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A Relaxing Birthday Dinner

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
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last evening, we had a birthday dinner for another close friend at tunglok signature @ central on 27.5.2015. ^^

i just had salts egg prawns & roast pork烧肉 at a 13pax RI friends G20 dinner at peach garden @ metropolis the evening before, and that was good too.

we can see from the photos that the presentation & colours of the 2 dishes at tunglok were better. taste-wise they were close – the roast pork烧肉 about same, the salted egg prawns maybe tunglok a tad better. 

we had the deep-fried cod fillet that seemed to be salted egg flavoured also. it was a well executed dish, somewhat oily. not really a preferred preparation for me.

the same dentist friend & mei mei had a birthday dinner for me in 2013 here at this same tunglok outlet. we had star garoupa fillet with broccoli & lily bulbs & that was very good. of course for me, steamed fish is the best. haha!^^

we had the elegant 三层楼, which is a tunglok long standing dish of fried bean curd on spinach & shimeji mushrooms.

there was a newer dish of charcoal tofu with lily bulbs 百合.

both tofu dishes were very nice!

next was a string beans with egg plant. just mildly spicy (if any at all) & quite nicely done.

another dish was a bit unusual combination, some squash with japanese edamame & slightly sweet sauce. can’t figure out this dish.

as it was a birthday, the restaurant provided complimentary longevity buns 流沙寿桃.

they were  presented together with our own birthday cake, and handwritten “calligraphy” by a talented restaurant manager. haha!











the message changes according to occasions, so the guy must have a whole bookcase of them. haha!^

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Surprised by its average standards

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 9

As compared to its other branches like Tung Lok Signatures 同乐经典

(VivoCity), Space @ My Humble House 寒舍一隔 and My Humble House 寒舍, it fairs out quite poorly with service staffs of poor and rather rude standards. The words "FINE DINING" is not reflected on their service and food as its seems to lack of quality control of their food at this particular branch. Their service staffs are biased towards caucasians, with the mindset of caucasians are the only one having the ability to leave some tips. Their service staffs are rude in a sense that they ignored me while attending to me just to serve the group of caucasians sitting first. Unlike other Tung Lok groups, this reflected poor service and poor quality food. Cuisines served at Space @ My Humble House 寒舍一隔 and My Humble House 寒舍 taste so much better that it seems to be a heaven and earth distance

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Revamped:New Name/Location

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 9

Formerly known as Tung Lok Restaurant, at Liang Court(formerly known as Daimaru). First off let me say, I support the original restaurant as i could get pretty decent cantonese cuisine at a fair price. So i was a little apprehesive about the chg, both in name n location. Not to mention the fact that this is considered their flagship restaurant.

This was my 1st trip there. They have a similiar branch at Vivo City, but thats another review. I had placed a reservation for my class gathering not knowing it had shifted. Luckily we all managed to get there. Upon arrival was disappointed to see that they did not retain their old concept of a traditional chinese restaurant. Their decor was modern chic. The tables were packed closely together. I guess they must maximise the space and (turnovers). Uniforms were a fusion of Chinese cheogsams n Vietnamese uniform. Thankfully, they kept most of their previous staff. Esp my mum's fav capt, Susan.

As we were quite a big group(11 pax), they had prepared a special menu for us. I decided to forgo it as I had tried their 'special menu' on a previous occasion during 1 of my company's dinner. Suggest stick to the menu.

Must Tries:

-Curry Prawns

-Wasabi Prawns

-Turbot Fish (Steamed in soy sauce of course)

-'Dong Po Rou'

-Brocolli with crabmeat

-3 Yolk vegetables

-Double-boiled soup of the day

Curry Prawns, Order this only if you are at either of the signatures outlet. Tried it once at their Paramount outlet. Wasn't on the menu but when i asked they said they could do it. Turned out totally different from what i usually have. The Signature one has a sort of peranakan/nonya flavour in the curry. The Paramount one tasted like the Nasi Padang curry you find at food courts.

The dish comes with mini buns, choice of steamed or fried. Needless to say the fried ones are the best to go with the curry, but the health conscious can go for the steamed ones.

Wasabi Prawns. What can i say? The original wasabi prawns b4 the rest started similiar recipies. Credit to Chef Sam Leong the first to create this dish, now adviser for SIA In-Flt catering menu.

Dong Po Rou, This very unhealthy dish is a must have for meat lovers. The fatty pork belly is braised till it literally melts in your mouth. The gravy also goes well with your rice. Oh, for those guilt conscience ppl, the dish comes with french beans.

Brocolli with crabmeat. This dish was first reccomended to me awhile back by Susan. Have ordered it since. Go figure.

3 Yolk vegs. My mum's fav veg dish. Some places serve this too watery, some too dry. Tung Lok does it perfectly with the perserved egg yolk, century egg and regular egg. Can have your choice of veg too. I suggest spinach.

Double-boiled soup of the day. That day happend to be some pork rib pumpkin soup. Light delicious soup. Unlike some other western restaurants, SOD usually means the average run-of-the-mill soups. These usually are the instant kinds or whatever leftovers the chef can find in the kitchen. I have never been disappointed with their Tung Lok's SOD.

You cannot go wrong when all your head chefs are imported all the way from Hong Kong. Andrew Tjioe has worked hard to make this restaurant work and it shows. Sadly, not every restaurant in the Tung Lok Group is as gd as this one, so be warned. That said, this restaurant has a reputation as one of Singapore's leading cantonese/chinese restaurant, having won dozens of accolades in the late '90s. This tag doesn't come easy and I second the vote. PPL who know me know I dun recommend a restaurant lightly but this place is hard to beat. Till now it's still re-inventing itself, this restaurant is proof of that. But emphasis is still on good chinese food at (slightly above?) reasonable prices. If all that still can't convince you to go give it a try then all I can say is my (cantonese)grandma eats here. Nuff said!

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