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Udders Ice Cream (Bukit Timah)

Udders is a local ice cream chain that aims to produce high quality ice cream with the best and freshest ingredients. Its extensive menu of more than 30 flavours is popular among ice cream fanatics in Singapore.

Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 23:00

Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 00:00

Eve of PH: 12:00 - 00:00

Sun: 12:00 - 23:00

+65 64661055
$5 based on 28 submissions
Chillout (8 votes), Children/Family (5 votes), Hidden Find (5 votes)
jocelyn dandan

Unique icecream flavors!

Its located at west area , somewhere an east sider like me would never wanna go all the way just for Icecream. However, their peanut butter crunch flavor is really unique! Its hell yeah good! :) Will go back for more if Im at the west area!


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  • Awesomely Chocolate2 votes
  • lychee martini2 votes
  • rum rum raisin2 votes
  • Cookie and Cream1 vote
  • Hazelnut1 vote
  • Kit Kat Chocolate1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 28 votes
27 Jun 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Awful service!!

AVOID, HORRIFIC staff and policies!! We bought a scoop for my son and a pint of ice cream to share with wife for $23. We then sat down to enjoy when a man with a MOUTHFUL of SUBWAY sandwich ran over to STOP us from eating the pint in store. He then proceeded to SPIT BITS of his SANDWICH ALL OVER us and our table as if we were committing crime against humanity. He said we cannot even taste the $18 pint of ice cream, we just bought on the premises. What business would rather have someone spend less than spend more, and if you spend a lot then you are kicked out?!! Is this common in SG?
Left: Peanut Butter Crunch ; Right: Awesomely Chocolate
30 Dec 2011 • 58 reviews • 28 followers

Unique icecream flavors!

Its located at west area , somewhere an east sider like me would never wanna go all the way just for Icecream. However, their peanut butter crunch flavor is really unique! Its hell yeah good! :) Will go back for more if Im at the west area!


22 Sep 2011 • 31 reviews • 46 followers

Chill Out Cafe for Ice Cream Lovers

It was on this particular night that my friends and I were craving for Ice Cream after dinner. So happen that we are just around Bukit Timah vacinity, we decided to use our Hungrygowhere Free iphone application to search for Ice Cream to satisfy the cravings.

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream was searched in the event listing on the top and based on reviews, we decided to give it a try though its 10:30pm that night.

Seriously I am taken surprise by the location U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream set up because the stretch of shops are all closed probably after 10pm and the greatest shock was to see FULL-HOUSE in the Cafe.. Whaooo... ~So many ppl~

I was then, like a kid in the Cafe happily trying out all sorts of ice cream from "Mao Shan Wang" Ice Cream to Lychee Martini... Yum Yum!!!

I was taken amazed by the Service staffs whom were extremely polite to everyone because they were smiling when they served the sample flavours.. -Kudos!

Finally after some time in the Cafe, we managed to share a table with the other teens and next up its pictures time! ~Snap Snap Snap~

Ps: I'll be back for more @ Different locations.. wahahahahhaa~

01 Nov 2010 • 15 reviews • 1 follower

Good place for Ice-Cream. Can try before you buy!

Really nice ice-cream can be found at Udders & you can ask the counter-staff to let you try every single flavour before you pick one.

After a dinner around the Bukit Timah area, we had a short walk up Chun Tin Rd to make our way to Kilat Court for Ice-Cream at Udders. At 9.00pm on a friday evening, the place was relatively packed but we were still able to get a seat for 8 people.

This visit, I had the Awesomely Chocolate & it's awesomely rich, sweet & over-powering, exactly the way I envision Awesome + Chocolate to taste like. I tried my partner's Green Tea flavour but got no taste out of it after the Chocolate. I think I dreamt of chocolate that same night...

When we left at around 10.15pm, the place was totally packed with young people queuing for seats. Not bad for a shophouse located in an obscure but Kilat Court. 
25 Jun 2010 • 153 reviews • 6 followers

A passable experience...

Date of Chill: 24th June '10

It was through my friends that I got to know of Udders. We were having dinner a few doors away when we decided to have part two! And the first impression was good as the shop front was plastered with magazine and newspaper articles that raved about them (I am assuming the articles are raving about Udders, if not why would they be showcased. Right? No?).

And my girlfriends and I shared:-

1) D24 Durian - This was good. To the extent it made us wonder how the better and more expensive connoisseur range's Mao Shan Wang Durian would taste like.

2) Tira-Miss-U - Sadly, we were let down. With every spoonful I took, the first few seconds of taste after the ice cream came into contact with my tongue was not too bad. I could taste the faint hint of mascarpone cheese. However, I would soon be hit by a strong bitter taste of the alcohol. Udders is really very generous with the alcohol! It's crazy how six of us din even want to finish this. And this belonged to the most expensive range, the connoisseur range.

3) Hazel's Nuts - One word. Nice! I liked how it was smooth too! My spoon was graviting towards this of the five flavours we ordered.

4) Fresh Mango Sorbet - Normal.

5) Cookies and Cream - Normal.

Overall, Udders has some interesting flavours. Especially with their liqueur flavours. But I somehow felt the ice cream lacked the creaminess (And I am quite sure of this as my friend recently hand made some ice cream for fun which was oh-so-creamy and oh-so-good). As for ordering, do take note which range the flavours belong to as they are catergorised under Classic, Premium, Connoisseur (Most expensive). I did not read the pricing and went ahead choosing my two flavours of Tira-Miss-U and Hazel's Nuts which both belonged to the connoisseur range. So I was taken aback when I had to pay $8.40 since I thought I would be paying the classic range's pricing of $5.40. My lesson learnt; Read the pricing properly first! Haha.

As for the service, it's the normal standard we get everywhere except... My girlfriends and I got a little too caught up with our camwhoring that we knocked over one of our cups. As most of the spilled water went onto my pants than the floor, I naturally took the serviettes to clean myself up while my girlfriends took care of the water on the table. However, one of the staff shot us her super ultimate black face which I thought was a little uncalled for. Why would we knock over the cup intentionally? I would have preferred if she genuinely cared a little more for the customers by stepping up to provide us more serviettes. If not, the very least she could do was not shoot us that black face.


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