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Vida Vino

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Now serving lunch! Vida Vino, meaning the “wine life” in Spanish, is a place where the beauty and vibrancy of Spain meets the classic elegance of the Mediterranean. Offering an incredible selection of boutique wines and tapas Vida Vino’s grand goal is ultimate enjoyment.

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 02:00

Mon - Tue: 18:00 - 23:00

Wed - Sat: 18:00 - 00:00

Closed: Sun

$92 based on 9 submissions
After Work (4 votes), Ala Carte (3 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (3 votes)

WIll definately go back

Four of us dined at Vida Vino and unanimously enjoyed the experience.  It's tapas, sure, so we expected to receive minute portions and pay exorbitantly for the privilege....and we weren't disappointed!  The quality of all the dishes, particularly the jamon iberico, made up for the portion size and the wine list had something for everyone.  The staff did know their wines and the wines were well kept and well presented with appropriate stemware. 

The HGW community like this place for...

  • croquettes3 votes
  • Bikini (Iberico Ham, Manchego Cheese and Black Truffle Cream)1 vote
  • Bravas Fries1 vote
  • Churros con Chocolate1 vote
  • Egg1 vote
  • Prawns in chilli oil1 vote
  • Russian Salad1 vote
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Based on 9 votes
Mini Wagyu Slider
12 Sep 2014 • 211 reviews • 3 followers

New chef, New Menu!

Vida Vino has a new chef onboard and I cam by recently to try their new offerings on the revamped menu. 

They had a set lunch available. I went for ala carte as I see some dishes that looked yummy. 

Here are the dishes I sampled - 
- Grilled peppers: Fresh peppers grilled and sprinkled with salt. It wasn't spicy at all and a good snack to start the meal. Recommended to go with drinks in the evenings too. 
- Grilled Squid: This was nicely done and cut up so that its easier to share. The balsamic vinegrette by the side went well with the squid.
- Mini Wagyu Slider: The wagyu beef patty was yummy and the presentation was pretty. wished the portion was a little bigger, but good thing I ordered other dishes to fill my tummy.
- Fried potatoes with spicy sausage and baked egg: Done Spanish style with diced potatoes that were fried, together with sliced spicy sausages. It came with an oven baked soft boiled egg on the side. This is something you should order. 
- Churros & Chocolate sauce with Rum: This is done fresh and the chocolate sauce with rum is a keeper. I hope the restaurant keeps this on the menu, so I can order it all the time.

The items I had for lunch were good and I look forward to coming back to try the other items on their menu. 
01 Sep 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower


To quote from Salvador Dali, there are some days we think we are going to die, from an overdose of satisfication, and last Saturday night at Vida Vino was definitely one of those. We were consistently impressed and delighted, right from aperitif - a triple malt La Soccarada, a glass of bubbly Cava and some big marinated olives stuffed with fresh orange. Dinner was splendid and washed down with a bottle of Beronia Rioja. Every dish was beautifully executed. You must absolutely try the Spanish Iberico pork secreto, Pan fried foie gras, Ham Croquettes, Prawns al Ajillo and finish off with some cinnamon sugar dusted Churros con Chocolate served with a chocolately heavenly rum infused dip.
Rice pudding with O.L.C foam dessert.
04 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Best Spanish Food In Singapore

I have a lovely times with Delicious Food and refreshing drinks.  The food are mouth watering and don't be fool by their size, they all very filling. Really worth for what you are paying for. Various of choices for food and wine and I won't get bored for my next visit. It make me feel to explore more and more. 
31 Jul 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Creative & Tasty Spanish Dishes with a Unique Wine Menu

I have been eating at Vida Vino since it opened and always enjoyed the atmosphere of the place.  It was a great place to relax and drink a bottle of wine from their uniquely selected wine menu.  I popped into Vida Vino this week for some food and wine and noticed that the menu completely changed.  Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes not.  In this!  The new menu has a great variety of dishes including seafood and vegetable tapas along with some really nice larger sharing dishes.....and don't forget the dessert.  The rice pudding is something special and even though I am not a big fan of donuts, the Churos with Chocolate sauce was yummy.  (heard they put rum in the chocolate)  Apparently the Chef is from one of Jason Atherton restaurants but not sure. Anyways, its a huge change from the previous style and in my opinion a great change.  I look forward to coming back soon to try some of the other items.
08 Jul 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Limited and disappointing rip off

Clearly yet another attempt to both ride the Spanish tapas/Latin American food craze and also cash in on the arbitrage in the Singapore dining market where passable food from Europe can offered at the world's most expensive prices.  A jug of sangria which was basically a jug of ice and fruit juice (with perhaps more ice than juice), but certainly no discernible wine or spirit content, was the weakest I have ever tasted.  The food menu was extremely limited and the portions miniscule.  The tapas, which was the kind of food you could get for a few Euros per dish in Spain was ridiculously expensive and the wine list which was admittedly more extensive than the food menu was comprised of unheard of wines at hefty price points. Whilst the staff were busy looking stylish their attention wasn't exactly on the customers.  The interior was attractive and ambience well conceived.   I certainly won't be back here again and note to self - never order Sangria by the jug in Singapore.  Overall this is the kind of place that makes me want to refuse to ever eat any food in Singapore that is not Asian for fear of either a fairly ropey attempt or (in this case) a highly pretentious presentation of average food at exorbitant prices.