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Turtle House Seafood Restaurant dates back to the pre-world war 2 era as a pushcart stall at Chinatown. The restaurant now offers not only turtle soup, but also a variety of home-cooked dishes as well.

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nightmare for my dinner

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

went there for a simple dinner night out.
 The service had gone from bad to worst.
 order a claypot fish head = fish meat taste worse than a salted fish.
 虾枣 Prawn meat ball = coded with heavy flour. so pretty much i m chewing something with taste.
 black pepper deer meat = my wife just say. It taste like a pork. in my defence. it is still ok.
 Crab = the first thing come into my mouth. It is salted egg. hm... at last something taste right. It has not come to the end. when it turn cold. It turn into ammonia taste "thing". all of us stare at each other. It is a dead crab.
 i had given a tried of 3 times.

first tried had shut me off badly.
 till a friend told me.. no It is good ( 1 man food is 1 man poison.)
 fine. I went for the second times. thats good tried.  we left with happy smile.
 the third. which is what i elaborated.
 it is 1/2 price of what no signboard paid. but now... that 1/2 price may have just gone into my medical bill. just hope 3 of us are not camping at toilet for that bad crab.

in my defend. it is not even worst for 1 star

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Horrible Waitor

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

The picture on the right is not valid now, it has shifted to geylang merged with Punggol seafood restaurant. I still prefer the old turtle house seafood less complicated. Now they are more complicated with many waitors. One fat local chinese male waitor is very annoying. Rude indirectly in a way and very kapoh. Making the whole meal very very discomfortable. I dont recommend it any more. shdnt have merged with Punggol. Waitor is not professional and sick! These days some waitors have low EQ. Food is one thing, Service is also as important. DONT GO THERE if you want a peaceful meal.

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bad food bad service

Food/Drink 1 | Value 0 | Ambience 0 | Service 0
Total Reviews: 2

Turtle Soup - I dont think the soup is herbal enough. It's just salty and hardly any herbal taste.......

Yam rice - Pathetic portion. My assumption is that they ran out of yam rice and my family and I each were given a 3/5 filled bowl of rice.

Crocodile Meat - Ordered the small 1 which cost $12. The pot containing that is really really really small....salty and badly cooked croc meat...taste like pork...

Service - The bill was corrected twice..1st for the rice...we were charged for "big bowl" when I just stated how patheticly small we were given. 2nd time for towel tissue that we were never given.

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