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Turn: Styles Sports Bar Cafe is located at Holland Village and specialises in lively, fu

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Chilling to Light Music

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2157

As Tango was a little crowded last Saturday, we walked around Holland Village and my friend decided that he wanted to have his birthday drinks here.

A simple darken wooden set-up that offers soccer matches on LCD screens, the place also has a slightly beaten-up pool table for those who want to have a game.

Service is generally efficient but note that drinks are a little more costly than market rates ($12 per whisky shot).

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Top Notch Night and Staff

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

If you like a good place to unwind, get drunk, watch sport, play pool or have a good laugh testing your knowledge in trivia quiz this place is for you!

Turnstyles hasnt been open long and the place never fails to deliver. Especially now the menu has been extended.

The staff are excellent, very attentive, and I heard one of them talking to a punter, saying, whilst he respects the customers being customers, I am lucky to call many of them here my friends. And that is absolutely true. For 14 years living in Asia I have never found a place I cancall a true local Pub, until I met Turnstyles

Ady and Colin, the directors are English, and at least one of them is there evey night. They spend time talking and getting to know the customers, make sure everyone recieves the the highest level of service and thow in a few jokes and laughs as well.

For the quiz mad folks, they have two per week, on tuesdays and thursdays, the one last wednesday was packed, a great atmosphere with lots of jokes and mickey taking.....They also run a quiz team league which is great for getting the competition going.

The food started out pretty average, but now they have some excellent items on the menu, curry, sandwiches and if you like fish and chips.....these guys cook up the best I have had in singapore.....

They also have a golf team with regular tourneys and I hear they are also forming a quiz team to take on other pubs.

Highly recomend you go down there, leave your email because they send a weekly newsletter out telling you whats going on, whats happened, some good jokes and also invitations to all sorts of event, i think the next one is a night at the races.

To sum up, a very friendly place with a good contingient of expat and local customers, its obvious many people use it regularly just by observing how many people know each other. Excellent service, great happy hour deals and plenty to get involved with....or if you like, just to sit and have a quiet drink.

OH! one last thing, when I was there the other night, I noticed a gold standard plaque on the wall, when I enquired, it means they have the very highest quality beer, and is one of only 10 bars who have been awarded this by the brewery in Singapore!

Good going guys, see you all soon.

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The management of Turn: Styles Sports Bar Cafe responded to this review:
18 Apr 2008
Very kind words Sir...the cheque is in the post! I have to say I'm surprised the bar is still here today as I though I drank it last night!!! Thanks for the kinds words and thanks for giving us your support.

A great night out!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

A chance happening walking down the back of Holland Village has proved to be a lucky find as far as pubs go in Singapore. Turn:Styles is a small pub housed in a converted shop-house in Lorong Mambong in Holland Village. I have usually stayed away from 'themed' pubs and more so from sports bars as I am not a great fan of soccer, the sport that dominates these places, but in this case I make a big exception. The pub is run by two British guys, well versed in the food/bar industry and it does show - the place is well run, friendly and has the right mix of music, screens showing sport and access to a pool table, dart board, foosball and a computer game. However, it is also a place where you can sit with friends and chat without being drowned out by any of the single features of the place. The staff are quick to serve, very friendly (genuinely) and quickly make you feel like a 'regular'. This is quite nice for people visiting Singapore for a short while but more so for the real regulars. They offer some events during the week and a favourite of mine has become the Pub Quiz - held on Tuesday evenings. The questions span enough subjects to give everyone a chance of getting something right and the question masters (owners) inject enough comedy into it to make a thoroughly enjoyable evening out. I have not tried other events but I am sure they would be run with a similar approach.

They serve a range of beers, wines and the usual spirits with happy hour lasting long enough to make it a very reasonable night. Food is not a major feature of the place but they do offer enough to drive off any hunger - pie and chips, hot dog and other finger food - all going well with a cold beer. Why try and compete with all the other dedicated food outlets in Holland Village anyway? However, on Sunday afternoon a BBQ is put on with a special deal on beers as well - a nice way to spend the afternoon.

All in all - I would highly recommend this pub for a good place to enjoy a beer, chat and make new friends!

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The management of Turn: Styles Sports Bar Cafe responded to this review:
18 Apr 2008
Thanks Robin for the great write up. We printed it off a placed it on the staff notice board. Thanks again that made our day when we read it.

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