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Back to Tung Lok Signatures#02-88, Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
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Crispy Mini Roast Pork4 votes
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Dinner12 votes
Lunch9 votes
Business Dining8 votes
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Children/Family6 votes
View/Scenery6 votes
Quiet5 votes
Vibrant/Noisy5 votes
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High Tea3 votes
Waterfront3 votes

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What others are saying...

Missus Du Jour
 • 10 Jan 2009 4 reviews 0 follower
We decided to go to Tung Lok Signatures at The Central for our New Years dinner.

It was a lesson well learnt. That is, never to go to Tung Lok less you are prepared for avid sales people posing as service staff and random bugs trooping around your table.

It was very nearly a harrowing experience if not for the array of excellent desserts.

So there, that is the one good thing i have to say about Tung Lok.

Now for the harsh reality.

The waitress who took our order was overwhelming, loud, rude, abrasive and did nothing but SELL her promotional dishes. VERY ANNOYING. everything we wanted she countered loudly with a promotional order of some kind. This was done in a loud and abrasive manner cutting us off mid speech. Not impressed.

The food was so damn mediocre it was not even funny. Even worse was the so called 'fantastic' rib that she recommended - it was SO fatty there was scarcely anything to eat after one cut out all the fatty bits (to save from immediate heart failure or certain death from cholestrol).

And then there was the complete ignorance of fine dining service on their part. Food was rushed out with no proper chain of order or even logic. Think vegetables randomly arriving mid starter!? We had to ask them to slow down and even turned away our mains just so we could finish our starters and our soups. To make things worst, the imbecile of a woman left all our mains sitting out in plain sight. What a nightmare. She eventually took it in only for it to be served a while later (possibly spat on and microwaved) sigh.

To make things worse, I found a bug crawling around the table - the waitress picked it off laughing and joked that it was there as a friend. I almost gagged.


I have no issues with paying for a premium price for premium food, but not when its mediocre, of poor quality, and even worse service.

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I spent $80 per person.

Must tries: the desserts ONLY

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karen c
 • 28 Dec 2008 13 reviews 6 followers
I brought the family and my grandmother to Tung Lok (The Central) for lunch on a weekday.

I made a reservation the day before. The staff who answered the call was very polite and helpful. When I enquired about the menu, she patiently explained the different menus and promotions to me over the phone.

When we arrived, the staff recommended us the weekday lunch set for individuals and the lunch set for group of 4-6. Because I was lazy to go through the entire menu, I decided we go for the lunch set for 4-6, which includes the following:

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with American Ginseng

Roasted Duck served with Dark Beans and Fried Tofu

Pan-fried Cod Fish with Snow Peas

Prawns in Garlic Soya Sauce

Stir-fried Vegetables

Seafood Fried Rice in Lotus Leave

Cherry Tomatoes Sweet Soup with Aloe Vera

The first three were very good. The soup was light, not oily, yet rich in flavour. The roast duck was tender, the skin delicately crispy. It was the same for the fried tofu. We were quite impressed with it. The same went for the pan-fried cod fish with snow peas. The cod fish was amazing, the flesh soft and juicy inside and the outside thinly fried and crisp. My brothers lemmed for more.

Then it gradually went downhill from there. The prawns were fresh, but the way it was prepared was uninspiring. The vegetables were bland and tasteless. Seafood fried rice was alright except it left an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, I'm not sure why. The dessert required an acquired taste -- it was sweet and sour at the same time, light, and quite novel. The females liked it, the males didn't. In fact, I think my brothers gagged.

So what began as a very promising meal fell short due to the last few dishes. The staff were friendly and competent enough, though at times a little clumsy, which for a place of its class (and given the prices), it fell short a little.

For the same price, I would highly recommend Padang Palace instead, where the service and the food is still the best I have ever seen in Chinese restaurants.
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Must tries: pan-fried cod fish with snow peas

I also recommend this place for:
Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family

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Gothic Angel
 • 04 Aug 2008 267 reviews 25 followers
yeah that's right!!! i'm too lazy to review both tung lok signatures at the central n vivocity n so i've decided to lump two reviews into one!! wahahaha ... mondae blues brain not working u get e pic so wahahaha!

okie here we go! ambience-wise i've gotta say both central n vivo do have e views.. (Clark Quay n sentosa) but central do have a more "high class" feel while vivo seems more "casual".. e menu is e same n e staff r all taught e same way ie refill e tea cups n top up soup at every given opp! (even if it's juz one drop of tea! serious!)...

It's definitely very pricey...everything starts from like $16 n so dun juz drop in for fun okie!haha.. but is e food yummy enuff to justify for e hefty price tags? okie i'm gona lump all e dishes (that i remember) i've at both places..

okie 1st up e prawns! curry prawns with mantou ($24)... i lurve this! i like curry n i like prawns so wat's not to like rite?? e curry is spicy n yummy so this is a must try! esp can dip e mantous! (i've tried curry prawns at peony jade b4 but tung lok rocks!) the wasabi prawns ($28) is really juz ok-ok..considering it started from here i was expecting it to b divine but it's not... (prefer e ones at golden peony at conrad).. i prefer more wasabi to b coated on e prawns but instead it's like fried prawns on a bed on wasabi salad so it kinda sux.. definitely e curry prawns!

next up r e porky pigs! the crispy mini roast pork ($9)!! i love this too! i dun take fatty meat but these mini cubes look soooo cute that it's hard to resist! it melts in your mouth n it taste yum! e dong po rou ($20) is not bad too.. i had a taste (my bf slurped it all up) n i tot it's pretty good.. sauce goes well with rice or u can dip in e mantous!

e soupy soups! i had e S.O.D. ($18 for half) at vivo n e sea treasures ($28) at central.. i wana order e SOD at central but was told it ran out (erm it's oni 7.30pm ok but watever) but e soups r definitely good at tung lok.. i'm not too sure wat sea treasures r in there but i'm a happy person with SOD so gona stick to that next time..

e spinach beancurd with mushrooms ($18) tastes really great too! i liked it although it's way too ex (hello tofu le..) but it has tofu n mushroms n some greens so order this if u need some veg in your meal!

yuan yang mantis prawn fried rice
 ($22).. wana order e seafood fried rice instead but was "advised" to take this coz it's unique n it's e last day of promo.. yuan yang as in some of e rice is fried crispy while e rest r e normal texture.. couldn't really taste nor find e mantis prawn (WTH!) but e rice is interesting.. very crunchy! kids will lurve it! or big kids like us wahahaha....

other dishes include e aussie tenderloin beef (i tink) which is not too bad but if u really wana have a portion of beef..go to a proper beef place la.. n we also had this veg dish with crab meat n scallops which was tasteless so i dun even wana relive it..

overall tung lok is good but pricey...if u wana have a more fine-dining impress ppl feel (tink dim lights n damn serious-looking staff) go central.. if u wana b able to b see ur food n b noisy.. go vivo coz food-wise it's e same..

guessed wat? after my super duper long review... i'm not that lazy after all! but damn it's still monday..
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I spent $64 per person.

Must tries: curry prawns, SOD, mini roast pork

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Weddings, Business Dining, Corporate Events, Fine Dining, Private Dining, Vibrant/Noisy, View/Scenery, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Waterfront

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