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Back to Tung Lok Signatures#02-88, Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
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Crispy Mini Roast Pork4 votes
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Dinner12 votes
Lunch9 votes
Business Dining8 votes
Large Groups/Gathering7 votes
Children/Family6 votes
View/Scenery6 votes
Quiet5 votes
Vibrant/Noisy5 votes
After Work4 votes
Fine Dining4 votes
Private Dining4 votes
Brunch3 votes
Corporate Events3 votes
High Tea3 votes
Waterfront3 votes

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What others are saying...

EPICURIOUSCAN wordpress com
 • 04 Jun 2012 219 reviews 31 followers
ever since the group started to sprout like mushroom across the island, i've been rather apprehensive about partonizing, on account that their prices r usually too steep for normal blokes to enjoy, not unless the cost is transferred to the employers and/or company. after much persuation from bro jwny to give it a try, i relented.

apparently, it is a participating merchant for the palatte card and/or amex platinum, hence, we could expect the bill to be halved at the end of the day. condition applicable is such, where minimum order of 2 alacarte in order to enjoy the half price perk.

we picked the signature dish - chilli crab & half a ji ling duck, and went all out with the appetizers to fill the gap, while waiting. the waitress misunderstood, thinking i had ordered item 1 & 6, to which i corrected... "no no... item 1 to 6". she looked astonished and repeated the order as if her eyes were popping out of the sockets. as well as chrysantemum as thirst quencher.

the appetizers arrived swiftly in succession, while we chattered & bitched about our work, as well as cracking a few jokes of our own, filling the house with our animated gestures & audible chuckles.

as we were working our way through to finishing the appetizers, the waitress presented the glistening ji ling duck, skinned it neatly served with crepes, before slicing the portions neatly for our picking after. followed shortly with the chilli crab.

i'll make special mention of following:

1. the crispy pork belly - sinfully delicious, unless u're on a strict doctor's order, there's no reason y any normal chinese eater would avoid it.

2. braised duck tongue in XO chilli - another delicacy that isnt readily available in town. the light crunchy texture makes it an enjoyable snack

3. soya braised duck winglet - not for chopsticks amatuers. but worth every attempt

4. the ji ling duck - fundamentally peking duck. the skin was roasted to a nice even glisten, for a moment i thought was glazed in thick lacquer. thouroughly enjoyable with the crepes & leaks.

5. chilled mango pomelo on ice-cream, served in young coconut was a nice conclusion to the feast.

the total bill for 2 came to a whopping total of $150 (before taxes & charges). if it wasnt for the amex privileges, we'd still be washing dishes by now.

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I spent $90 per person.

Must tries: Crispy Mini Roast Pork, BBQ Peking Duck, Duck Tongue XO Chilli, Chilled Mango Pomelo Ice Cream Dessert

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Business Dining, Corporate Events, Fine Dining, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, After Work, Private Dining, Quiet, View/Scenery, Waterfront
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Marie Foo
 • 16 Mar 2012 1 review 0 follower
Celebrated my mothers birthday at tung lok central ala carte buffet dinner.

The chillie crab was a great disappointment , can get better ones at normal zicar stores. To think that it's TUNGLOK did not expect the food quality to be just so so..even a simple ee fu noodle too cannot make it!...really nothing to rave about!! There were 16 of us ...for $768 we can have better food else where!

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Larry Haydn
 • 04 Mar 2012 11 reviews 11 followers
As the title suggests, expensive restaurant does not translate to good food. This is my experience:

Having tried several expensive restaurants and coming out feeling cheated, I thought Tung Lok would be different. I came out feeling cheated once again - and this time feeling being cheated big time!

For two persons, we ordered (this is from the receipt):

1. P.Fungus and Vegetables - $24

2. B.Grouper In HotSton - $38

3. Exotic Curry Prawns - $28

4. Crabmeat Poached Rice - $32

5. Tea - $3

6. Pickle - $1


Subtotal: $126

Svc Charge - $12.60

GST - $9.70


Total: $148.30

OK, here is the food review:

1. P.Fungus and vegetable


4 little sio pek chye, with green leafy part chopped off, and leaves not seperated - don't know whether there's dirt or worms between the leaves? Can't tell, since the leaves are still on the plant. Then there are 4 circular slices of what I think is brinjal but completely devoid of taste. And then there's some unrecognisable and un-tastable fritters. The dish is tasteless, and the cleanliness is suspect.

Tung Lok price: $24. 00

What I'd pay for: $4.00

2. B.Grouper In HotSton


5-6 quite generously sized meat, two pieces of parts of the fish head (no meat of course), 1 piece of the fin (some meat), all battered, fried, then braised in ginger, spring onion. Served in a hot pot. Not the best in terms of taste, but this dish was the best of the worst that we ordered.

Tung Lok price: $38.00

What I'd pay for: $12.00

3. Exotic Curry Prawn


So amatuerish, this dish! Thin watery curry with may 6-7 prawns. No garnish. Prawns are over cooked and tough, curry does not cling to the prawns because it is so watery. Taste? What taste?

Tung Lok Price: $28.00

What I'd pay for: $ fact, I won't even pay for it!

4. Crabmeat Poach Rice


It is actually steamed rice in a watery broth with small unidentifiable cubes of gourd or some other vegetable. The dish is then topped off with a large table spoonful of crispy fried purplish rice (popped, like popcorn). Some crabmeat is recognisable but not tasty. Overall, this quality of this dish appears to be a child learning to cook.

Tung Lok price: $32.00

What I'd pay for: $ fact, I'd never ordered had I known what it taste like.

5. Tea - Pu Er comments here.

6. Pickle - the usual stuff one never orders, but was charged nevertheless.

7. Towels...they did not charge for the towels! Hallelujah!

Overall, the service was OK - dish 1-3 came together, dish 4 much later.

Quality (of ingredients) - average (below average, considering the price)

Taste - only the grouper was acceptable.

My gripe is not the price - I'd pay well for great food. But when the price is astronomical for mediocre, amatuerish food, that's unacceptable.

Lesson learnt: Never go to Tung Lok again, ever! Paying like a duke for amatuerish food, that's really stupid of me!

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, unless they want to come out of it feeling really stupid.

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I spent $74 per person.

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