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29 Keong Saik Road, 089136
Spanish, Wines
+65 62221963
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Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 23:00

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Vida Vino Restaurant, meaning the “wine life” in Spanish, is a place where the beauty and vibrancy of Spain meets the classic elegance of the Mediterranean. Offering an incredible selection of boutique wines and tapas Vida Vino’s grand goal is ultimate enjoyment.

What others are eating here

Churros and Creme Catalana con Melody
Churros and Creme Catalana con Melody
Croquetas de Queso y Jamon
Croquetas de Queso y Jamon
Patatas Bravas
Patatas Bravas
  • Churros con Chocolate 3 votes
  • croquettes 3 votes
  • Costillas de Cordero 2 votes
  • Paella de Mariso 2 votes
  • Bacalao al Pil Pil 1 vote
  • Bikini (Iberico Ham, Manchego Cheese and Black Truffle Cream) 1 vote
  • Bravas Fries 1 vote
  • Crema Catalana Con Melody 1 vote
  • Croquetas de Queso y Jamon 1 vote
  • Egg 1 vote
  • Padron Peppers 1 vote
  • Patatas Bravas 1 vote
  • Prawns in chilli oil 1 vote
  • Russian Salad 1 vote
  • Spanish Crown (Chorizo Iberico, Peas and Egg) 1 vote
  • Spanish Iberico pork secreto 1 vote
  • bikini 1 vote

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WIll definately go back

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

Four of us dined at Vida Vino and unanimously enjoyed the experience.  It's tapas, sure, so we expected to receive minute portions and pay exorbitantly for the privilege....and we weren't disappointed!  The quality of all the dishes, particularly the jamon iberico, made up for the portion size and the wine list had something for everyone.  The staff did know their wines and the wines were well kept and well presented with appropriate stemware. 

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Nice Spanish Enclave

Food/Drink 4 | Value N/A | Ambience 3 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 2157

I recently had the chance to have lunch at Vida Vino and must say that I had an enjoyable experience.

Lunch started out with the Croquetas de Queso y Jamon ($12), fried Iberico Ham and Manchengo cheese potato balls.

Another starter that we tried was the Patatas Bravas ($12), crispy potatoes with homemade alioli.

For our main course we tried the Costillas de Cordero ($34), succulent roast lamb chops that had a nice crisp yet able to retain its juices. A must try here.

I also tried the Bacalao al Pil Pil, chilean cod with a crispy skin still retaining its seawater after taste.

I liked that both the final product of the meat dishes still retained a lot of its natural flavours.

The star of the day though had to be the Paella de Marisco ($65) a large plate of saffron rice with generous portions of prawns, clams and squid meant to be shared among two or three diners. The soccarat at the bottom had a great char-grilled bite to it that we finish every morsel of the plate despite having so much food before that.

For desserts, we had the Creme Catalana con Melody, the Spanish version of the creme brulee. But I preferred the traditional churros, which melts in the mouth when served piping hot.

Ah, with that glass of vino, I could just chill at that nice Keong Siak hideout all afternoon!

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Good Spanish Food on Keong Saik Road

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

It has been some time since I last came to this restaurant. I learnt that the menu has been updated and I came here for lunch with my colleagues to try their new additions.

There were 3 of us and we ordered a couple of items from across the menu. Here are the highlights of our meal:


- Padron Peppers: $12. Fresh Spanish peppers nicely grilled to give a slight charring on the outside and given a sprinkling of salt. A simple snack and I like the taste of it. Its not hot at all. Recommended!


- Croquetas de Queso y Jamon: $12. We got 3 pieces of Iberico Ham and Manchego cheese croquetas. This is a must-try. Crispy 1on the outside and I loved the texture and taste of the fillings. If I ould, I would have finished this all by myself.


- Patatas Bravas: $12. Deep fried crispy cubed potatoes. Its served in a ceramic dish and topped with home-made alioli and brava sauce.  This will appeal to those who love potatoes. The brava sauce is similar to tomato sauce and Alioli sauce is like mayonnaise. Both complemented the potatoes well.



- Costillas de Cordero: $34. 3 Lamb cutlets grilled individually and served with roasted peppers, olives and capers. The lamb were well cooked and didn’t have a strong ‘lamb taste’. Not bad.

- Bacalao al Pil Pil: $35. A piece of salted cod grilled and served olive oil and garlic emulsion. I didn’t think I would like this, cos the cod has been preserved. But it tastes like regular cod fish. The emulsion also went well with the fish and only had a hint of garlic, and the garlic was not overpowering.

- Paella de Mariso: $65. Seafood Paella with prawns, squid and clams. This serves 3 pax easily. This is one of my favourite dishes of the meal. The paella was cooked in the pan and at the bottom of the pan was charred bits, much like what you will find at the bottom of the claypot for Chinese Claypot Rice. I hardly find paella served with this, as most restaurants do their paella like risotto, which has a smooth texture on the top to the bottom of the dish. The charred bits gave the paella character and crunch in each mouthful. You can taste the saffron in the rice and the seafood were fresh and tasty. Highly-recommended!


- Crema Catalana Con Melody: $12. The crème brulee has a nice sugar crackling on the top. Its supposed to be Melody alcohol, which has a similar taste to Baileys. But the restaurant ran out of melody alcohol, so they substituted for Baileys instead. Its an interesting taste to have Baileys with the crème brulee.

 - Churros con Chocolate: $12. Wow. I loved this. The Churros were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon and orange crumbs on the outside. Eating it on its own and then dipping it in the chocolate sauce that has rum in it gave two interesting tastes! After the churros were finished, I used a spoon to finish up the rest of the rum chocolate sauce!

It was a good meal and I (and my colleagues) left the restaurant happy.


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