#02-21, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801
Desserts, English, European, Snacks, Western
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Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

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High Tea (26 votes), Chillout (17 votes), Lunch (12 votes) ...

This fine luxury tea brand offers over 800 of the world greatest single estate teas and exclusive blends. Shoppers can enjoy a cuppa at the store's intimate tea salon where breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner selections are served.

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TWG Tea Pots And Tea Cups
TWG Tea Pots And Tea Cups
  • macarons 7 votes
  • earl grey chocolate macarone 4 votes
  • Tea selection 3 votes
  • bain de rose macaron 2 votes
  • creme brulee 2 votes
  • earl grey & chocolate macaroon 2 votes
  • foie gras sandwich 2 votes
  • Scones and Desserts 1 vote
  • Scones with Tea Jelly and Whipped cream 1 vote
  • Sliver Moon tea 1 vote
  • TWG Chocolate Fondant 1 vote
  • Tea Time Set: Fortune 1 vote
  • Vanilla Bourbon Tea and Kaya Macaron 1 vote
  • Weekend in Shanghai tea 1 vote
  • bain de rose macarone 1 vote
  • bain de rose macaroon 1 vote
  • beef & lamb main course as well as the cakes 1 vote
  • black tea & blackcurrant macaroon 1 vote
  • chocolate truffles and tea! 1 vote
  • dark chocolate raspberry mouse cake 1 vote
  • geisha blossom tea 1 vote
  • greentea financier 1 vote
  • high tea set menu 1 vote
  • madeleines with tea jelly 1 vote
  • pistachio & raspberry tart 1 vote
  • purple buds evening tea 1 vote
  • red christmas tea 1 vote
  • scone 1 vote
  • scones 1 vote
  • scones!!! 1 vote
  • scrambled egg breakfast 1 vote
  • singapore surprise 1 vote
  • tea 1 vote
  • teas 1 vote
  • white chocolate green tea cake 1 vote

Latest Review for TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Overall RatingBased on 44 reviews
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Great Place to Have Some Tea

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 95

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I've always walked past TWG, and never actually stepped inside to try their offerings. But, after a day of shopping I finally decided to break that trend and had a lovely little dining experience there. THeir macarons are pretty good, and their food is the usual cafe fare, albeit slightly more expensive. The ambience of their store is really nice though. Worth checking out!                                    

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High Class Atas Tea?

Total Reviews: 160

TWG is located at one of the most iconic spots in ION orchard and that it would be difficult for you to miss it.
 The range of tea is slightly more pricey and one may wonder what is so special about this tea. The tea is being made to order and there is a certain process on how to serve the tea and which tea to brew for how long.
 The macarons are nice but what was the interesting thing that drew me to the place was cos of their mooncakes. As they are specialized in tea blending, the flavours and creations are unique on their own.
 If you are feeling rich, do drop by to enjoy a cup of tea or just to let yourself relax in the environment.

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Sneaky Add On Cost (No sharing of tea/ non refillable)

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 3

According to the website, the year 1837 is to celebrate when the island became a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. The brand was only established in 2008. Kind of misleading people to think that it has a long history and branding. 

Anyway, that aside, it was my first visit to this tea salon. But this will definitely be my last if I have the choice to choose a location to catch up over overpriced tea. 

The ambience was alright, nice, bright and elegant looking. But the tables were set a bit too close for comfort. You will probably be able to join in the conversation the next table is having. The glass wall makes it seem like a giant fish bowl and keeps the noise inside. 

So we picked the hi-tea set that comes with tea, canapes and petit four. They are famous for their tea. With a range of about 800 over types. So we asked for recommendation. The service staff rattled on, "do you like white, black, blue, green, red or floral tea?" we said we'd like floral. then he went on, but we were already lost by the variety. He brought 2 tins to let us smell before deciding. We did mention that we wanted to share one set and when the staff repeated our order, everything seemed normal. Then he came back to say that as our selection is considered a premium range and have to top up around $6 for it. We agreed and the food was served, together with 2 pots of tea.
The food was normal, nothing great or worth mentioning as nothing really stood out.

When the bill came, the top up for the premium tea was $9.50. The extra pot of tea was charge at $20.50 ($11+$9.50 premium). To me, I was prepared to pay that $6 for the premium tea, but definitely not an extra $24++. Apparently there is a no sharing of tea policy that the staff didn't communicate to us and we only found out about it at the end of the meal.

Oh, the tea, it is non refillable. They steep the tea, fill it in the pot and that's it. I've gone to other places to have tea, all of which are refillable and less pricey. 

Should have read reviews before going, if I had known, I would rather spend my money in other places that serve tea with better food and no hidden cost. 

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