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1020 East Coast Parkway, 449878
Asian, Japanese
+65 64452540

Daily: 11:30 - 23:00

$26 based on 15 submissions
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Since 2000, Waraku Japanese Casual Dining has been offering authentic Japanese cuisine to a loyal and growing following of Japanese expatriates and locals alike. It is widely known for its wide variety of high-quality imported udon, ramen, soup base and sauces, as well as the kaminabes ( or mini hot-pots).

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Latest Review for Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Overall RatingBased on 24 reviews
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My first waraku

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 230

It is here where i first tasted food from waraku. Being a small kid, i shared a set meal with my sister, which had both cha soba and bento. I remember that it cost around 16 and it could more than sufficiently feed us both. From thereon, I had a great impression about waraku... and their food is so good.

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Crappy Jap food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I have very high expectations on WARAKU, due to my previous pleasant expriences at other outlets.

Therefore, I am so angry and disappointed that motivate me to write my first review on HGW.

I was there with my family for a new year's eve lunch.

I totally regret my decision, should have just head to Cold Storage and have sushi/sashimi there. Definately will cost me much lesser but most importantly the QUALITY is much better!

They use poor quality disposable chopsticks that makes me feel close to nature, as though I am eating on a pair on TWIGS on SURVIVOR.

We ordered a lunch set, comprises of a tonkatsu ramen, katsu don and 3 slices of Salmon sashimi. (average)

Chawamushi (average)

Aburi Salmon (very poor)

Salmon and Avocado Maki (very poor)

Aburi Salmon -

doesnt look appealing (refer to pic)

Salmon is too thin and overcooked, could have been more raw.

Rice doesnt hold together

Rice disintergrate the moment I gently hold it with the chopsticks.

Rice is very dry and hard, doesnt taste fresh.

Salmon Avocado Maki -

Avocado is very thin, it looks pale dry, doesnt have that rich creamy flavour.

Salmon is very thin.

I personally feel that the food is prepared by a team of cooks that lacks passion for food and dedication for the job that they are PAID to fulfil.

Eventually, I forced myself to finish the Maki as I dont want to waste any food.

I wont patronise this establishment again.

I strongly wont recommend this place to anyone.

Prices are afforable, if only the food quality is much better.

Overall, nobody should be paying for such food, it is meant for the dumps.

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Great Service but Where is the Food Quality?

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 349

Brought our two God sons for Sunday lunch a few weeks back. It seems they have frequented the place more often then we were, as they steadily choose what they want to eat.

The kids ordered: Child Ramen Set and Child Udon Set. For $9.80, this is actually value for money. Each set consist of Tempura & salad bowl, Ramen or Oyakudon, Jelly pudding, soft drinks / Orange Juice and of course free toys. How it taste, I am not sure, but they seem to enjoy their food without bothering the adults, until they start playing with the toys from the kids set.

For the adults, we ordered:

Hokkai Salad

Gyu Suji Don Set – Zaru Soba, Gyu Suji Curry Don, Sushi Moriawase

Sashimi 3 kinds – Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail

Amaebi – Fresh raw sweet prawn

Other than the quantity or the value of the set meal, there is nothing much to rave about in the quality of their food. In picture, the Hokkai Salad suppose to be sliced assorted raw fish, however the presented salad was more of chopped leftover raw fish, with brownish lettuce. Look we know that this dish suppose to you what left of the sashimi, but lets be a little more discreet and make it look presentable.

The sashimi are average, and each slices are actually very small. The Amaebi looks pale and smelly, we actually send it back to the kitchen and they waive this from the bill.

Atmosphere: You will feel quite welcome as soon as you enter the restaurant. The waiters will greet with you with the traditional Japanese greeting. The décor are quite Zen where they have some section that you can see on the tatami. Services: Excellent. Can be consider fine dining standard.

Overall: I have visited this Waraku many times before and it seems to be very crowded and have a good standard food. It is unfortunate that during my last visit on a Sunday lunch, the food standard has drop tremendously. I write this review with hope that the management will look into the food quality and improve as they already have a service standard in place.

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