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Awesomely Chocolate

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 7

This is ideal for chocolate lovers. Dark choc with choc flakes. Mao Shan Wang is nice too. But time to change the setting n deco. It has been this way for a long long time.

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Best Durian Ice Cream

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 27

IMHO, the best ice cream in Singapore, esp if you like Durian flavour.

Of my 3 favorite ice cream shop, overall I prefer Udders slightly more than Island Creamery & Daily Scoop, but this is sometime flavour dependent.

I've tried their Rum & Raisin and have to agree with the comment below that they are quite generous with their alcohol; not to the extend of getting drunk, but quite a kick for ice cream! Good to know they they do not skimp on things though.

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Don't Get Drunk On Ice Cream

Total Reviews: 147

David from Udders has done what I have always dreamed about – to own a little ice cream parlour serving happy people, with home-made flavours you can only think of, matched with a little blackboard for the classroom atmosphere.

It is a huge career switch, from English teacher to ice-cream maker, but the risk taken has paid of. As David shared with me, “You only live once, why not do something you enjoy?” As he said it, he was humorously digging at his own weight, a result of his diet of ice cream since his childhood days till his constant experimentation now.

In a way, I am a little envious of his success, yet happy because he seems to be a sincere and humble person from the last interview I had with him. I first got to know about Udders from Anna’s Omy Blog, though it wasn’t the ice cream that first caught my attention, but the blackboard. (Hey, I really did think about that idea. All right, it’s probably every teacher’s idea. Haha.)

The Blackboard

Scribbled with many possible ice cream flavours you can think of, and I saw a few possible and likely-delicious ones like Ribena-Yogult, Milo-Dinosaur and Mojito. The very thought of it excites me. These are written by customers and the top voted flavour will get its chance to be R&Ded into the next possible sold flavour. I also saw some like Hokkien Mee and Ban Mian, but never say never if you have seen ice cream in Japan and Taiwan. Udders has just successful created a Choya ice cream.

The Udder

An udder is the mammary organ of female cattle and some other mammals, including goats and sheep. And as David the “Chief Milkman” and Yan Li the store manager proclaims, the ice cream here is fresh as though it’s squeezed out right from the cow. Indeed, there is a milky dense taste with a smooth smooth texture, just suitably delicious for me.

The Liqueur Flavours

Well, Udders isn’t the first kid in the block with Asian and local inspired flavours, but it’s the alcoholic ones which probably attracted a lot of the working class and young adults to flock down in groups. As advised by the smiley counter staff, having 3 scoops of the alcoholic ones (Rum Rum Raisin, Bailey’s & Bourbon, Orange Choc Bitters, Amaretto Black etc) has alcoholic content equivalent to drinking one can of beer. Real-stuff, cannot bluff.

The Verdict

During my interview with David, he kept emphasizing on the importance of catering to the needs of the customers. I think that’s probably the whole basis on this shop’s concept, to do things that people want. With another branch coming up next, the ice cream parlour full of life and heart is set to do bigger things. Great alcoholic ones, and yes, don’t get drunk on ice cream!

More available at

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Interesting Flavours

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 55

Finally paid a visit on last Saturday after several recommendations from some frens.

I think we ordered like 5-7 flavours, cant really rem wat we had only vaguely rem we ordered:

- Choya lime sorbet (7/10)

- Tira-miss-u (8/10)

- rum rasin (7/10)

- cookies and cream (9/10)

and some other soursop flavours.

I requested for my Choya sorbet and Tiramisu order to be served in separate bowls since they are of diff nature, but was turned down by one of the waiteress.

I requested another 2x again, and was rejected again.

At first I couldnt understand why cos she kept on repeating that it's a double scoop order and she CANNOT separate the 2 scoops.

On hindsight, we realised it was probably due to costings,cos if the 2 scoops were to be separated, I would have to pay for TWO SINGLE scoops.

Fine, but why can't she explain ?!

If she hv done that, I would hv paid for it.

Cos I was pretty disgusted towards the end.

Imagine some chocolaty ice cream and sorbet blend in together when they melted?! Yucks!

I would hv paid to separate them.

Besides, staff of an ice cream store shd hv basic knowledge of wat flavours can be/ cannot be mixed together right?

Point to note, they have plenty of staff ard at the counter, but none were attentive enough.

1 can be serving a customer (to taste the ice cream), another 2 can were standing there and waiting for customers to react first.

Seriously, I heart the flavours, but I am also a sucker for service eh.

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The management of Udders Ice Cream (Novena) responded to this review:
08 Jan 2010
Dear Fang, Thanks very much of the feedback on the service. I will have a stern word with the staff and update my training manual to make sure it doesn't happen again. David Yim Udders Ice Cream

After-dinner snack

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 366

25 January 2008 : I came here with RL after dinner. I wanted to check out this place for myself. I really like the range of ALCOHOLIC ice cream in the display...=o) But I decided to have a mango sorbet. RL decided to try the lychee martini.


I really liked the mango sorbet and the lychee martini. =o)

I will return again to have more ice cream ... probably try the other ALCOHOLIC ice cream

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Nice Ice Cream Dessert!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 687

Was at the Novena area and my colleagues wanted dessert after dinner.


We popped into this ice cream store at Novena.


As there was quite a few of us, we decided to get a waffle with different scoops of ice cream.


We ordered the following flavors: Rum & Raisin, Tiramisu, Snickers and Honeycomb, Cereal Killer and Salted Speculoos.


The standouts were the Rum & Raisin for its flavour. The Salted Speculoos was also good.


Waffle was freshly made and was served warm. Lovely. 

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