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A Relaxing Birthday Dinner

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 389

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last evening, we had a birthday dinner for another close friend at tunglok signature @ central on 27.5.2015. ^^

i just had salts egg prawns & roast pork烧肉 at a 13pax RI friends G20 dinner at peach garden @ metropolis the evening before, and that was good too.

we can see from the photos that the presentation & colours of the 2 dishes at tunglok were better. taste-wise they were close – the roast pork烧肉 about same, the salted egg prawns maybe tunglok a tad better. 

we had the deep-fried cod fillet that seemed to be salted egg flavoured also. it was a well executed dish, somewhat oily. not really a preferred preparation for me.

the same dentist friend & mei mei had a birthday dinner for me in 2013 here at this same tunglok outlet. we had star garoupa fillet with broccoli & lily bulbs & that was very good. of course for me, steamed fish is the best. haha!^^

we had the elegant 三层楼, which is a tunglok long standing dish of fried bean curd on spinach & shimeji mushrooms.

there was a newer dish of charcoal tofu with lily bulbs 百合.

both tofu dishes were very nice!

next was a string beans with egg plant. just mildly spicy (if any at all) & quite nicely done.

another dish was a bit unusual combination, some squash with japanese edamame & slightly sweet sauce. can’t figure out this dish.

as it was a birthday, the restaurant provided complimentary longevity buns 流沙寿桃.

they were  presented together with our own birthday cake, and handwritten “calligraphy” by a talented restaurant manager. haha!











the message changes according to occasions, so the guy must have a whole bookcase of them. haha!^

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Good but I miss Liang Court

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 122

Tung Lok's vacating its Liang Court location is a big loss for Chinese food lovers in Singapore. Its very hard to create the "magic" of a time tested place. While Liang Court is neither a nice nor happening place, the Tung Lok restaurant there had a lot of regulars.

The reincarnation into a Signatures restaurant at Central is a good attempt at modernizing what was in Liang Court. But you know, at the end of the day sometimes all you want is a traditional good Chinese restaurant. The Signatures at Central has a more modern flair in the setting and perhaps a bit too modern.

Food is still good. Tung Lok chefs are some of the best in Singapore in producing very "heong" Chinese food. We had the daily seasonal soup which was excellent, the Peking duck, the seasonal vegetables with crab meat, the steamed fish and a dish from the special menu which was a large prawn on a bed of crispy noodles per person with a very luxurious and slightly rich sauce which was sublime.

Service was still good as their staff are among the best trained in Singapore. Tung Lok has a lot of good old things working for it and hopefully it doesn't modernize itself too much like the rest of Singapore.

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Excellent food + good service = happy well-fed family

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 77

Ate here today with the extended family (grandparents, me+wifey, kids). Booked early so I scored a table next to the window with a view of the river.

Food-wise, very good indeed. My parents were impressed with the general quality of the food, and having eaten at other Tung Lok branches before (Lao Beijing, Jade, Liang Court, Paddyfields, House of Hunan etc), I must say that the food today seems a bit better. Maybe it's cos we ordered the favourites :)

We had

a) po lo bao. Good, but still (IMHO) not as awesome as the Wah Lok ones, which remain my fave

b) double boiled soups. Signatures prides themselves on their soups. We had a chicken soup with sea cucumber and various other herbs & stuff. The soup was very 'cheng', light on the palate yet full of flavour. V V good.

c) Wasabi-mayo prawns. As good as ever! Mmmm.

d) Crispy roast pork. There's a picture in an earlier review, and all I can say about the other reviews raving about it are... they were RIGHT!! This dish is AWESOME! All the smoothness of the fat, mixed with the crispiness of the skin, combined with a dollop of mustard make a sinfully delicious dish. My 5y old son alone ate 4 cubes! (thereby hastening his progression to a heart attack, I'm sure). This one is a 'die die must try'!

e) Fried chicken. Ok lah, but nothing spectacular compared to the rest. Bit of a letdown after the highlights earlier

f) 8 treasures veggies. I'm not a big veggie fan, so this was OK, but my wifey who's more into veggies liked it.

g) yang chow fried rice. My kids like this so I generally order this at Chinese restaurants. This was quite good, with the grains evenly coated with egg, and with wok hei. V good, but marginally less yummy than the Din Tai Fung version.

h) Hairy crab xiao long bao. Since hairy crabs were in season, we were recommended this, which turned out v well. The xiaolong bao were brilliant, with the addition of crab roe adding a lovely golden hue to the bao. The roe added to the richness of the bao... fantastic! Must come back for this next yr when hairy crabs next in season and if the xiaolong bao are on the menu. Darn good!!

i) dessert - mango pudding up to standard, but the kweiling gao a bit disappointing.

My parents were very pleased with the quality of the food, and commented several times that despite the slightly high-ish prices it as worth the $.

Service was excellent - they had pretty much 1 waitress per table, they were attentive without being obstrusive, they knew the menu well, and were able to make recommendations confidently. They also automatically brought out the kiddie crockery. On a busy Sun morning, the level of svc was not the perfunctory type you get on Sunday dimsum meals, and in fact was better than Wan Hao's, which was one of the best Sunday dimsum service I've experienced.

One other thing - the crockery here was non-traditional and quite hip, and the dishes were also beautifully plated, which added to the appeal of the dishes. Also, if you're in a rush, let me tell you that we had all of the above in 65 minutes total... their kitchen is super efficient, even on a busy Sunday.

One minor thing - they didn't have the '8 treasures' tea they carry at Lao Beijing, which is one of my favourite teas there, which is a bit of a bummer, but not a big deal.

Overall, a excllent meal with nice ambience, and good service. Burp!

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The one we tried was at River Valley, heard it moved to Central

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 16

Drunken Prawns was good.

We booked 2 private rooms at no extra cost, projector was set up at no extra cost, we used the white wall as screen.

Was a nice dinnner. The first dinner I organised.

Food was good and fresh.

Love the drunken prawns.

The shark's fin soup was good.

Everyone seemed to comment the good restaurant selection and good food selection.

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Nice & Unique Tim Sum Always

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 17

The Tim Sum still as good!

We had the following :

1) Deep Fried Vegetarian Goose

--- Not too oily. Tasted like real goose. Can try!

2) Crispy Mini Roast Pork

--- A MUST TRY for all Pork Lovers. Its not very fatty although it looks very. In cubes form and it seem to melt in your mouth. This dish is ordered whenever we ate there. I grew to like it after a few tries. :)

3) Steam Chicken Claw X.O Sauce

--- Not too bad. Normal but it tasted as a whole when u bite. Fresh!

4) Shrimp Dumpling Spicy Sauce

--- This is unique and the spicy-ness can be a appertizer to your stomach.

5) Deep Fried Crabmeat Roll

--- So so... Forgettable Dish.

6) Deep Fried Raddish Pies

--- The raw-ness smell of Raddish is strong. Don't really fancy this unless you are Raddish lovers.

7) Pan Fried Turnip Cakes

--- Nice! Always my fav dish. Not too oily.

8) Duck Tongue X.O Chilli

--- My first time trying this duck tongue. Something unique and for a change.

Should try if you have not eat duck tongue before. :)

9) Fried Cheong Fun

--- First few bites were refreshing & nice. But gets "TOO MUCH" when you are full. Cant finish this dish. :P

10) Pickle (Appertizer)

--- Nice as an appertizer. Everyone should try it. :P

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Thumbs up!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 72

Just had dinner here. It was certainly a positive experience, one that I would be looking forward to repeat soon.

Food - I have always enjoyed dinner at the various Tung Lok places (ok maybe not really at the Paramount branch). The menu here was extensive and unusual. We had their recommended roast pork dish to start, apparently a hot favorite. It was quite good, crispy and not too fatty or oily.

We also had some crispy beancurd dish. I like the slick contrast between the crispy outside and the soft, smooth inside. The fish fillet cooked with some creamy white wine sauce and the wasabi prawns were full of taste as well. The only dish I was only ok with was the peking duck. It was missing the extra zing, I don't know why.

Saw a couple of items (both from the menu and from waiters carrying food around) that I would not mind trying the next time.

Service was efficient and attentive. There was one point I was trying to pour tea and the captain rushed up to take over from me. We had an old ah-mah serve us throughout the meal and she was hilarious. Kept talking in a low conspiracy tone to my mum about what's outstanding at the restaurant. She also sidled up to our table at the beginning and quietly gave us an an extra small appetiser that was different from the first (said it just came out of the kitchen and so she decided to sneak one to us).

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