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TungLok Signatures offers a tantalising range of traditional Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan dishes with a dash of Modern creations - authentic in tastes but with TungLok’s distinctive touch. Swept away by a myriad of flavours from our premium ingredients. Their masterchefs’ skillful execution and innovative vision have produced a unique dining concept that has impressed many. Reminisce the taste and soul of Chinese tradition as these delicacies charm your palate with each tender morsel. 

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Mango sago and aloe vera with yuzu
Mango sago and aloe vera with yuzu
chap chye
chap chye
italian fried cod
italian fried cod
sakura roasted chicken
sakura roasted chicken
  • Duck meat 3 votes
  • Chilled Mango 2 votes
  • Lamb Chop 2 votes
  • crispy roast pork belly 2 votes
  • Braised Abalone with Homemade Bean curd and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 1 vote
  • Brinjal with pork slides 1 vote
  • Chu Jing Rou (Char siew) 1 vote
  • Deep Fried Beancurd Cubes with Salted Pepper 1 vote
  • Dong Po Pork 1 vote
  • Eight Treasures vegetable dish! 1 vote
  • Fish porridge 1 vote
  • Italian fried cod 1 vote
  • Kurobuta Pork Pan-fried 1 vote
  • Lotus Leaf Rice 1 vote
  • Pan-fried French Foie Gras 1 vote
  • Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Three Kinds of Eggs 1 vote
  • Pomelo 1 vote
  • Pork chop 1 vote
  • Roasted Pork 1 vote
  • SOD n curry or egg yolk prawns 1 vote
  • Sago & Ice Cream served in Young Coconut 1 vote
  • Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat served in Golden Stock 1 vote
  • and the lobster noodles. 1 vote
  • mino pork 1 vote
  • pan fried taro shredded with pumpkin 1 vote
  • roast meat 1 vote
  • salted egg yolk prawns 1 vote
  • shark's fin broth with chicken 1 vote
  • steamed soon hock 1 vote

Latest Review for TungLok Signatures

Overall RatingBased on 52 reviews
Most helpful review:

Dinner menu for 2 (Seafood)

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 19

My husband and i had the set dinner for 2 consisting of:

Baked Prawn Steak with White Wine and Rosemary Flambé Traditional Style

Boiled Shark’s Fin with Chicken (for non-SF eaters, melon soup)

Baked Cod Fish with Japanese Miso Sauce

Deep-fried Kurubuta Soft Bone in Black Pepper Sauce

Poached Japanese ‘Mee Sua’ with Crab

We threw in an additional pork belly starter dish with wonderful crackling and which was complementary to the prawn steak, richly battered and crunchy. For folks who think this might be a tad rich, skip the pork belly (albeit equally fantastic if eaten on its own).

The shark's fin soup was sweetly boiled, not too sticky, in shark bone. For activists, this can be replaced with a melon soup. The cod fish was wholly tender, tasting almost charboiled (but it's baked!) while the kurubuta (pork) soft bone was so finely ground at several parts it was initially mistaken for yam paste - but it wasn't. The embroidery of the meat with cartilage and crisp was nothing short of inspirational. The mee sua and crab meat soup was lightly flavored but fragrant. By then, we'd gone on such a jaunt it was hard to finish the dessert which, as a "of-the-day" dish, was understandably less exciting. Would i recommend this menu for two? Absolutely. A warning though: it'll put you off many chinese dinners elsewhere afterward.

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Surprise in every bite

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 16

Have to start with the dessert, since that was definitely my faourite part of the meal. Had a mango sago dessert served in a coconut shell. Light, refreshing and tasty, the dessert is what I would go back for.

Also ordered prawn made 2 ways (don't quite remember the name, crispy rice with lobster broth (which did not really go down well with me) and the garoupa. A refreshing pineapple and passion fruit drink was a great accompaniment. 

All in all it was a decent dining experience

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Atas New Menu with increased prices on the food- i want the old menu back!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

Our family usually makes it a point to go there for dim sum every month, sometime we order some food from the main menu.

We decided to have an early reunion lunch.  When we looked at the a la carte menu, we were stumped on what to order as they have revamped the whole menu with more expensive dishes.  I would want to see the old menu back with more traditional chinese food than the menu that was revamped.

Take the salted egg fish skin, the portion has shrunk from the time we went there last month in dec 15. It cost the same but the portion was really miserable.

We will go back for the dim sum but not the ala carte dishes anymore.

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