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Review for Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (China Square Central)


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05 May 2014 • 198 Reviews • 1 Follower

Overrated and overhyped

For full review and pics, do visit There were some hits and misses with the food, especially the quaity of the meat. Price ain’t exactly value for money and expect long waits if you decided to walk in. The whole restaurant was quite smoky as well, so my advice is be prepared to smell like roasted meat after your meal. We chose the Boneless Prime Rib Beef ($28) and Shoulder Loin Pork ($18). The servings of the beef and pork was quite small, which might not be sufficient for the big eaters. I was slightly disppointed with the quality of the beef which left me unimpressed. The beef taste was very mediocre and it was obvious that it was not high quality beef. The pork was pretty normal fare as well.
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