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Turtle House Seafood Restaurant

Turtle House Seafood Restaurant dates back to the pre-world war 2 era as a pushcart stall at Chinatown. The restaurant now offers not only turtle soup, but also a variety of home-cooked dishes as well.

Daily: 11:30 - 00:00

+65 67451248
$25 based on 6 submissions

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14 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Horrible Waitor

The picture on the right is not valid now, it has shifted to geylang merged with Punggol seafood restaurant. I still prefer the old turtle house seafood less complicated. Now they are more complicated with many waitors. One fat local chinese male waitor is very annoying. Rude indirectly in a way and very kapoh. Making the whole meal very very discomfortable. I dont recommend it any more. shdnt have merged with Punggol. Waitor is not professional and sick! These days some waitors have low EQ. Food is one thing, Service is also as important. DONT GO THERE if you want a peaceful meal.
27 Feb 2009 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

bad food bad service

Turtle Soup - I dont think the soup is herbal enough. It's just salty and hardly any herbal taste.......

Yam rice - Pathetic portion. My assumption is that they ran out of yam rice and my family and I each were given a 3/5 filled bowl of rice.

Crocodile Meat - Ordered the small 1 which cost $12. The pot containing that is really really really small....salty and badly cooked croc meat...taste like pork...

Service - The bill was corrected twice..1st for the rice...we were charged for "big bowl" when I just stated how patheticly small we were given. 2nd time for towel tissue that we were never given.
19 Apr 2008 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Bad Service

Well, I went to this outlet with my family of 15 pax and ordered heaps of dishes and many big bowls of soups.

I have to say that the soup is quite tasty and this is exactly the reason why I would ask for more soup. They filled up the bowl halfway for the refill.

As I see that some of my family members wanted more, I ordered another big bowl of turtle soup and at the same time ask for a refill of the soup.

The boss (quite old, quite short) then said angrily that just now we already asked for a refill.

Immediately I retorted that since the soup can be only refill once, then this is the one and only time that I'm here as well.

Upon hearing this, the daughter came out and apologised. Well, for one, it's too late. What's done cannot be undone.

To me, I have a high expectation of service.

For those who are reading this comment, a 'secret' here is that there a few more turtle soup outlets that are serving similar good tasting soups with no hesitation when ask for more refills, and the operators/owners of these outlets are related to Turtle House.

So, if I were you, I would go somewhere else with the same good taste and better service.
10 Oct 2007 • 1943 reviews • 259 followers


Yes, that is how I am going to describe my freshwater turtle eating experience - it was certainly gooey! The soup was warm and nice, but one had to beware of the occassional shell bits in the soup.

So, what drove me to come all the way here to eat a dish that I usually don't? Well, a friend visited from Japan and whilst I was ready to show him to some local delights, he suddenly decided on Turtle soup, and another mutual friend knew about this popular place and we decided to pay it a visit. We tried other "zi char" dishes which was alright. I was quite facinated with the turtle eggs, which you can purchase for about $1 each and it is cooked such that the white really melts in your mouth.

The owners were friendly although my only gripe is that I wished one of the managers was a bit clearer that the soup would set us back $15 per person as there were two prices for the "medium" range.

Would I return? Probably only if another friend insists on eating turtle soup.