bad season i guess? Mango pudding average.

Overall not too bad for business dinner or family casual but I prefer Imperial Treasure Great World and the benchmarking don't work in favor of Tung Lok here. I will come if I am in the vincity but not a special trip.
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I spent $70 per person.

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 • 13 Nov 2007 122 reviews 15 followers
Tung Lok's vacating its Liang Court location is a big loss for Chinese food lovers in Singapore. Its very hard to create the "magic" of a time tested place. While Liang Court is neither a nice nor happening place, the Tung Lok restaurant there had a lot of regulars.

The reincarnation into a Signatures restaurant at Central is a good attempt at modernizing what was in Liang Court. But you know, at the end of the day sometimes all you want is a traditional good Chinese restaurant. The Signatures at Central has a more modern flair in the setting and perhaps a bit too modern.

Food is still good. Tung Lok chefs are some of the best in Singapore in producing very "heong" Chinese food. We had the daily seasonal soup which was excellent, the Peking duck, the seasonal vegetables with crab meat, the steamed fish and a dish from the special menu which was a large prawn on a bed of crispy noodles per person with a very luxurious and slightly rich sauce which was sublime.

Service was still good as their staff are among the best trained in Singapore. Tung Lok has a lot of good old things working for it and hopefully it doesn't modernize itself too much like the rest of Singapore.
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I spent $50 per person.

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 • 11 Nov 2007 77 reviews 8 followers
Ate here today with the extended family (grandparents, me+wifey, kids). Booked early so I scored a table next to the window with a view of the river.

Food-wise, very good indeed. My parents were impressed with the general quality of the food, and having eaten at other Tung Lok branches before (Lao Beijing, Jade, Liang Court, Paddyfields, House of Hunan etc), I must say that the food today seems a bit better. Maybe it's cos we ordered the favourites :)

We had

a) po lo bao. Good, but still (IMHO) not as awesome as the Wah Lok ones, which remain my fave

b) double boiled soups. Signatures prides themselves on their soups. We had a chicken soup with sea cucumber and various other herbs & stuff. The soup was very 'cheng', light on the palate yet full of flavour. V V good.

c) Wasabi-mayo prawns. As good as ever! Mmmm.

d) Crispy roast pork. There's a picture in an earlier review, and all I can say about the other reviews raving about it are... they were RIGHT!! This dish is AWESOME! All the smoothness of the fat, mixed with the crispiness of the skin, combined with a dollop of mustard make a sinfully delicious dish. My 5y old son alone ate 4 cubes! (thereby hastening his progression to a heart attack, I'm sure). This one is a 'die die must try'!

e) Fried chicken. Ok lah, but nothing spectacular compared to the rest. Bit of a letdown after the highlights earlier

f) 8 treasures veggies. I'm not a big veggie fan, so this was OK, but my wifey who's more into veggies liked it.

g) yang chow fried rice. My kids like this so I generally order this at Chinese restaurants. This was quite good, with the grains evenly coated with egg, and with wok hei. V good, but marginally less yummy than the Din Tai Fung version.

h) Hairy crab xiao long bao. Since hairy crabs were in season, we were recommended this, which turned out v well. The xiaolong bao were brilliant, with the addition of crab roe adding a lovely golden hue to the bao. The roe added to the richness of the bao... fantastic! Must come back for this next yr when hairy crabs next in season and if the xiaolong bao are on the menu. Darn good!!

i) dessert - mango pudding up to standard, but the kweiling gao a bit disappointing.

My parents were very pleased with the quality of the food, and commented several times that despite the slightly high-ish prices it as worth the $.

Service was excellent - they had pretty much 1 waitress per table, they were attentive without being obstrusive, they knew the menu well, and were able to make recommendations confidently. They also automatically brought out the kiddie crockery. On a busy Sun morning, the level of svc was not the perfunctory type you get on Sunday dimsum meals, and in fact was better than Wan Hao's, which was one of the best Sunday dimsum service I've experienced.

One other thing - the crockery here was non-traditional and quite hip, and the dishes were also beautifully plated, which added to the appeal of the dishes. Also, if you're in a rush, let me tell you that we had all of the above in 65 minutes total... their kitchen is super efficient, even on a busy Sunday.

One minor thing - they didn't have the '8 treasures' tea they carry at Lao Beijing, which is one of my favourite teas there, which is a bit of a bummer, but not a big deal.

Overall, a excllent meal with nice ambience, and good service. Burp!
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I spent $41 per person.

Must tries: Hairy crab xiaolongbao (when in season), those fried pork squares

I also recommend this place for:
Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Children/Family, Business Dining, Fine Dining, Vibrant/Noisy

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