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Vibrant/Noisy (19 votes), Dinner (15 votes), Buffet (14 votes) ...

Located in United Square Shopping Mall on Thomson Road, Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Restaurant serves international buffet.

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Look at the service staff at the back chatting with one another infront of guests
Look at the service staff at the back chatting with one another infront of guests
Mango sauce and prawn
Mango sauce and prawn
Teppanyaki items
Teppanyaki items
Scallop, cereal prawn and crab vermicelli
Scallop, cereal prawn and crab vermicelli
French oysters
French oysters
  • teppanyaki 3 votes
  • Crabmeat dong fen 2 votes
  • Crocodile Herbal Soup 2 votes
  • herbal soups 2 votes
  • Beef with black pepper sauce 1 vote
  • Buddha Jumps Over the Wall 1 vote
  • Chocolate Fondue (IF ITS NOT "FAULTY") 1 vote
  • Deep Fried Shisamo 1 vote
  • Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall 1 vote
  • Soups 1 vote
  • cheese cakes 1 vote
  • crayfish 1 vote
  • durian cake 1 vote
  • egg-yolk shrimps 1 vote
  • everything 1 vote
  • lobster 1 vote
  • oysters 1 vote
  • salmon sashim 1 vote

Latest Review for Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Restaurant

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worth my trip..!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

i remembered i patronised the place in year 2006 & year 2007 and were not happy overall, with the food variety & quality and so for many years after that I did not go back. But last Friday after my friend persuaded me , I decided to give it a try again.
This time round I gave a thumbs-up for their food & services.
There were varieties of food & most importantly, quality is quite good, i ate 2 plates of teppanyaki (usu for buffet I take only once ), 2 pcs of cheese cake/choc cake (good quality, unlike some hotel buffet), managed to grab 5 pcs of oyster (the minus point is -hard to get these oysters as they are served not in abundance, but nevertheless i still managed to eat 5 FRESH (yes, they were fresh) oysters).
actually there were a lot of food variety but i've limited 'stomach space' so have to give up quite a number of dishes..
Definitely I will patronise the restaurant again as both my friend & I found this trip to be satisfactory.
btw the waitress/waiter were quite polite and were quick to clear our plates (we were seated inside a room) so for the service we think it is good. I'm thinking of going back again for my friend's birthday in Dec.

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Bad experience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 1 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Overcrowded. very difficult to get the food we want. Especially the oyster as the china people will crowd there and snatch. I'm like in a battle than having buffet. Worse part is I got food poisoning.  The staff was pushing trolley to refill plates and etc. more like running with the trolley and hit onto my daughter without even an apology. Not a safe place for children. Teppanyaki was terrible. Beef was like rock. After requesting it for medium, it still tastes like rock. But the black pepper sauce is good. Overall I dun think I will go back again. Food poisoning is no joke.

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Still the same old Vienna after so many years

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 71

Still the same after so long nv go there liao and surprisingly food layout and variety,decor and service still the same...

Service still as poor and every now and then staff confirm break plates
Food still as nice...variety got change a bit but not much...all still remain the same...

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