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Back to Udders Ice Cream87 Upper East Coast Road
 • 20 Dec 2013 6 reviews 0 follower
Been to a lot of eateries along Siglap, so also familiar with Udders ice cream. Recently they did a renovation to change the layout of the shop (still not quite sure why they did that). 

Anyway, always been a fan of their ice cream. Like coming here during late nights and catching some desserts for supper or just after dinners.

I always go for their alcohol flavours. That's the most unique thing that they have there compared to other icecream places, and I like that the alcohol flavours are rich and strong. 

Recently they started to promote their Sundaes but i just prefer normal two scoops (usually 2 alchohol flavours) plus a hot waffle. Great combi!

I spent $11 per person.

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