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robo sushi
 • 28 Jan 2012 11 reviews 0 follower
How much do I love it? I believe I have been eating there for coming to 40 years? Since my dad brought me there when I was a kid, now my son loves it too.

My dad and brothers simply lit up when we talk about it.

I think the old customers have seen their kids helping out at the coffee shop and they are the one managing it now.

Of course it is not exactly cheap, but just look at the Q. If u are late, the Ayam Bakar will be gone. Be there before 12 if you want to eat the Ayam. After 12 noon, try your luck la!

I also recommend this place for:
Brunch, Lunch, Vibrant/Noisy, Breakfast
I added 4 photos
  • Begadel
  • Tofu
  • My Fav - Ayam Bakar

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