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Asian, Cantonese, Chinese, Zi Char
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Mon: 17:00 - 23:30

Tue - Sun: 11:30 - 14:30

Tue - Sun: 17:00 - 23:30

Closed on Every Last Mon of the Month

$14 based on 128 submissions
Dinner (32 votes), Children/Family (30 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (26 votes) ...

Located on Commonwealth Drive, Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 serves Chinese Food

What others are eating here

Drunken cockles
Drunken cockles
Butter pork ribs
Butter pork ribs
S$5.50 san lo hor fun
S$5.50 san lo hor fun
S$7 see-hum (cockles)
S$7 see-hum (cockles)
  • butter pork ribs 25 votes
  • Drunken cockles 14 votes
  • 3 egg vegetables 7 votes
  • butter pork chops 5 votes
  • Herbal Chicken (only on Weekends) 4 votes
  • Golden Mushroom with Tofu 3 votes
  • Cereal Prawn Rolls 2 votes
  • yam sticks 2 votes
  • 3 Eggs Soup & Yang Chow Fried Rice. 1 vote
  • Honey Pork Ribs 1 vote
  • Hor Fun 1 vote
  • Minced Meat Tofu 1 vote
  • Salted Fish Fried Rice 1 vote
  • Sliced Fish Curry 1 vote
  • Spring onion beef 1 vote
  • fish head curry 1 vote
  • honey chicken 1 vote
  • salad prawns 1 vote
  • salted egg yolk prawns 1 vote
  • seafood soup. 1 vote

Latest Review for Two Chefs Eating Place

Overall RatingBased on 80 reviews
Most helpful review:

Nice simple zi char

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 211

For the full post and pictures visit toseetofeeltoeat

I called to reserve a table for 4 earlier in the week and was quite thankful that I did because there was a crowd even at 5:30 pm. Unbelievable. 

Drunken cockles ($7) with a dash of soya sauce, chilli slices, garlic bits and spring onions. Very nice and refreshing! This dish was served cold.

Salted egg chicken. I love anything salted egg so it came as no surprise that I was really fond of the flavour of this dish. The chicken was a little on the dry side, though.

Herbal chicken soup. I could not find this on the menu for some reason, or maybe I was just flipping through too quickly. But in any case, the waitress knew what we were talking about when we asked for herbal chicken so I guess it might be one of those off-the-menu special items? The herbal soup was very good though the chicken was also a little on the dry side.

Vegetable with eggs, salted egg and century egg ($8). Simple, homely dish.

Butter Pork Ribs ($8). What sorcery is this! I was totally expecting pork ribs sitting in a plate of thick butter sauce yet we were greeted by this mountain of white powder. I haven't quite figured out whether it was powdered Parmesan cheese or milk powder, but it certainly was not butter. The pork ribs were yummy and well-marinated but I cannot stop wondering where the butter went.   
Beancurd with golden mushroom ($8). Another simple homely dish.

Very simple zi char dishes at an affordable price. I would not say it deserves the large crowd gathered around the store on a weekend and we would not be driving to Commonwealth just for this anytime soon. But if you are staying nearby and would like some comfort zi char food, Two Chefs might just be the place for you. Personally, I also prefer zi char with more wok hei in the Cantonese style which might also be part of the reason I am not super fond of this place. 

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Sub-par Zi Char

Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

We usually only leave reviews under 2 circumstances; the awesomely good and the utterly disappointing. This was our first and probably the only time we would visit Two Chefs since it fall sin the the latter category. Arrived before 6pm (wanting to beat the crowd as read online). It was pretty empty with only 1 other table occupied. 

We barely sat down for literally 45 seconds (not joking), flipped 1 page of the menu and the lady was standing at our table asking us what we want to eat. We told her to give us 5 nminutes, she just stood ready in a ready-to-write-down-our-order stance. So, these were what we ordered in view of the pressure along with our (unbiased) thoughts. To complement the lightning speed of order takers, the food was also served at a speed which baffled us; which was just less than 5 minutes before the first 2 dishes (cockles and pork ribs) showed up, the rest quickly followed in the next 5 minutes.

Cold Dish:
1. Drunken Cockles (the only dish that was served at the right temperature)
    - We didn't taste any fishy smell as there was quite a bit of garlic on them. Sadly, there was sand in some of them, but to be fair, it could just be our luck. Pretty sure they were prepare in advance and chukced in the fridge since even th eplastic plate was fridge cold with condensation when served.

Hot (not) Dishes:
2. Butter Pork Ribs
3. Signature Mushroom Tofu
4. 3-Eggs Vege
5. Prawn Roll (Hei Chor)
    - You know how most, if not all, zi char dishes are piping hot and you can just see the steam rising when served? Sadly, this place was not like most. None of the 4 dishes were hot, they were like warm at best. That led us to think the dishes were prepared in advance and either kept warm or reheated to serve. Butter pork ribs tasted ok, but not hot, not one bit. Signature Mushroom Tofu had few strands of enoki with couple of bits of minced meat floating around in the over starched gravy, not hot. 3-Eggs Vege was bland, vege was old and took some bite, oh and not hot. Prawn rolls, something which people usually take a bite and have to air their mouth from the piping hot filling. You definitely won't get scalded from their Prawn (albeit no prawn nor meat tasted) Rolls since everything seemed to be served at like lukewarm temperatures. By now, we understand why food was served so quickly.

Let us reiterate that this is our personal experience and we went to try it out with some skeptism considering the mixed reviews we have seen. So, given the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was just our luck :(  

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Two Chef

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 121

Quality has dropped tremendously over the years but the "buttered" powder is still nice to eat on a standalone. Milky and taste good :). Not much notable dishes but like the stir fried vegetable dish more than any other dishes that night. If you were to visit especially for that butter pork ribs you might get a little bit disappointed with high expectations. Everyone should go and try it out, it really really nice and delicious. Try it out now. Thank you

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