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Savour the culinary masterpieces of renowned Chinese Executive Chef Lau that have garnered a faithful following since 1995. Slightly crisp and flavourful, the famous Peking Duck is matched perfectly when served with authentic Chinese crêpe. Wan Hao is also known for serving up good authentic dim sum.

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Latest Review for Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 31 reviews
Most helpful review:

Good food that's been around long time.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 787

When Dynasty hotel switched to Marriot, I think Wan Hao got lost from the spotlight, since Marriot is a "French" chain, and cannot possibly serve Chinese food but Wan Hao still does.

Ambience: It's set in a secluded corner on the 3rd floor, accessible only by escalator (wheelchair how?) Pleasantly decorated with red cloth covered chairs. Unusual chairs these days. Comfortable and quiet.

Food: They excel in almost every dish. The cold dish is excellent, made up of roasted suckling pig (with meat on it too), lobster salad, cold hakka chicken, tea flavoured duck breast. A good starter. We chose to replace the sharks fin with lobster soup boiled with lobster meat, bamboo pitch and egg. Tasty but lacking a little in lobster flavour. Following the "save the sharks" soup, we ordered scallop in yam cup, with coffee pork ribs in the center. Good combination. The scallops in yam were freshly prepared and fried perfectly. Could have more of this, I thought. We went on to the abalone with iceberg lettuce and mushrooms in a tasty gravy of abalone n oyster sauce. Weak flavoured sauce, perhaps it's intentional. Crispy skin fried chicken was served next, and it's one the best in Singapore. The red grouper was perfectly steamed and very tasty. I had 2 bowls of it, each one had enough in a table of 10. We ended with a disappointing udon, and capped it with the mango - nata coco cream. Delicious and substantial end to a wonderful dinner.

Value: Food ain't low priced, pretty expensive, but they deliver.

Service: Pleasant captains, waitresses who understood how to serve and were very polite.

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Tantalising New Delights - a nutritious and delicious ala-carte menu with dim sum!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 45

[Invited Tasting]

Without compromising to impress in the taste department, Chef Brian’s dishes had a good balance of nutrition and creativity. The menu definitely reflects his distinctive personality and left a lasting impression. Read full review at!

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First and Last time dining there

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Pre-ordered a peking duck and (like most restaurants) thought a chef will slice the duck for us, but it turn out to be one of the waiter/server.  After slicing the duck skin, he took the rest of the duck to the kitchen and never return after 5 mins.  Fed-up, we took the wraps, duck skins and etc from the trolley and wrap it up ourselves.  We realised the duck skins were too big size. 
Most chinese/cantoness restaurants server/waiter will re-fill our tea when our cup was 3/4 empty but Wan Hao restaurant server/waiter don't do that.
Server/waiter took out the birthday cake for us but no knife, plate and fork were given. We had to ask for it.
Food was not hot enough. The most well done dish was wok fried mee sua with the meat from the peking duck but alas it was serve warm.
We asked for a complimentary car park coupon from a server/waiter and it never came.  Had to ask from another server/waiter.
Disappointed with the food and slow service.  Will not return again.

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